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Critics Decry 'Twisted and Dangerous' Views Espoused by Jeff Sessions and His 'Religious Liberty Task Force'

Critics Decry 'Twisted and Dangerous' Views Espoused by Jeff Sessions and His 'Religious Liberty Task Force'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Speaking at the Justice Department's so-called Religious Liberty Summit in Washington—an event described as "one-sided and stacked" with fervently anti-gay spokespeople of the Christian right—Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced the creation of a "Religious Liberty Task Force" that critics said is little more than a "license to discriminate against women, LGBTQ people, im

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This little Keebler Elf needs to be stuffed into his little tree house, and then set on fire.


“…doubt everything and become your own light…” Buddha

To paraphrase the Dalai Lama…the only religion is truth.


Religious Liberty. Huh!

In this country you are free to believe whatever you want - as long as you believe. Atheists, agnostics and non-believers in general are not welcome.

You can be excused from military service on religious grounds, but try to be a conscientious objector.

Please explain to me why religious organizations do not have to pay tax.

And yes, using the bible as your road map, it is easy to discriminate against any roup you don’t like.

I thought that this was a secular nation!!!


Little Ol’ General Beauregard and his Onward Christian Soldiers schtick.
Pulling out all the stops for 2018s’ Crusade. " Praise god and pass the ammunition ".


Behold the racist hick, the face of fear, white privilege and an ordained, divined, destiny to rule the world. Behold America and the Jeff Sessions Ku Klux Klan sans the sheets. Sessions is our hood ornament for American, parasitic imperialism fueled by psychopathic, self-righteous, mass hysteria. Stealing oil for Jesus and the Mother Mary. Bubba’s brain is rotten way down yonder in the Land of Cotton and he is a disgrace to the State of Alabama. Sessions is the product of American apartheid. How many millions have carried the name of a god before them for evil? Be good and good will find you. Jeff is a very bad man and this soulless dross is the Judas of American Justice. This is a test. We should pass. Now would be an opportune time to fight back and create a loving, peaceful, prosperous world void of the World Bank of International Settlements and all the parasites it has germinated beneath it to rob humanity of our collective soul. There is NO reason we can’t manifest the new world order we desire. Take it.


Wow, what a curious little man. He reminds me of the squirrels in my back yard when they’re begging for peanuts. Wow, # 2, he seemed so unfamiliar with his own written words, or did he not write them himself? The other squirrel- like thing he did was to shuffle back and forth in one place and then a dip to the right… the backyard squirrels do that when they anticipate a peanut gift-----oh the anticipation!
He also sadly seems so very uncomfortable in his own body. It’s even more interesting if the sound is turned off. He is like a tiny little scared, white squirrel man. Well , if god is love, the little scared squirrel needs a lot of work on confidence…which he seems to lack—which seems very weird if God has his back! As cute as the backyard squirrels are, boy—do they fight dirty------- in a fight, they go for the other guy’s nuts every time. Squirrels, like religion can be very sketchy. : 0

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I have to wonder if anyone in this administration has ever read The Constitution?

Article VI: “… but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

Pretty well cut and dried. When I went into the military, when I worked at the VA, I had to take an oath to protect and defend The Constituion, before anything else. Fortunately, we had Civics in the NYC Public School system and I was very aware of our Founding Documents. Then again, we’ve been dumbing down our citizens for quite some time.

Sessions is an idiot, his boss is a cretin and I’m sick of all of them.


Religion gives God a bad name.


My Christian faith is very vital to me and important in shaping my world view. I was raised in a family of deep faith and I remember one of my dad’s best friends when I was young was a Chaplain.

For two years when I was 6 to 8 during my dad’s last assignment in the Army, we didn’t have a church to attend in Taiwan as the Chaplain there was someone my parents refused to be involved with. When we came back to the states we visited the closest Presbyterian Church and I simply fell in love with it. My parents had gotten out of the habit of going to church every week, but I wanted to go to Sunday School so much we got back in the habit.

In High School our youth group became part of the Jesus Movement of the early 70s with guitars, long hair, raising hands when we sang, witnessing on the street, and Christian rock. My faith went into over drive. I led a morning singing group that met in High School out of the way of most kids to not bother them where we sang and prayed and shared. I played guitar to lead us. In college I was just as involved, ending up being a youth leader myself. I ended up going to Seminary in Pasadena and becoming a minister. In mid-life I changed careers after my divorce to be a mental health counselor.

I share all this to emphasize I share what I share now from an “in-group” perspective.

===> Taking Jesus of Nazareth as he is presented in the Gospels in the New Testament means taking serious what they record he taught. The main thing he taught is summed up as:


Jesus wasn’t the only religious leader to teach this. Almost all important religious leaders have taught it and several secular thinkers. But Jesus did teach it and anyone who wants to serious own the name of Jesus has got to make this golden rule part of their way of living.

THIS MUST MEAN separation of Church and State. Since I don’t want the state telling me what I ought to believe and how I ought live out that faith I must seek to do that not just for me, but for everyone else, whatever their religious view or lack of religious view.

I want to be able to walk into a bakery and buy a cake for my wedding and not be told I don’t deserve one because discrimination laws don’t apply to the particular religion of the bakers when it comes to their views about me. I don’t want my kids forced to recite a pledge of allegiance that violates our family’s religious beliefs. I don’t want to work to help people who are addicts or homeless or alcoholics and find out that the government is willing to give aid to people doing the same thing as me but with a preferred religious view over mine.

So I don’t want the government doing those things to others. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they believe or don’t believe. I, as a follower of Jesus, seek to have them treated exactly the way I want to be treated. That cannot happen if the state supports one religion over another.

Now, note, I’m not saying only those who follow Jesus can have this mindset I have, that the only foundation for it is following Jesus’ teaching. I’m just saying that those of us who do claim to follow Jesus are not actually following him as he is presented in the Gospels if we don’t seek a society where all people of all faiths or no faith, races, genders, orientations, identities, and ethnicities are treated equally with respect, dignity, and justice.

Therefore I stand against my fellow Christians on this who think the way Sessions does and with all the Atheists, Agnostics, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Pagans, Muslims, and others against any attempt to make our culture and our nation a “Christian Nation.”

Usually I don’t bring my faith into a discussion of what is right or wrong in politics because if you can’t make a convincing case without religious thinking included then you can’t really make a convincing case period. I’m not sharing what I share to convince others to think the way I think. I’m sharing this to make it clear that even within the parameters of a faith in Jesus that there is no convincing case to break down the wall of separation.


Separation of Church & State – is the guarantee of the right to personal conscience, free thought and free will –

We also know that organized patriarchal religions/“Christianity” were imposed upon nations and their populations by force, usually with precedent setting violence.

If “Equality for all” were truly the intent of Our Founders, then even today we would have the government working with the people to overturn all of it as it is based in “White male supremacy.” And, underpins the very unequal concept of Patriarchy which dominates our societies worldwide.

Had the “Cake” issue been about a Jewish couple, the SC could NOT have gotten away with the decision.

That decision should make clear to us that the SC’s decision for “Same-Sex” marriage is still being targeted by “Christianity.”

Trump’s attack on Muslims is another sign that the wrong people are in office appointing nominees for the Supreme Court. And, as I recall it, the “W” Bush who arrogantly referred to the Constitution as “just a piece of paper” also referred to his wars n Afghanistan and in Iraq as not only “Crusades” but also suggested that they were “god-inspired” to him personally – i.e., “god’s will.”


Maybe he’s a-feared that his God DOESN’T have his back, on account of he’s been naughty, an’ his trans-gressions have all been recorded on a list sorta like Insanity Klause’s . . .

Or maybe – deep down inside – he’s not an F***ing Moron like his “Fearless” Leader, and realizes he’s been brainwashed since early childhood, and there’s no more a God (or G.A.W.D.) to have his back than there is a Santa Clause keeping a list (and a-checkin’ it twice) who’s a-gonna bring him a choo-choo train an’ a dump truck an’ a lollipop if he’s been a good little boy.   (Which he ain’t.)

Where is Freedom FROM Religion when we REALLY need it???


Brace yourself. It’s gonna get worse:

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As Betty Friedan said in the 1960’s of organized patriarchal religions …

"Let’s hope this is the last yelp of a dying mule."

Friedan at that time was making clear that the RCC had already removed America, Canada and Western Europe as reliable support and was seeking their new fortunes in China and Africa.

Something that the American press wasn’t sharing with readers —

And, just recently here in NJ, our Star Ledger on its front page let Americans know that the RCC of the 1960’s in the US has now been reduced to HALF it’s size – with half its parishes gone and half of its Catholic schools gone. From what I’ve read of the priesthood and Catholic nuns, it is likely way more than half who have left and the Church has been finding it impossible to replace them.

In the 1960’s in US, there were 5.2 million children in Catholic schools
and today there are 1.8 million in Catholic schools.

Clearly, democracy and Separation of Church & State can deliver us to fairness and justice – and end the violent religious oppression of women, homosexuals, Jews, Africans, native people all over the world – provided that the violence of organized patriarchal religion is not renewed.

John Stockwell, long time CIA whistleblower – whose videos are occasionally seen on c-span – makes clear that he considers the CIA to be “Catholics In Action.”

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I’m against all forms of theocracy. There’s a scary scary term for when the MUSLIMS!(be very afraid) do it, we need a term to fear when the Xtians do it too.

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Edward –

This isn’t spirituality – it is hatred and the result of brainwashing by organized patriarchal religion . . .

There are certain things that are simply evil. Homosexual behavior, along with all sex outside of marriage is intrinsically evil and opposed to the plan of God for mankind, which is one man, one woman, one marriage for one lifetime.

And then you go on to proclaim your right to HATRED according to Christian teachings – !!!

The Confessions of the Catholic Church as to their thousands of years of oppression of Women, Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Africans, Semites, Native people by use of precedent-setting violence has earned the shame of the world which is why the RCC and all male-supremacist religion is going down.
See: “Crusades,” “Inqusiitions,” and “Burnings at the Stake.”
See: Genocide/Slavery and Papal Edicts based in “enslaving or killing” native people and Africans.
In fact, after WWII, the RCC was asked to sign “A Confession of Co-Responsibility and Guilt for the Jewish Holocaust in Germany.”

Here are details of the “Confession” by the Catholic Church to its thousands of years of oppression and violence –

Here’s a Papal “apology” for the Vatican’s persecution of their enemies …


Sweeping apology for attacks on Jews, women and minorities defies theologians’ warnings** **World news

Pope says sorry for sins of church

Sweeping apology for attacks on Jews, women and minorities defies theologians’ warnings.

Rory Carroll in Rome


Monday 13 March 2000 06.37 EST First published on Monday 13 March 2000 06.37 EST

Saving one of his most audacious initiatives for the twilight of his papacy, John Paul II yesterday attempted to purify the soul of the Roman Catholic church by making a sweeping apology for 2,000 years of violence, persecution and blunders.
From the altar of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome he led Catholicism into unchartered territory by seeking forgiveness for sins committed against Jews, heretics, women, Gypsies and native peoples.

Your religious delusions only exist because they are being encouraged by a Supreme Court engaged in fascist lawmaking to protect HATRED and oppression by organized patriarchal religion.

What the SC is saying in expressing its Christian hatred for homosexuals is made clear if we substitute Jews as the clients requesting the services of the baker.
When the public begins to give deeper thought to the issue the prejudiced decision will only earn the right wing SC only more “pie in the face.” The present Supreme Court is now largely made up of right wing Christian-fascists and the sexual pervert, Clarence Thomas.

And how ironic, hypocritical and fitting that YOU ignore the “Introducing of the Cross with the Sword” all over the world and the prejudices of the RCC, but how you so tragically/comically show your fear of being oppressed by a “Christian nation” which may offer only disdain for the RCC. Recall the 1,100 years, as well, where the Catholic Church held Jews in isolation from all society in the Papal States, forcing them to wear Yellow Stars on their clothing, barring them from education and the professions. They were finally released by the French proclaiming “All are equal” and then by the Italians (1860’s) who moved the Vatican back to the one square mile or so it now resides in – a nation of all males.

Some background on transgender and other gender identity issues …


The Metamorphoses Greek myth includes a story about a woman raised as a male falling in love with another woman, and being transformed into a man prior to a wedding ceremony and staying with her. It is therefore considered that people who desire to live as though they have the opposite gender have existed since ancient times. People who express a sense of discomfort with their anatomical sex and related roles have been reported in the medical literature since the middle of the 19th century. However, homosexual, fetishism, gender identity disorder, and associated conditions were mixed together and regarded as types of sexual perversion that were considered ethically objectionable until the 1950s. The first performance of sex-reassignment surgery in 1952 attracted considerable attention, and the sexologist Harry Benjamin reported a case of ‘a woman kept in the body of a man’, which was called transsexualism. John William Money studied the sexual consciousness about disorders of sex development and advocated the concept of gender in 1957. Thereafter the disparity between anatomical sex and gender identity was referred to as the psychopathological condition of gender identity disorder, and this was used for its diagnostic name when it was introduced into DSM-III in 1980. However, gender identity disorder encompasses a spectrum of conditions, and DSM-III -R categorized it into three types: transsexualism, nontranssexualism, and not otherwise specified. The first two types were subsequently combined and standardized into the official diagnostic name of ‘gender identity disorder’ in DSM-IV. In contrast, gender identity disorder was categorized into four groups (including transsexualism and dual-role transvestism) in ICD-10. A draft proposal of DSM-5 has been submitted, in which the diagnostic name of gender identity disorder has been changed to gender dysphoria. Also, it refers to ‘assigned gender’ rather than to ‘sex’, and includes disorders of sexual development. Moreover, the subclassifications regarding sexual orientation have been deleted. The proposed DSM-5 reflects an attempt to include only a medical designation of people who have suffered due to the gender disparity, thereby respecting the concept of transgender in accepting the diversity of the role of gender. This indicates that transgender issues are now at a turning point.

and –

This is a woefully inadequate history of transgender people as it focus mainly on white western culture with only scarce exception. What about American Indians, the Hijra of India, the Fa’afafine of Samo, the Katoey of Thailand, the Muxe of Mexico, or transpeople in Tahiti? All of these cultures have been rocking it far longer than the prudish and uptight Western world and in some cases, with better cultural acceptance, as in the case of some American Indians. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to see the Western world is finally opening up and becoming more receptive. However, would it not emphasize the point with greater efficacy --that this is a small minority is but a natural occurance-- by including people of color from other cultures. Your history is mostly of transgender struggles against the repression of the mostly white binary Christian world, and not at all a thorough history.


Dump claims he is converted Jewish and a Christian. The Talmud is the Jewish holy book which states that Jesus is burning in excrement in hell. You can’t be Jewish and a Christian at the same time. The zionist Christans in America are being duped, likewise Dump and his ratlike AG. Sessions rails against cannabis saying good people don’t use cannabis, what a pathetic fraud as he is wholly owned by big pharma.


You are certainly entitled to your world views just get off your moral high horse.


Yes, such as exploiting other living creatures for one’s own benefit and destroying the only environment we have, thereby showing a willingness to put an end to all life, or as some would have it, an end to God’s creation. That’s evil.


Talk about the boy who cried “wolf.”