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Critics Aghast at 'Disgusting Speech' Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

Critics Aghast at 'Disgusting Speech' Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Palestinian and human rights advocates were aghast over remarks made by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention on Monday, saying the her speech represented "everything that is wrong" with U.S. imperialism and policy in the Middle East.


After receiving the support of prominent neocons like Robert Kagan, Hillary decided to go full neocon; so she must be thinking that is where she wins. Can you imagine how dangerous she will be as President???


How would Hillary handle an Israeli attack on a U.S Navy vessel in the Eastern Mediterranean? Has she “evolved” on the U.S.S. Liberty?


Ok, so she wants to start a war. I knew this would happen. This is a truly evil woman. In my book she’s worse than Trump. She seems to have some legitimacy with a huge number of people and unless Bernie can stop her she will lead the US and world to a catastrophe worse than George W Bush.

Even if Bernie cannot muster the required delegates in the Democratic party, he must run as an independent. There is huge number of Republicans and independents who do not support any of their current choices, and who will sure as hell not support Clinton.

So Bernie has to find a way to tap into them and get their support.

This is crucial folks, reach out to Republicans or she will get in…


More terrorism by America and Israel, Iran will be toast and a collision with the Russians over Syria is likely under the supposed administration of this blood sucking which.


In response to Glen Greewald’s rhetorical tweats:

No Glen, Progressives are NOT remaining silent on this, Hillarybots ARE remaining silent on this because they are NOT progressives. Many of them are single issue voters who want to be part of something bigger than themselves, specifically electing the first woman president. They don’t care what she says or does now and they won’t care what she says or does if she becomes president. It is really that simple.


This Faustian offer unmasks her as just another worthless politician that would sacrifice the interests of the people of the US (as well as Palestinians) and quash morality and justice for her own personal gain - her 30 pieces of silver. Either that, or she is simply an amoral slug.


See Lindorff on Hillary at



Not for you Swagman, but to add some additional information re:
the AIPAC convention and another speaker along with Clinton.

Never forget not all Jews are Zionist and not all Zionists are Jews.

Shocking as Clinton’s speech was this one was even more shocking
to those not familiar with AIPAC or Christians who preach “the rapture”.

"End Times Pastor Who Believes the Anti-Christ Is Jewish Will Speak at AIPAC Conference Bishop Edwin Harper is rapture ready.
By Max Blumenthal / AlterNet March 18, 2016



Hilary can add Latest Incarnation of Attila the Hen to her list of titles. (Margaret Thatcher was the first)


That’s right, because she is not a Progressive. Republican Lite = HRC


HRC continues acting as a sock puppet for Haim Saban. All you can do is show it to her extraordinarily deaf groupies and hope they snap out of it, because anyone who supports this knowingly is flat out a bad person.
Combined with the Wikileaks emails and releases from her server, Clinton is utterly in service to Israel. It may, actually, be her highest priority–even higher than her service to global finance.

I’m sorry. I know most of you have been scared poopless by the Trump thing and the attendant press campaign against him (much of which he deserves, no doubt), but I fail to see how Donnie being worse than Hillary is a justifiable assumption at this point. She has to be stopped, guys.
Get Sanders in the general, please, and many of us on the Left are prepared to jump in to help you.


The intentional Israeli false-flag attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 using unmarked aircraft and torpedo boats, killed & wounded 174 sailors - has been covered-up and OUR sailors prevented from telling the truth ever since!
Hillary like all the many pro-Israeli traitors has covered-up other truths in her own time and is responsible for destabilization in the ME & NA - she has been supportive of the racist Israeli agenda at our expense and honor - over $3 billion annual US “aid” to the terrorist Israeli state.

The Moorer Commission Report - Chaired by ADMIRAL THOMAS H. MOORER, UNITED STATES NAVY, (RET.)

"Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry
into the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty,
the Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft
while the Ship was Under Attack, and the
Subsequent Cover-up by the United States Government"




she’d probably offer to send them back out on patrol again so the IDF could “get it right” the second time.


So, everyone is so afraid of Trump. How could any peace loving person vote for this woman. Everything about what she does shows clearly where her devotion really lies. Ya, she’s taken some Sanders talking points but this woman is a hawk. If you like perpetual war abroad and intense security here, she’s your gal. I for one, could never vote for her no matter how bad Trump is. She’s the female version of Trump. I am sure she is not going to be a sure bet against Trump. Wake up people on the west coast. We need you to come in strong for Bernie NOW.


What the hell could the next level even mean? How much room is left anyway for more? Give Netanyahu a veto power over congress? What next level?

Oh and I’d like to point out just how cynical and deceitful Hillary is. Just as do some people who try to make it be the Jews instead of the Israelis - Hillary did the same crap equating opposition (like the boycott) to Israeli right wing policies with antisemitism against the Jewish people. That is so sleazy.

For Hillary … Going to war with Iran is proving her bona fides. Is that the ‘next level’?


Watch the entire video? No. I’ll save it for a time when it will do me some good, like if I’ve accidentally ingested something poisonous and need to empty the contents of my stomach immediately.


“[C]ede the mantle of leadership for global peace and security,” : Pure and utter mendacious use of language!

“As president, I will make a firm commitment to ensure Israel maintains its qualitative military edge,” : So now we know why she doesn’t think we have the money for single-payer healthcare! Trump–who needs him when we got HRC?


The USS Liberty incident is a piece of history that for all intents and purposes doesn’t exist. It has been Orwellized that is it has been removed from the minds of people. It is never mentioned in the media nor in history books nor by pundits etc. Effectively Orwell’s protagonist has done his job and deleted it from the record so that no one (mostly no one) even knows that it happened. iIf no one knows about it then it never happened.

You have to wonder what people like Orwell would have had to say about our era. The thing was that what for him was exaggeration is for us fairly typical.


As far as sending Hillary to hell, why should the poor people in hell be made to suffer even more?