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'Crisis No One Is Talking About': GOP Threatens Healthcare of 26 Million People

'Crisis No One Is Talking About': GOP Threatens Healthcare of 26 Million People

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While the Republican-controlled Congress finally approved funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program in late January after it lapsed in September, lawmakers have failed to renew funding for thousands of community health centers, which also expired in the fall—a move that "has quietly created a new healthcare crisis for 26 million Americans."


Medical centers in rural areas where Trump got the highest percentage of votes will be hardest hit.


So much is wrong about the US version of a capitalist-neoliberal system that affects our health and the GOP are not the only ones disconnected from this malady of indifference to human and other species’ suffering.

Worth while to watch:


Well if they (the majority party leaders, aka “America Haters”) follow their own pattern they will agree to fork over maybe 3.5b for these health centers only if there is an additional ???b more for the military. Because you know our woefully underfunded, starving, ragged military shouldn’t be left in such a deplorable state for this Great nation.

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‘Crisis No One Is Talking About’: GOP Threatens Healthcare of 26 Million People

What a title, as if the Democrats are pushing for single payer as opposed to doing all they can to protect insurance and pharmaceutical companies at our expense. Granted the Republican program is a piece of crap forcing untold millions into medical bankruptcy and early death, but both parties insist on a corporate based profit first plan that ignores the needs of most of us and leads to the same result for all practical purposes.


Why is “…no one talking about” it? That (too) is the question.
Another one: Why is this not called out for what it is clearly is: Sadistic.

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C’mon America, time to get fully outraged with the Republicans! This is indeed outrageous, but only Democrats can seize defeat from the jaws of victory. I hear Bernie and Elizabeth, but they don’t represent the entire Democratic Party. If the next election will seem like the Republican Party versus the Republican Lite Party (Democrats) then the Democrats are going to be defeated.

What we need is a huge anti Trump backlash. But also an anti Republican backlash, as they have been absolutely appalling in congress with their war on the non rich. We won’t have that backlash if we repeat the pitiful lack of voter turn out for the 2018 election just like what happened in 2018 - which was the lowest voter turn out in 70 years.

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Depopulation by design…??

Testing … more to follow if i can get this posted.

It works.
I am 75 years old … and live in Canada.
I also have many friends and relatives in the USA…so i do understand both systems.
Canada’s health care system is MUCH MUCH better than that in the USA.
I am amazed that all you have to do is open your eyes and look to the north… and you will see it.
I love the USA but you guys can’t seem to understand that other people in the world could design a better system than that which exists in the USA.
I don’t know a single person in Canada who is unhappy with our health care system.
I am sure you will find a few… if you look hard enough.
I have had many serious ailments including OPen heart surgery in recent years.
We fund our system… by an extra 50 cents a gallon in gas tax.
We have a 5 to 7% goods and services tax ( the fairest tax of all) on most items but NOT ON MOST FOODS.
And we run it all for less than half the cost of you guys.
Anybody who tells you our system isn’t working is a KNOW NOTHING… A DISTORTER… AND A DECEIVER.
The oft criticized wait times are for elective surgery ONLY.
The whole world has proven that a singel payer system is MUCH MUCH MORE EFFICIENT.


I always knew this time would come. People told me I was just negative, but I knew they’d cut off my healthcare and everyone else’s on Medicaid. I might not actually survive the Trump regime. God have mercy on us all.


I toured through the Maritimes this summer. You Canuckdians and the Europeans I met were much more civilized than we Yanks. Maybe Banff this year.

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When I took Micro Economic I understood that the government steps in to handle problems when the private sector is not able to address a problem. Let’s try Bernie Sanders’ HR 676 as a public policy until the private sector comes up with a solution to address the basic Healthcare needs. Why do citizen of the United States thing we can’t afford to honor a basic right to health care?

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This funding should have been settled long ago.

But the Ds got steamrolled so far in the budget negotiations.
I can’t accept that they’re that incompetent.
They’re just plain conservative.


Trump and his minions are commiting stealth genocide!

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Our suposed representatives don’t give a fuck.
Our democracy was lost years ago. Take congressional healthcare away, until the people’s is guaranteed.
For The People, by The People.
Stop The Fourth Reich.:v:


See what David Frum had to say on the most recent Bill Maher show. Scary things happening. He almost got into a fistfight with Anthony Scaramucci.

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Frum is speaking at the Commonwealth Club 2/5 in SF. Sold out, but overflow room available.
A principled conservative is Frum; a rare bird.

As Giovanna-Lepore proposed on another healthcare thread recently, progressives should be organized on the ground at centers to advocate for single payer - and, now, to educate community healthcare recipients about the present threat.

“leads to the same result for all practical purposes.”

Now wait a minute, I don’t think cutting off oxygen slowly is at all the same as yanking a ventilator out of the esophagus.

The latter terminates a life suddenly; the former gives the beloved more time to sit at the bedsides of the dying and become accustomed to their imminent death.