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‘Critical’ NASA Climate Missions Targeted in Budget Cuts


‘Critical’ NASA Climate Missions Targeted in Budget Cuts

Andrea Thompson

In his most recent weekly address, President Trump praised NASA’s “mission of exploration and discovery” and its ability to allow mankind to “look to the heavens with wonder and curiosity.” But left out of his statements was the work NASA does to peer back at our home planet and unravel its many remaining mysteries — a mission targeted for cuts in his administration’s budget outline


So, if your child has a fever the way to fix it would be to stop taking their temperature?


This administration obviously wants the American public to remain "fat, dumb and happy" when it comes to the threat of man-made climate change. Nothing to see here folks. Just go back to watching "reality" TV.


When I read about the things that Trump and his cronies or what have you ... are doing... I want to just.... OOOHhhh... go and punch him out... I swear...and that stems from the real concern that we WILL NOT RECOVER FROM THIS.... Now, do not get me wrong... I am not under the delusion that anything Clinton would have done would be any better... she is ... too "middle of the road and to the right."... and so... As for Obama... he was barely left... like ... a millimeter... but.. this guy?... I can not stand it anymore... I cannot ... I am tired after working 10 hours ... same yesterday, same tomorrow... but.. that is okay. What is not okay, is that I really CANNOT plan a future... and ... I am 99% sure my kids will not have a future.... and this IDIOT IS MAKING RUBBING MY FACE IN IT...


One program Trump could cut to balance the Budget would be his own Secret Service protection.