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Crises in Iraq and Haiti Expose the Failure of Militarized Neoliberalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/10/crises-iraq-and-haiti-expose-failure-militarized-neoliberalism

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Great article.


None of this is new.

It’s never going to be up to the two corrupt corporate parties to change their corrupt ways.

It’s up to us, the people who keep these corrupt political parties in power.

Everybody - Think outside the box of corruption.

Look elsewhere for honest politicians with integrity.

Excellent article. While the theme behind it is something many of the readers of Common Dreams have been privy too , tying all of this violence across a number of Countries to the fraud that is called neo-liberalism across a number of Countries is something that has to be continually exposed to gain any amount of traction. Far to many still buy into the meme that it all about “spreading democracy” and “fighting terrorism”.

It is about the theft of other Countries resources , this theft to fuel the bottom lines of the Corporations profit statements.


Somehow I don’t think neoliberals provoked the war in Iraq.

Say what? Bush and his entire Cabinet were filled with neoliberals.


Would love to see Medea Benjamin as Secretary of State.Great lady.

It’s the word ‘liberals’ that confuses people. Liberal usually has the connotation of generosity and ‘neo’ means ‘new’. So a new kind of generosity seems to mean ‘give to ourselves, not to those who need it’ or ‘we are worthy, the rest of you are not.’ I call it selfishness and it is particularly despicable when they rope Jesus into being on their side.

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Good perspective, though I might point out that “militarized neoliberalism” is redundant. Neoliberalism presumes the MIC. “Militarized neoliberalism” is more simply called fascism.

“ruling classes can safely ignore the 99%”.

I think the super wealthy running this country are more like one tenth of one percent. They know to control the 99.9% they need support, so when designing laws to benefit themselves, they include a lesser-something enabling the rest of the top 10% to secure a disproportionate share of the economic pie. They may even throw a disproportionate bone to the next 10%, to make a total of 20% benefiting disproportionately from the economic-political system. This makes for easier control, but for the bottom 80%, it’s maximum feasible exploitation - they are there to serve.

Without this support, the .1% could be too easily overcome by democratic vote.

What are the inescapable ecological roots of neoliberalism?

I agree that Medea is a great lady, but that is exactly why neither party would ever allow her to become Secretary of State!