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'Criminalizing Compassion': Trial Begins for Humanitarian Facing 20 Years in Prison for Giving Water to Migrants in Arizona Desert

'Criminalizing Compassion': Trial Begins for Humanitarian Facing 20 Years in Prison for Giving Water to Migrants in Arizona Desert

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Human rights advocates accused the U.S. Justice Department of "criminalizing compassion" as a federal trial began in Arizona Wednesday for activist Scott Warren, who faces up to 20 years in prison for providing humanitarian aid to migrants in the desert.


Ho-hum—another day, another reason to be ashamed of my country. This is of a piece with certain municipal laws, in Florida and elsewhere, requiring grocery stores to pour chlorine bleach on expired produce so as to discourage dumpster diving for sustenance.

Can Dr. Warren use the necessity defense, or has that possibility been scuttled by some black-robed Federalist Society sophist?


Great we’ve criminalized compassion for humanity, who’s next, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Fire Departments?


America has been criminalizing compassion for well over a century. Any form of societal model based on compassion rather than exploitation is ridiculed or criminalized domestically, and violently destroyed abroad.
Entire countries have literally been bombed to pieces because they had the audacity to care more for their populace than America’s “profit margin”.
Whenever a soldier exhibits humanity, usually after being ordered to murder people, they call it PTSD and pretend it is an illness. Attempt to build a shelter or otherwise help a homeless person and you can expect fines or even jail time depending on the state.
Evil is the American way of life.


Fascism is really ugly.


Use a soul, go to jail

It’s difficult not to despair of our species’ profound flaws.

Stories such as this provide a much needed reminder, and model, of our capacity for selfless sacrifice.


Well, ain’t that mighty christian of 'em? Fortunately he didn’t wash their feet – he’d have gotten death penalty, eh?

(no, I’m not religious however chances are that those making these laws are)


This is completely true. Remember when the religious right called anyone with a conscience a “bleeding heart liberal”, as if caring for suffering people was an unforgivable character flaw. Christians subscribe to this completely, today using only the term “liberal”, now an epithet which is synonymous with the greatest of biblical evils: compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love, and charity!?! Most hated are those on the side of outlawing child detention, advocating human rights, de-funding of the Military, (anti-terrorism), educating children, survival of the human species, (climate activism), and medical attention to the needy. Trump is the most popular president in American history to these people.

Where do the fascists go to find people who will do this kind of work? How is it possible that one American worker would have anything at all to do with child detention, just one? How is it that even one prosecutor in the whole country would even consider locking someone up for giving out water, in a state where denying a glass of water in a restaurant is against the law? Where do fascists find people who are willing to train guns on mothers carrying their infant children, clearly defenseless, or locking a woman up for the crime of not signalling a turn, and refusing to kiss the redneck cops ass. Its inconceivable that there is even one such person in our meager 300 million population, but whole army’s of them? If these aren’t Agents of Satan, it’s because the Christians Made Satan up in the first place.


Pretty sad responses from repub’s on tweeter. I cannot wait to see how wrong they are most of the country wants the pos our of office.


Opps twitter I do not use it.


Sadly true.


Put him in a Uniform with a US Flag on the sleeve and call him a border agent and he could shoot one of these migrants and receive less a prison term.

Slap a uniform on him and another of those US Flags on his shoulder and send him overseas to iraq and he could shoot 150+ people dead and have a movie made about him and lauded as a hero.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. Murderous EVIL is being embraced over compassion.


In prison, he will get to meet Leonard Peltier, America’s premier political prisoner. He should have know giving water to thirsty people is a criminal act. Jesus would have agreed wholeheartedly.


He did what Jesus would do.

Those who persecute him will pay. If not in this life, their next.


Awarding Warren a Nobel Peace Prize would go a long way toward restoring the credibility of the Nobel outfit.


Hello Jessica Corbett and Everyone, Stop trying to deal with EVIL SCUM as if it is human. It will never work. Removal of SCUM is the best that can be done but unfortunately there is a seemingly endless supply of SCUM!

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Hello MCullenNE, I calls it TWOTTER!

I truly believe the people of Iran are correct; We the United States are the Great Satan! I realise that that is quite a damning statement to my country…of which I am quite ashamed of, I must say. But having said that…we are funding weapons to Saudi Arabia, supporting Israel as they bomb residents of Gaza, we are separating immigrant children from their parents on the US-Mexican border, bombing civilians in Yemen and Syria…many of them being innocent children, we are turning our backs on Climate Change legislation…good God! Where does it stop?! Am I wrong to think we get what we deserve? I know that there are a lot of good, caring humanitarians in my country. Please tell me I to step away from the ledge and that there’s hope for the USA to redeem itself in the global community!


DESPICABLE…put the justice(sic) dept in their place.


It almost gives one comfort in the thought that climate change will soon render humanity extinct.