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Critics Condemn 'Double Dehumanization' of Palestinians by Corporate Media as Headlines Focus on Israeli Casualties

Critics Condemn 'Double Dehumanization' of Palestinians by Corporate Media as Headlines Focus on Israeli Casualties

Julia Conley, staff writer

Human rights advocates and progressives in Congress on Monday slammed the corporate media for perpetuating anti-Palestinian sentiments in their reporting on the violence in Gaza and Israel over the weekend.

Good job running this piece, CD, and kudos to Julia for writing it. The NYT has no journalistic integrity when it comes to covering Israel-Palestine issues


Started Friday last when the Zionist Military marched down to the edge of the Gaza Concentration Camp and commenced their weekly sniper practice on live targets. The holocaust of the Palestinians in plain sight…


Hard to say this without being accused of being “anti-semitic” but major “news” outlets like the NYT are in the bag for Israel. This is no different than most of the membership of Congress. This has been the case for decades. There is absolutely no objectivity when it comes to the MSM reporting on anything having to do with Israel. This, I think, can be factually proved and it would be wonderful if serious and fair research would be undertaken to answer the question why this is.


This is not new/s. The media in the US have been doing this for as long as I can remember, which is way more than 60 years. I agree that it is important to call them out but it is irresponsible to act like these headlines are something that has just started with that headline. It has been like this since the beginning of the creation of the State of Israel which is what this article and the tweets need to make clear. This is an ongoing, systemic and never-faltering perspective.


Duh ! who owns the media ???

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Let’s see…People herded into a compound surrounded by a wall and armed guards who shoot any one approaching the wall,men,women,children,babies.Total embargo on medical supplies,food,clothing and any of the human needs for health and safety.An intent to exterminate all of them…Israel 2019 ?..No.Warsaw 1940 starting the Holocaust !!

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Provocation falls to the corpress cutting floor, as their timeline for these spasms of bloodletting always commence at the launching of the first rocket.

Israel reveres Masada where for a few years in the CE era, Jewish freedom fighters resisted Rome-- before they all killed themselves in defeat. However, Palestinians have been resisting occupation since 1948 and the world needs to look with reverence and respect in their fight for their land and freedom! - After all, without 70 years of large amounts American money, what would Israel be? Hmm maybe without all that American money , the Israeli government would have had to learn to get along -----and imagine how peaceful the ME could be…

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You should not criticize anything organized Jews do in the service of Jewish (discriminatory) interests because that would be antisemitic. That’s the standard organized Jews seek to impose on all non-Jews. Discrimination is a one-way wrong.

This is a horrid situation – I find these opinions important … they are from an Imam. Needless to say, children should never be taught to hate … There is enough hatred to go around on both sides here. Maybe if you let the children interact without hate, peace with have to evolve, the children wouldn’t have it any other way. They already have such groups between Israeli and Palestinian young people, but there are still those who are vehemently opposed to them.

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi‏Verified account @Imamofpeace May 5

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi Retweeted Philly Inquirer
The Muslim American Society organized, funded, promoted, hosted and recorded an event involving children calling for the beheadings of others. They are now investigating how the recording surfaced to the media, and which member leaked it to the “non-believers.”

You can disagree with Israel and also disagree with Hamas using your taxes through foreign aid to buy and fire 600+ rockets at innocent Jewish civilians. There is no contradiction in that. We have to maintain justice at all times. Condemn terrorism at all times.

When one is indoctrinated with myths like “a people without a land, a land without a people,” it is but a small step to treating these “invisible” people as somehow less than human.

It is Zionist indoctrination that allows them to make inhuman statements like the following about an entire civilian population, including women and children:

“The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger,” senior Israeli government advisor Dov Weisglass notoriously explained in 2006. See:

This, just 75 years removed from the horrors of the Holocaust, without a hint of cognitive dissonance.

Work. “I’m just a worker here just doing my job”, they’ll say, or “hey, they tell me what I can or can’t print, and I do what I’m told.” Of course, the lobby literally has people on the editorial boards of most major newspapers and has some pull as to who gets hired or fired. There is a great deal of money for NOT telling truths.

Unfortunately, this is a supposed copy of a tweet that included no verification or links or any other way to verify what is being said. With the absolute massive amounts of propaganda online, it is impossible to take seriously anything without verifiable sources. I’m not saying that I automatically disbelieve everything I see, but I also never believe it either (without a way to verify it myself).

Thank you. I hope it is not accurate regarding what was being said. There are a number of legitimate links online to the same information, noting further investigation underway, etc.

Sort of like the MSM fawning over Joe Biden.

What you are proposing is that the Palestinians offer no resistance to their subjugation.

Sorry if I was not clear – the Imam wrote both of those tweets. However, I don’t think he is saying “offer no resistance”. I believe that in his view, both sides play a role in perpetuating this ongoing fighting, and that both should be held accountable for their actions.