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Critics Condemn Trump Administration's "Assault on America's Water Resources"


Critics Condemn Trump Administration's "Assault on America's Water Resources"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Scientists and environmentalists are condemning the Trump administration for waging war on regulations that aim to preserve U.S. water resources.

"The Republican Party is moving rapidly to become the party of dirty water."
—Peter Gleick, U.S. National Academy of Science


Nice view of the USS Coke Works, Clairton, PA - not so much a water polluter but an awful air polluter - emitting fine coal-tar particulates…


Someone suggested that we should run candidates that are scientists.

I would nominate Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


Soon, somebody is going to figure out this has been a Ponzi scheme all along


The future generations, if indeed there are any, will be able to look back and point to the Trump administration as being the one that fired the last bullets ensuring the complete murdering of Earth and her children. These folks leading the various departments to protect against poisoning of the environment are entitled to have to live in the filth and poison their big business buddies spew into the environment without a care to the complete damage they’re doing to ensure life ends in a timely faction. I’m so pissed I can barely think straight after reading about the murderers of Earth being allowed to continue their rampage against everything living and nonliving too. Consider the fact they want to murder our National Parks and Monuments by exploiting the resources that may lie in stasis under the surface of the most beautiful places men & women have ever known. It’s time for this rape of the environment to end and find ways to live that don’t threaten the means to support life as we know it.


The US is in the midst of a 40-year (and counting) spiral downward.


When you realize it was Nixon who gave this country the EPA, a man who sold out American soldiers to get elected. It shows in stark relief - the unmistakable fact the United States is in the hands of a driven radical element, that makes RMN look like Ghandi.


This sounds like a scenario from “Shock Doctrine”. First, create a crisis by eliminating water quality standards , and when the quality has deteriorated, turn the mess over to private businesses, which
can solve the problems, just as they did in Iraq.


I keep saying to people who are concerned but maybe not read on the environment: Water is right now going to be the thing that the movement turns on and works as a catalyst. Was/am so glad to see Native Americans and friends standing up at Keystone and Standing Rock. We cannot let this one get cool, it is now to the point where water is the flash point. We must not rest until situations like Flint are rectified. Children can least of all be subjected to this. I think big oil is well aware they are on the hot button with this issue. Our job is to make their lives hell every day that one person has to drink filth, in this country of all places. Totally unacceptable in any era, setting, or strata. Dont’ back down, wherever you are.


Mni Wiconi ~Water is Life💦
If we can’t keep it clean, we perish.
Follow The Red Path of resistance. Our indigineous sisters and brothers know the way forward.


I’ve been guestimating the United States culturally peaked in 1970 and the first few years of the 70’s. Based on the popular culture alone-environmentalism was in. We still had lots of postwar wealth. Popular music (a big issue now) was reaching it’s zenith (Remember bands like Chicago?). War politics were falling out of favor. And we did not believe that technology was going to become our new religion. We still spoke to each other. And were nowhere near the level of materialism to come ten years later under Reagan.