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Cringe. Let's Send a 12-Year-Old Girl To Interview Roy Moore and If She Escapes Unscathed We Should Elect Him (But Hide Our Young Pages Just In Case)


Cringe. Let's Send a 12-Year-Old Girl To Interview Roy Moore and If She Escapes Unscathed We Should Elect Him (But Hide Our Young Pages Just In Case)

Wow. These Alabama members of the "We Need More Pedophiles In Congress Club" are a piece of sketchy work. Their latest dazzlingly astute idea to prove Roy Moore is a good guy who belongs in the Senate: Send a Trump-loving 12-year-old girl to interview Moore, and if he doesn't molest her, all those accusers must be fake news so all good. See if you can watch the interaction without heart palpitations.


The poster family for the simpleton demographic (Make America White Again) or, even more appropriate, a “Welcome To Alabama” billboard. When the mother loses her disability benefits and medicare coverage, she’ll blame it on the democrats…clueless, witless, mindless. She certainly has not missed many meals (food stamps paid for them) and she is raising yet another just like her. Ugh!

(I know, not nice…but hey, they are the reason we are living in hell-on-earth right now)


He’s slimy, he’s sleazy, he’s a Republican. He’s a politician. All characteristics that make for a character who is unsavory. But he’s not a pedophile, and calling him one just makes us look foolish. And gives “them” reason to doubt the veracity of everything we claim.

A pedophile is, by definition, a person who seeks sexual gratification with pre-pubescent individuals. Moore has sought the company of teenagers in the past, but all but one were over the age of consent; except for with one, nothing more than kissing went on (and with her, it was barely more); and, importantly, (as far as the young women have alleged), he didn’t have intercourse with any of them. Not even close. And he didn’t force himself on any of them.

Undoubtedly, there are (and have been)a number of pedophiles in Congress. Just how many is anyone’s guess, but the number is probably higher than most people would imagine. There have been a huge number of psychopaths in Congress, and assholes. If he is elected, Roy Moore would certainly joint the latter group, quite possibly the middle one too. But not the first. Because, based on the available evidence, he does not go after pre-pubescent girls. And that is the key here.

Let’s take the higher moral ground and stick to the truth, shall we?


Well Millie is going to be raped by her beloved Republicans and she is too stupid to know it.


Her conditioning is not her fault. I have nothing but compassion for Millie.


That was one ballsy move the Alabama Republicans just pulled. You’d think they would want to cover up or distract from the fact that their candidate pursued teens while he was an adult. Either they are dumb, know they are going to win, or just like to poke democrats and decent republicans (especially ones from the north, “those damn carpetbaggers telling us not to prey on children”) in the eye. All together i’m not sure.


A pedophile, by my definition, is a person who gets turned on sexually by children. This is a problem even if the person doesn’t ever have sexual intercourse with one. Moore came very close to gratification many times according to his accusers, and he is a pedophile whether you like to call him that or not.


“Higher Moral Ground”…you are joking, aren’t you? When it comes to Moore, the bar of morality is non-existent. He was banned from cruising the mall and harassing the young women (the younger, the better) because of his high moral ground? That ban in and of itself corroborates the testimony of several of his accusers and other witnesses (including his fellow workers) to his sick behavior. Did you volunteer or get paid to stump for Moore?


Shame, shame and more shame on these amoral, clueless creatures! I have learned over the years that a lot of people in our country are dumber than rocks!