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Crisis, What Climate Crisis? Oil Majors Still Sitting on Tens of Billions of Barrels of Undeveloped Reserves

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/20/crisis-what-climate-crisis-oil-majors-still-sitting-tens-billions-barrels

I expect a well-oiled (!) criminal enterprise.

Within the beltway a costume shop will rent six-foot female human breast costumes to bureaucrats. These bureaucrats then go on Sunday morning TV where thy act like giant boobs. They’re criminals and acting is part of their job description.

As a rule they will endorse 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Then they will wait 9 years 11 months and report back, “Silly me, I thought that if we tripled production we’d get to 100% renewable energy, but it seems that wind and solar are intermittent. Oh well, we still have natural gas.” When asked which bureaucrat was responsible in retrospect for performing zero R&D to fix the intermittency problem, the tried and true formula will be to find some random victims and blame them. For now, pretend that America the Great always does its R&D in general, and always dodge the fact that the real R&D work isn’t getting done ha ha ha ha.

As a rule the bureaucrats will see the Arctic methane release, 1.4 trillion tons of greenhouse gases, as an unavoidable act of God. “Who broke the cookie jar?” “God did!” Hint: I know that this catastrophe is quite preventable, and with low ecological side issues.

Excellent article by Andy Rowell. Some Geologists in Alaska, say much the same thing and some even claim there is enough untapped oil reserves, like in the Arctic Refuge and other places to last for another 50 years.