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'Crisis of Trust': Poll Finds People Living in Democracies Think Governments Aren't Acting in Public Interest

'Crisis of Trust': Poll Finds People Living in Democracies Think Governments Aren't Acting in Public Interest

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Democracies worldwide are experiencing a "crisis of trust," according to the Democracy Perception Index (pdf) released Thursday, which found that the majority of citizens of democratic nations don't believe that their voice matters in politics or that governments are acting in the public interest.


What do you suppose their first clue was?

“Government does not exist for the benefit of the governed”


Well, let me see, since the 1970’s the structure of the worldwide economic system, dominant institutions and policies have given primacy to capital, undermined workers, environmental, labor, consumer and financial regulations, has set up a race to the bottom in regards to wages, have undermined democracy and have cemented the exact opposite of the policies that have historically led to development. The left not only called this, and warned against it (the WTO protests, fights against things like NAFTA, fights against austerity, mass privatizations, deregulations, etc.), but provided and still provides alternatives. We had the UN’s resolution calling for a New International Economic Order, the ideas that for decades emerged out of UNCTAD, Keyne’s ideas about how to integrate the international economic system (the ICU and the Bancor), the alter-globalization movement, etc. Just another example where the left warned about it, provided far more equitable, democratic and sustainable alternatives, and was either attacked, ignored or dismissed. This was all predictable, and it is also predictable where we are headed, especially because of the environmental crisis, if things don’t radically change. The international economic system and the neoliberal era is not sustainable on any level and will collapse, and if the left isn’t there to fill the vacuum, the right will (the center thinks everything is fine, which is why they are in the center and don’t want any structural changes), and it will be very ugly.

Worth reading:


How to make government work in the public interest:


Might this decrease in trust happen to correlate with an increase of conspiracy theories being circulated on the internet. The belief in bogus conspiracy theories seems to have gone off the charts. I think trust in democracies would rapidly increase if people went back to reading books and newspapers to get away from all the nonsense they are exposed to on the internet. The good thing about the internet is it gives everyone a voice. But there is a downside to that as the spread of conspiracy theory nonsense is all too evident. We’ve got a problem with no clear solution.

Jeez, duh, ya think?

And what will the people finally do when they will not take any more to end the corruption, greed, and repression - the tyranny?

Many so-called democracies are not, they have been corrupted to serve the wealthy above all else; they are almost set-up to become what they tried/claimed to end…the power of wealth to corrupt and “buy” democracy made their goal easy…some countries just use the term to mask their tyranny.

“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!” - “La Pasionaria”, Spanish Civil War and Emiliano Zapata both embraced this great truth! Prefiero morir de pie que vivir de rodillas!

Governments have been overthrown, nations gripped by revolution and/or civil war, monarchs/kings/presidents, tyrants and corrupt fascist capitalist pigs executed by the people!

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" JFK, our last real president…then the coup d’etat…


‘Crisis of Trust’: Poll Finds People Living in Democracies Think Governments Aren’t Acting in Public Interest — Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Really?  Someone finally noticed??   My dad was referring to our Shithole government as ‘A Corpocracy’ half a century ago – in 1968 – and it certainly hasn’t gotten any better since then . . .

    "Viva Zapata, Viva Zapata
    "Viva Revolucion . . .
    "Porqué Zapata, Porqué Zapata
    "Es un hombre MUY CABRON!! "


Dare we speak the truth? The truth is that Neoliberalism is not just doing a bad job. Neoliberalism is ideologically opposed to democratic institutions. Neoliberalism should be called soft fascism because it is systematically eroding all forms of social cohesion outside of corporate authoritarianism. The ideology has been fully naturalized in many countries and is designed to atomize societies. The de-politicized populations are rendered defenseless, ready for exploitation by an oligarchy that operates almost invisibly as networks of corporate power, accountable to no-one. Rightwing fascism is just another tool to be used on noncompliant populations. Virtually all Western democracies, to one degree or another, have been coopted by Neoliberal Capital. So it is not a failure to perform, but a deliberate agenda to undermine and destroy democracy where ever it is found.


This is extremely important. Thank you for posting.


Capital is king these days. People matter not except to exploit for capital accumulation. Government has even become more complicit with business interests since the New Deal broke down the old monopolies. The New Deal has been destroyed by neo-liberal economic policies. Capital flows ever upward as people are used and cast aside in the pursuit of capital.


Power corrupts.
The vertical hierarchy of government and politicians corrupts.
Capitalism eats up the earth and views all life and the earth itself as mere commodities.
The tyrants have worldwide control of everything humans need: energy, food, medical supplies, water, communications, etc.
Technoindustrial society is an funhouse slave plantation.
Who has the courage to fight back?
V for Vendetta.


Unbuild the asphalt technoindustrial grid.
Re-green the planet.
The infrastructure is death structure.
Turn back the rule of machines.


Let’s make sure we make a distinction between (1) how effectively a government operates (or doesn’t) and (2) what its actions actually do to people (its own citizens and others it interacts with).

Non-democratic governments (command-and-control/authoritarian) might be every effective at getting something done, but its effects on the people might be very bad. It’s one thing to be frustrated at the inaction of government and quite another to accept a dictatorship just to get something done. The trains ran on time in Mussolini’s Italy - is that a good reason to turn to fascism?

I agree with you, but people can also allow this to happen. A lot of it is apathy.

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While we agree, are you going to do that- all by yourself? Plus ( guilty)- aren’t we using machines right now? There you go.

Exactly- if people are comfortable then they like the status quo- maybe educate more such as about global warming, automation ( which is here), and the fact that over 50 million people in the USA have been diagnosed with anxiety.


Seriously, somebody said the same thing almost 40 years ago…

“government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”


We will have to change who is elected and how--------by forcing them to show they have historical knowledge and knowledge of the 21st century world.

Congress must declare any war—and a tiny dropping of the really BIG bomb( like the mother of all bombs from Trump.) would never have happened.

People in Congress are not allowed to own any stocks—nor can members of their families---------we want to know they are working for THE PEOPLE.

Congress should not be a lifelong job— a person should serve no more than 8 years–just like the President.

Congress must pass written tests showing that they understand the history of this country and of the world…

Elections are too expensive—and as the air waves are supposed to be the publics----all candidates should have free commercials for all elections. There should be a free candidates hour where ideas are presented.

The military must account for every dime and if the generals cannot account for it--------they will spend jail time figuring out their math errors.

There would be no such tings as lobbyists.

If a government employee spends $30,000 for a table --then that money comes from the person’s salary.

There is a cap on the amount of media coverage each candidate gets—and the news will cover each candidate. equally. Therefore, a candidate will need to do more than accusing the others of being inadequate—verified proof would be so helpful.

So, maybe following some of these ideas would help make us a democratic republic again----- but then, we won’t know until we try. : )


don’t know about other countries, but the govt in this one certainly does NOT work for the good of the citizens. Only for the good of the wealthy & cronies.

My bad