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Critics Call for Investigation Into Jared Kushner's Use of Private Email Server


Critics Call for Investigation Into Jared Kushner's Use of Private Email Server

Julia Conley, staff writer

Senior presidential advisor Jared Kushner is under new scrutiny following reports that he has used a private email account since his father-in-law, President Donald Trump, took office in January—the same thing Hillary Clinton was attacked for during the 2016 campaign.


Sauce for the goose? Trump and others became deranged over HRC’s use of a private email server for official business and demanded investigation after investigation…so now its either investigate Kushner or remain obvious hypocrites…


Maybe Trump will start calling him “Crooked Jared”.


Irony anyone

What is good for the gander is good for the goose

Or does work both ways…


“Lock him up! Lock him up!”


The only policy issue I agree with Trump on is keeping Guantanamo open…to house Kushner and the rest of the DC mob after they are brought to justice and convicted.


Obviously this apple did not fall far from his felonious father tree…and even carried the criminal behavior beyond the pall by marrying into an even more criminal family…but the money was too much to resist.


Jared Kushner, New York University duel JD/MBA degrees, and has a great knack for playing dumb when needed. Top security clearance, White House Senior Adviser. When the great day of reckoning occurs and they cart this punk off to the gallows, Jubilation!


Oh, what worthless pieces of paper money (million$$) can buy…JK did not earn those degrees, his father bought them for him thus smoothing the way to his “graduation(s).” Same goes for the “diplomas” on DJT’s wall. JK is a chip off the old block, as the saying goes. If the feds don’t get him, the billionaire$ he owes certainly will. Same can be said for his F-I-L.


I guess Jared didn’t learn anything from Crooked Hillary.