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Critics Decry 'Publicity Stunt With Genuine Consequences' as Trump Deploys 'Surge' of Park Rangers to Patrol Southern Border

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/03/critics-decry-publicity-stunt-genuine-consequences-trump-deploys-surge-park-rangers

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If someone dies in a national park, should his or her relatives investigate what type of wrongful death they can charge tRump with?

I guess the thinking is that since the Trump administration (and the Republicans in general) intend for the national parks to be fracked into utter ruin, why do they need park rangers for their primary function any more?

They’ll have postal workers and State Dept secretaries deployed to the border pretty soon at this rate. They really want us to believe we are being invaded by some foreign military forces armed with tanks and missiles.


As Chris Hedges points out so accurately we see the Police & Security State at work. Their spider web of surveillance, intimidation and its other paralyzing weapons of venom in the form of drones and the like is nothing less than Federally sanctioned vigilantism. Acting under general orders, can a borderlands martial law zone be far behind? Eventually covering all of the Southwest?
Much like an invasive species; a gmo’d kudzu or worse, the pod people(?) come to mind, dressed in camo or undercover garb, Yikes!!!
Let me add one more, Yikes!!!

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