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'Critical Win for People in Tennessee': Federal Judge Immediately Blocks Sweeping State Abortion Ban

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/critical-win-people-tennessee-federal-judge-immediately-blocks-sweeping-state

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Common sense says abortion is bad but nuclear weapons are good, so say the righties with their tighty whiteys in a bunch. Apparently, there is no antidote for cognitive dissonance.


The State of Tennessee is about to kill thousands of its own seniors because, well, the money was more important, at least at the time it was. Tennessee reported 8075 confirmed new cases of covid-19 in the last five days, a 17% increase over the previous five days.


How many of those who passed a law to ban abortion should become subject in a study to see how often this method of making people pregnant works?



Add an h at the beginning of that last line.

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That was just too bizarre. Why would any man want to grow a baby? And it was not disclosed where said baby would eventually exit. (I doubt through their penis.) caesarean? Sometimes all one can do is laugh at the absurdity of homo sapiens. OMGodzilla.


HI Wingsofadove:
dDi you know that Tennessee has a state fossil? They do, It’s the pterotrigona—a bivalve fossil.
Perhaps they should have a new fossil. I nominate Governor biII Iee -----a very dumb fossil too. : (


No i didn’t know that Gloriana. I will have to look up bivalve fossil. But if you want to nominate whatsisname that’s fine by me.


Anyone here from Tennessee –
Used to be owned by the Rockefellers –

What are the chances of moving it blue?

How is a right wing Tennessee working out for all citizens?

Caesarean, like the one woman I found an article on that had a baby almost that way.

Married male-male couples are likely to be interested.