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Critics Charge Pentagon 'Still Undercounting' Civilians Killed by US Military Overseas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/07/critics-charge-pentagon-still-undercounting-civilians-killed-us-military-overseas

Remember that Obama made it legal for Government agencies inside the USA to use propaganda on the US public when he signed the NDAA in 2013.

The Pentagon can lie to the US people as much as it likes. It part of the program.


Although the New York Herald Tribune, not I, first popularized the term “credibility gap”, in an article I wrote as a reporter for my high school newspaper during the 60s I observed the the US gubmit’s “credibility gap” was big enough to fly a B-52 through.

By the end of the 20th century I observed that the gubmit’s credibility gap had grown so wide that you could fly the entire B-52 fleet through it in V formation…and the gubmit’s credibility gap just keeps widening.

The media redefining civilian casualties as COLLATERAL DAMAGE during the 1991 Gulf War sanitized endless wars and reduced voters’ interest in civilian deaths.


Once you stir up the masses, Gulf of Tonkin, 911, the MIC has carte blanche to slaughter as many as they want to perpetuate the money flow. No profits in a peaceful world.


I think that the most fair thing to do is to take the number that the military gives of the dead
and then ---------multiply that by a GOOGOL!

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Hopefully they are getting the civilian covid-19 death count right over here at least.

I have no faith in the CDC since they botched the opiate response by throwing chronic pain patients under the bus.

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