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Crippling Common Good Worldwide, Landmark Study Shows $427 Billion Lost Each Year to Tax Dodging by Corporations and the Rich

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/crippling-common-good-worldwide-landmark-study-shows-427-billion-lost-each-year-tax

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I hear these people are great - with FAVA beans and a nice Chianti


Since its inception the western industrialized nations have weaponized their economic system(s) under the premise (narcissistic) that anything that it needs is to be taken by its corporate structure, regardless of how heedless, wasteful, toxic and insensate its motives and modes of operating are.

There is something profoundly distorted about the entire sphere that has been twisted and constructed over the past 500 years. The fears are the consequence of exceptionally poorly presumed privileges, the study of misappropriation, usurpation, negation, dehumanization, genocide, murder, assassination - virtually any form of negation you can imagine has been leveraged.

Look around. Take a real good look. Never stop observing. Talk with folks about what you see and what your strengths and weaknesses are in working together.

TPTB REALLY do not want you to figure out that some of your neighbors so feared are as fearful or concerned as you. That your neighbors becoming active care as much as you do. That our strengths and weakness form a healthy dynamic of social balances through which humanity has always survived and regained creativity, capacity and imagination to produce. There is a name for the model: cooperatives.

Public Banking and credit unions; save the postal service, write your congress critters and KEEP THE RECORDS OF THOSE LETTERS!


Can’t get past those plastic smiles and laughs.


Amazing process: The US crooks send their loot to
Island Havens, Central America and Europe. In return
the Island, Central America and Europe crooks
sent their loot to North Dakota and Delaware.

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The beginning of the propaganda campaign to mandate a transition to digital currencies. Governments will be able to monitor your every purchase and if you fail to be a good little boy or girl? OOPS, looks like a computer glitch erased all your funds.

Untaxed to death

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FYI: “the little-known Canada-based labor union ACFO-ACAF”
is an association of finance workers in the federal civil service.

I wonder how high Trump himself would be on that list if Biden, as reported,
lets him get away with all the tax fraud he has committed.
Will Americans be happy to subsidize his cheating?

corporations and their wealthy owners–the REAL welfare queens–


Since companies “can’t” produce what they do without also being corporations, looks like the latter are here to stay.