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Critics Charge New Trump Plan 'Recklessly Weakens Protections' for What Remains of 'Illegally Reduced' Bears Ears Monument

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/critics-charge-new-trump-plan-recklessly-weakens-protections-what-remains-illegally


Apparently we are going to wait to push back on this maniac until he pokes each one of us squarely in the eye.


Trump hates Mother Earth and supports those who rape her.
Time for everyone to read The Monkey Wrench Gang and this how-to manual:

Destroy the destroyers of Mother Earth.


And even then I doubt we will do anything.


Sens. Hatch & Lee’s gift to Utah grave robbers and various other thieving dominionists and assorted scroundels, swindlers and con men. Trumpsters!
What a crew.


He is being led by Satan, all world leaders are. This is an oligarch… and the Dems are powerless in the House as they are being starved of information… What is next is the complete destruction of false religion… Rev 17 is currently being fulfilled.


Perhaps people will start treating Mar-A-Largo like the negatives coming to Bears Ears. Random motorcycles tearing over the lawns in the middle of the night. Toilet papering part of the place, or perhaps golfing on the lawns by people who implode the grass making holes in the lawns. Putting soap in the fountains. It might be fun to sign the destruction with a pair of Bears Ears too.
Oh yes, and invading the bars and filling every bottle with root beer, or lime or strawberry kool aid. Maybe someone could all a giant balloon with stink bombs and affect the ambiance. More pranks than destruction, but a reminder that PUBLIC Parks belong the People , and if the People can’t have pristine and protected areas then neither should the Trump person. Oh, I left out using the hated $ 50 recreational drones which could also do havoc. Maybe experiencing havoc would do Trump some good. He does not have a teflon exterior -------maybe he doesn’t know that.

He’s recklessly weakening protections for anything worth keeping.


Stardust, didn’t you know that in trump’s realm the greedy and selfish must be served. In this case to run amuck in protected areas.
I’m reminded of the trip wires used in SE Asia in the middle of the last century.

“Chaining” forests w/ a ship’s anchor chain dragged between tractors"

This monstrous violence fits with the death “culture” of the US America, from forever wars, mass incarceration, gross inequality, student debt peonage, millions without healthcare due to lack of money or insurance, racism, class divisions and on and on.

By now anyone paying attention with even a shred of concern and respect for Mother Earth and Her creatures great and small, must be able to imagine a world made in the pathological rapist image of the malignant POS and his ilk, like Bolsonaro destroying the Amazon to enrich cronies. None have the slightest ability to appreciate the priceless beauty they destroy without a thought!

This is a crime of vast proportions committed by people with zero understanding of the natural world - or any concern - they are only able to calculate profits and losses, but are incapable to understand the very real losses on all living things by such malignant, corrupt, criminal, and blind ignorance.

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Obviously, this ongoing sh*tstorm was predicted to come to pass - even before day one of his “presidency.”
We apparently have been taken by surprise, though, by just how sadistic, predatory, rapacious and greedy all of it is. Deer in the headlights comes to mind.

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For violating his oath of office, that alone should disqualify him from office - let alone being permitted to run again. In addition, for his disloyalty to America, he should have his citizenship status evaluated. Likewise for McConnell.

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Do Psychopaths make great leaders?
Do Psychopaths have your best interests at heart?
Do Psychopaths consider all the consequences of their actions? If so, do they give a bleep?
Do Psychopaths rule the world?

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