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Critics Decry 'Massive Step in Wrong Direction' as Big Banks Move to Buy Up Fracking Industry Assets With Coronavirus Bailout Funds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/critics-decry-massive-step-wrong-direction-big-banks-move-buy-fracking-industry

Using relief funds to purchase assets dedicated to the continued poisoning of America is akin to being an accessory to murder.


How many examples of the sheer systemic decrepitude are required to bring on re-evolution? In Viet Nam there was a dynamic born of Bhuddist and old wisdom wherein society, when faced with demands for change would reach the consensus on “the will of heaven”. Fitzgerald titled her book about the US insanity and failure with a telling choice of chapter 49 in the I Ching - “Fire in the Lake”.
~https://ichingsite.com/en/books/i-ching-wilhelm/hexagram/49/image/ ( click right arrow on webpage to read all six lines)

Sometimes the thinking of “others” is one of the most valuable kick-starts to aha moments.

Francis Fitgerald “Fire in the Lake”