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Critics Condemn Inclusion of Anti-Semitic, White Nationalist Blog Post in Daily Briefing Sent to Immigration Judges by Trump's DOJ

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/critics-condemn-inclusion-anti-semitic-white-nationalist-blog-post-daily-briefing

" When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
Hunter S. Thompson
First Jeff Sessions and now Mr. Barr. How much weider is Mr. Trump’s DOJ going to get?
I agree with the Congresswoman completely. There is no bottom to the weird actions and utter lunacy of these cretins.


We were cautioned early on to not get too pushy about the making of comparisons of trumpenstein to Nazi Germany and Hitler. Those cautions don’t apply, if they ever did.
And boy are we going to do something about this, aren’t we. Aren’t we? Can we?

If you think this white nationalist blog connection is an outrage check this out…

"The day before a gunman in El Paso carried out the deadliest attack against Latinos in modern US history, the Texas governor (Greg Abbott) sent out an anti-immigrant fundraising letter calling on Republicans to “DEFEND TEXAS NOW” and “take matters into our own hands”, according to news reports".

So we have trump and this racist fomenting actually inciting for mass murders of latinx people. Is he guilty of nothing?


This screw-up takes “Freudian slip” to a whole new level.


Well that explains why Abbott was at the airport waiting for Trumps arrival when he went to El Paso.
Birds of a feather.