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Critical Flint Aid Held Hostage as Congressional Showdown Looms


Critical Flint Aid Held Hostage as Congressional Showdown Looms

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Even as Flint residents continue to struggle to provide clean drinking water for their families, Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate appear to be thumbing their noses at the Michigan city, excluding Flint assistance from a must-pass spending bill ahead of (yet another) congressional recess.


How low can one get? Apparently the bottom is bottomless.


It amounts to a large scale and slow murder. There is no excuse for the people in an American city to be left to suffer and die from poisoned water. Where is Obama or Clinton? Has either of these so called democrats spoken out and rallied to get them the aid they need?
The US is dying under the rule of corporate greed and those that serve them.
It’s very hard not to see racism in the careless handling of the Flint and Katrina catastrophes. Both were man made and in both, people are left to die from lack of care these sob’s are so flagrantly displaying. We have lost our country people. My heart breaks.


That’s always true but no reason to stop trying. The devil is in the details, in this case the details are the seconds and minutes, days and weeks left to us, whether individuals or as a species. What we do with them is what matters.


Before our eyes or shielded? Gaza comes to mind as the world both watches and averts its eyes to bombs raining down, food supplies being cut off, sewage left untreated and the water being shut off.
Aleppo, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, Flint… The politically driven gangrene of the planet is rampant and spreading more and more rapidly.


Yes, but the administration has pledged $37,000,000,000 of our tax dollars to wealthy Israel to “defend” itself. Our government does care about people, just not the American (especially black) kind.


That’s the story I read too. It was a decision made, just like Detroit. I guess they plan to just write Michigan off and sell it brick by brick to the highest bidder. We have a one party system and it is very right leaning. We have to remember all of this is happening under Obama but you don’t see him coming to the aid of black communities because he, like Clinton, is to the right of Reagan and he has admitted as much.


And these things have transpired during the 8 years of the oreo in power …


Or maybe it’s that they just don’t really care.

Or, more accurately, that They Never Cared and, in some cases, may be Celebrating their “Victory” over a majority Black city.


This is another clear example of why we need to VOTE OUT every Republican and any other useless congressperson who chooses to tie up any action on attending to our nation’s desperate needs…you know, like addressing climate change, stopping the cop killings of unarmed black people, water crises, filling the supreme court with suitable justices, passing budgets without shutting down the government, giving First Responders the health care they desperately need, etc. ad nauseam. We are paying these people a lot of money to DO NOTHING which is slowly (or not so slowly) killing us. We need to get them out of office NOW. We are their bosses and frankly they should have been fired decades ago.


Yes, but it was GOP Gov. Snyder who is responsible for the Flint debacle - appointing non-elected city managers to save money. Not that I support Obama, but give credit where credit is due.