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Critics Decry Surveillance of Canadian Journalist as Part of 'Horrifying' Culture Shift


Critics Decry Surveillance of Canadian Journalist as Part of 'Horrifying' Culture Shift

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Canadian free speech advocates slammed recent revelations that Montreal police tracked a journalist's cell phone calls, text messages, and locations in an attempt to identify one of his sources, who was leaking details of an internal police investigation.


The Liberal government now on power feigned concern over that bill when in opposition.

Now that they in power they rely on it themselves.


Oh, Canada!


"To me, this was a great pretext to try to investigate a reporter who has done numerous stories in the past that have embarrassed the service," he said. "This is a big thing in a country like Canada. Police were permitted to spy on a journalist under very, very thin motives on a secondary part of a criminal investigation."

Supporters of press freedom in Canada said it is part of a worrying "culture shift" brought about by the so-called anti-terror bill approved by Parliament last year, which gave extraordinary new powers to law enforcement agencies, including their ability to spy on civilians.

A democracy doesn't require secrecy nor spying on citizens or journalists --
It's an imperialist government -- totalitarian government -- which requires secrecy.


This cannot be tolerated. The people who ordered, as well as those who perpetrated, this surveillance should be investigated and be brought to justice swiftly.

I had great hopes for Canada under Justin Trudeau, but he could not head to Europe fast enough to sign that toxic CETA agreement.
If you want to have a preview of what corporations will feel entitled to in the wake of ratification of CETA, TTIP and TPP, just look no further than North Dakota.

That is the world we are heading for, unless we take action. Quebec police are only slightly ahead of the times, we are faced with, spearheading the new era in Canada. Can you spell Bill C 51?


Yes, I thought we were heading back in a good direction when the name of Trudeau entered the arena. But this was another promise which took the dark path, like Obama. Although I expected more from Trudeau than I had expected from Obama who had little to show in terms of a record. Darkness all.


I laid down on the road to block a police car carrying an innocent man they had beaten unconscious in Montreal in 1987. The victim feared complaining, but when the police falsely charged him with assault, we defeated the fake charge and won a landmark conviction of the police. Freedom must be defended at the risk of one's life!

John Bosnitch


The creeping, festering corruption of our politics is not resolved by Goodale's annoyance and statements to make things right.
That's because the active corruptors do not receive an appropriate response from their employer for said corruption and criminality, thereby establishing the convention that frequently protects perpetrators from justice. They continue working, making big bucks (compared to most of us), and even get future promotions within said organization.
Know for certain that there is no real change until we see all these criminals dealt with severely, and stringent legislation passed that will put an end to any bureaucrat's thought to make hay while on the taxpayer's dime. Until full transparency and public accountability are given razor sharp teeth, know that political rhetoric is just more rot.
Make it pay big to be a whistleblower and honest accountable worker!!!!