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Critics Cry Foul as DNC Cripples Sanders Campaign Operation


Critics Cry Foul as DNC Cripples Sanders Campaign Operation

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Critics are crying foul after the Democratic National Committee (DNC) suspended Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign's access to a crucial voter database just weeks before the first Democratic caucuses.


No surprise here, the Dem political machine is as corrupt as the RepubliCon, although slightly less obviously tools of the 1%.

The political manipulators will grasp anything to assure the outcome they and their masters want will be effected. Sanders issues-oriented campaign and moral compass represent a threat to business as usual and the 1% that control our duopoly, who will do or say or create anything that will maintain the status quo - it will only be the people who, if they can tear themselves away from the very intentional diversions created to deter their participation in actual representative government, actually inform themselves, vote their interests, and depose the tyrants.

Sanders candidacy is an error the political class will likely not allow to happen again - they can see his threat and will not allow anyone to use the Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum parties as vehicle to reach the American people…we must take advantage of this opportunity, it may not come again…

Update: The DNC restored Bernies access early this AM!

http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a40610/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-data/ excellent background read


For many people, evidence only counts when it’s produced AFTER the fact.

And so it is, that although the FBI was known to have infiltrated the Black Panthers, Women’s Movement, Environmental and Peace Movements, many don’t believe this sort of thing is really happening until AFTER it’s produced whatever ill-effects its handlers envisioned.

My point is that Mr. Sanders could well have a MOLE in his campaign. Establishment politicians have friends in high places, and that would include the SPOOK agencies.

Mrs. Clinton is taking a beating from Mr. Sanders. Many in this forum were waiting for the first shoe to drop and hoping–to the extent Mr. Sanders churns up that old FDR “New Deal” feeling–he would not suddenly come down with an incurable Cancer or otherwise meet a tragic demise in a plane “accident.”

Short of outright assassination, the character assassins go to work with all the tools in their arsenals.

The timing seems suspicious on this. And whenever sabotage DOES occur, it’s ALWAYS made to look like an accident. Heck, the maniacs running foreign policy keep insisting that planed bombings of other nations fall under the heading, “mistakes happen. So what?”

Something to consider here…


Looks like the Dems had a breach and preempted Sanders campaign from exposing it which would look real bad. So as the Sanders campaign attempted to find out how bad was the breach that had actually been opened by the DNC, the DNC protected itself and Hillary by announcing the breach first probably because it learned that the Sanders people were investigating.


An online petition to have the DNC immediately reinstate all status, perks etc to the Sanders campaign is here - for what it’s worth…


If the DNC doesn’t restore the Sanders campaign’s access before tomorrow’s debate, the DNC risks driving more voters away from Hillary either in the primary or more dangerously if she is the nominee in Nov 2016.

The Washington Post is at least real clear that the Sander’s campaign had noted this kind of open door in the past, and reported it.

Almost looks like the software vendor was leaving doors open on purpose to see who would take the bait. And yeah, if I saw such an opening repeatedly appear I might check to see what part of my data was being compromised.

Irony, I more than suspect the Sanders campaign isn’t relying real heavily on DNC data to find likely Sanders voters. The message appeals by itself; this is something HRC types at the Guardian, WaPost, NYTimes, MSNBC, NPR, and CBS just can’t stand.


Something to consider is a mole at the software vendor left doors open on purpose to see who’d take the bait.

It’s not the only door between data sets that seems to have been opened, even the WaPost notes this. And some party looks to have been keeping a close eye on who took advantage of that open portal–ready to report the entry basically as soon as it happened. It’s not like a month ago there was a breach, it’s been fixed, but now the software vendor is noting that some party who shouldn’t have had access to Clinton data did have access for a day or two.

And the timing right before a debate, HRC having come in third in the last debate, is mighty suspicious.

A real conspiracy nut, would say that Karl Rove engineered the breach so as to split democratic voters.


“Irony, I more than suspect the Sanders campaign isn’t relying real heavily on DNC data to find likely Sanders voters. The message appeals by itself…”

Nothing appeals by itself. Believe it or not, there are still lots of blue-dog Democrat voters who either have not heard of Sanders or regard him as this insignificant fringe candidate. A Sanders letter on party stationery, stupid as it seems, would change a lot of their attitudes (especially the all important over-50 voters Sure, the party leadership is pretty pathetic with their bankrupt “ideology” that can be summarized as kissing oligarch ass. But the the parties physical resources and infrastructure are still absolutely vital. As Corbyn’s faction has shown when they took over UK Labour Party, taking over an established political party is vastly more effective than walking away from it - in the US taking over and reforming the existing party it is the only option.


And I’m sure that HRC will be publicly magnanimous the just the way Sanders was about HRC’s extra special email server–sarcasm.


The link is also in the article.

The petition was started only a few hours ago, but should hit 100K in another hour. The signatures are coming in at a couple hundred a minute. A million signatures is certainly doable in just a couple days.

Correction (1203 EST) it’s now over1000 signatures per minute - so even with some slowup, they can get over a million signatures in by early tomorrow. There’s probably never been anything like this…

1158 EST 82,500
1203 EST 88,500 (1200 per minute)
1210 EST 94,990 (914)
1710 EST 193,771 (330)
1938 EST 220,787 (183)
2125 EST 235,847 (141)
2330 EST 250,846 (114) OK, unless it speeds back up tomorrow, we won;t be reaching a million…


Thanks for the link. We know that Bernie would be thrown under the dem o rats bus and it was not a matter of if, but when, because they have selected the Wall Street Walker.

But there may be one good thing: the fact that DNC is not playing fair with Bernie, shows me the DNC fears that Bernie’s campaign is nascent and they want to stop it before it gets any bigger.


Perhaps, but I don’t get DNC mailings.

Ever, not even during the presidential election years.

And I’ve been a registered democrat at the same address for 20 years.

Now, I do get mailings from my house member.

No, I don’t live in New Hampshire.

But I really don’t think that a DNC generated letter saying that Sanders is a candidate is going to swing many voters from HRC to Clinton. Democratic primary voters, of any age, are either happy to vote Clinton, or are really annoyed with her so will look at the obvious options. And there sure is a lot of disappointment with Clinton’s failures.


I would like to see a petition where millions of voters say that if Bernie is not nominated they will vote either third party or not at all. That would give Bernie some leverage to fight the corruption he is up against.


How well I remember all of that. Sadly, I agree, the (D) party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of one or another faction of CORP. America and nobody like Sanders was ever ever ever going to be allowed to be it’s candidate. This has an “insider” sabotage MO written all over it. Debbie W. an the gang in charge of the party apparatus are all openly Hillary shills, so I’m not surprised at this kneecapping right before the next debate.


I have to hand it to the DNC. They’re pulling out all the stops to pretend that there actually is a Democratic Primary. That there actually is a possibility that HRC won’t be their candidate. That Sanders is actually present in the race as anything other than a political sheepdog for his “good friend”, the free-trading, warmongering Neocon.

And, judging by the reaction online to this non-story, the theater is working really well.


Debbie W-S is still shaking in her boots about Bernie.


This seems right out of Misery, with Wasserman-Schultz hobbling the Sanders campaign.

I guess it wasn’t enough that the backbones of non-Clinton candidates were intentionally dislocated by scheduling “debates” on Saturday evenings, when nobody is watching.

It’s like we’ve been secretly drugged, and in our haze, our only nourishment is whatever crap sandwich DW-S feeds us.


Something is rotten in Denmark.


“Mrs. Clinton is taking a beating from Mr. Sanders.”

That could not have anything to do with the DNC crippling Bernie…could it? Hillary Rotten Clinton would not want to assassinate Bernie’s character…would she? After all didn’t Bernie say he would support HRC if he lost the nomination?

Oh, I get it! Bernie is a man of some integrity up against a rotten candidate!


I’m speaking as a professional in the field of server administration: there are glaring holes in the DNC’s line here. For one, there were repeated security holes reported to NGP VAN - they weren’t doing their job. The term “firewall” is incorrect - the server’s administration is responsible for keeping permissions for file access in order. This security issue affected all the campaigns, and Sanders staff would have had to be aware of this as they were at risk too.

Most importantly, “access” is not the same as viewing or copying data. When you work in IT security, you had better kick the tires on it. If a door is not only unlocked but wide open, you might well cross the threshhold in the course of reporting or fixing it. The “white hat” people in charge of security use the same tools “black hat” crooks use out of the necessity to test that security works. What you read on CNN and NYT seems fairly free of expert opinion in this field.

The Sanders staffer may have crossed a line, but he was very possibly acting in good faith to diagnose and report a repeatedly occurring lapse. Poking your head in the door and saying, “Hey, all our doors shouldn’t be open here!” doesn’t mean you burglarized the place.

So, the spin coming out of the DNC is irresponsible and ignorant, and there’s a lot of conflict of interest in who’s running things and creating this circus. It’s a travesty that the US political system is locked into two parties that are this crooked.