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Crisis in Journalism Is a Crisis for Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/23/crisis-journalism-crisis-democracy

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As the Establishment trains (not educates) people for jobs (not citizenry) can we expect more? The Enlightenment was a very real phenomenon–one that must be restored. Journalism was a core component. There has been a deliberate dumbing down of the country. Education–not training–is the cure.


“Television stations have become increasingly homogenized, with packaged reports that are designed to get ratings…”

Look sharp on this one brother! Screw the concept of “ratings” - as if they were something benign and banal. The goal is to prove that the media can deliver the product. YOU AND I ARE THE PRODUCT.

And since virtually all media seems incapable of providing consistent coverage about the travails of the native peoples, CAUSED by this “nation”, might I suggest folks consider taking a moment to sign a petition and check some Native American media
Petition: Stop Trump’s attack on Native lands. No drilling in Chaco Canyon.
Intercontinental Cry
Mauna Kea is only latest thing they want to take, ‘we will not give it to them’
Indian Country Today
Indigenous Environmental Network
Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network Executive Director said:

“Governor Inslee’s newest plan is a big step towards the type of bold action needed to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth and defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Western science and traditional Indigenous knowledge have already determined what needs to happen to avoid complete climate disaster. The Governor’s plan to end the extraction, leasing of fossil fuel development in federal lands and end tax breaks and other financial incentives for petroleum, their infrastructures and coal companies is perfectly in line with those determinations.


Not to disparage J. Nichols, he’s a good journalist; but to speak of authentic
journalism’s demise, and not mention Julian Assange’s imprisonment for
“truth and freedom,” ignores the eight hundred pound gorilla in the closet:
Don’t ya think?


great links…thank you. just one passion i have but not one i’ve focused on under Dump.
btw, i switched to CREDO many years ago and am very happy not being with verizon, sprint, alltel, whatever the other repugs are.

Hi telos2:
Have you heard any more news of what is happening to Julian Assange? I try looking around the internet—but even the BBC seems weird and what with the strange Boris person possibly taking over—the UK has totally lost its mind—but Julian should not have to suffer with their stupidity. I cannot forgive Australia for abandoning him to the sharks of America. : (

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Dear stardust, Thank you for your reply but much more for
your concern for Assange; without his courage and heart
for truth we’d not know about American war crimes or
Democratic Party deceit.
He’s at a maximum security prison in England (Belmarsh?) and
a UN human rights investigator said he’s suffering psychological
torture. It will get worse if he’s brought to the U.S. and tried for
telling the truth. Mainstream media won’t cover him; his integrity
embarrasses them. Online sites, (Consortium, Truthdig) cover him
occasionally. Gratefully, telos2