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Critics Denounce Biden's Use of Tragic Family Story to Attack Medicare for All as Both 'Manipulative' and 'Cynical'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/critics-denounce-bidens-use-tragic-family-story-attack-medicare-all-both

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Well, beside having a history in politics that is down the line corporatist, war-hawk, police/security-state, business-as-usual, and nothing to write-home about, and apparently descending further into personal confusion, his brother James promised corporate interests that Sloppy-Joe would “be friendly” to their interests and agenda’s.

Now could be his brother is full o shite and using the situation/connection for personal gain, but then again - follow the money - and history of the candidate, now *ex-*front runner (so-called) to grok the truth.

Stick a fork in him Gracie, he’s done!

Now comes the time of Bernie Sanders who works for all of us and the Common Good - and not a moment too soon - IF the DINO DNC entrenched for-profit crowd - the clinton/obama wing - had any vision integrity or concern for the people rather than big-buck donors bribery, we coud have had a Sanders Administration instead of 4 years of the orange pustule’s malignant madness!! DON’T fuckin do it again!!

CEOs claim Biden’s brother promised them 2020 candidate would help their companies


And if you follow the $$$$$$$$, that will lead you to the people who claim that " Biden is the most electable"!


As a commenter tagged him: Joe BYE-DONE!!!


Biden in Iowa: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Gee. Is that maybe why Joe doesn’t want “them” to have health care and why he helped build the school-to-prison pipeline? Too much competition?


Biden/Warren: A match made in phony politician hell!


Hear that crackling sound?

That’s Joe Byedone’s campaign catching fire in the run up to his massive flame out.

I wonder which rival is going to put him on the hot seat in next month’s debate? Hopefully all of them.


joe byedone (no-caps)…is a republican just as mr. o was/is. mr. o was shown to be more conservative than Nixon time and time again. I have had it with angry old men, t____p & byedone. Bernie is a happy old man cuz he’s got it right, a healthy mind and a can do attitude.


Joe Biden as Vice president along with his son, John Kerry and brother were and still are knee deep in shady dealings with Ukraine and China businesses. Naturally, Joe Biden denies he had anything to do with Diverse Medical Management or Azzam Medical Services deals. Like the Trump, McConnell and Obama families, doing business deals channeled through family members does not require disclosure and leaves the swamp door open for massive corruption, concentrated wealth and undo influence by foreign interest.


The press never reports on Biden’s son and his drug problems and the story of the brother selling access will be buried.
I will never vote for him or warren the fake.Always wagging her finger but never putting forward any legislation. It is Bernie or 3rd party. I will never vote for a person unless they give me a reason.
Bernie is on fire. Great policies and a real human being.Bernie or bust.


Why the hell is he still in the race?


Although the pic at the top of the article (from 2016) appears to show an angry Joe, I’m not convinced the tone of the voice (Joe’s) in the political ad is angry.

I do think the use of black and white in the ad is a mistake. Nostalgia for good ol’ days which weren’t so good are not effective imo… brings back memories of “angry old men”, trauma and other hauntings. Of course fear is a great

political motivator (what did Hobbes say?)

There goes any semblance of unity in the Democratic Party.

Who would unite around the Wall Street Casino when their health is at stake?


Here we go again.
Bernie, Warren and a couple others come out with multiple positive doable plans and programs to do positive things for all of us and push forward into the Future. Status Quo Joe, like Clinton and all of the Wall Street Stooges, just want to talk about what we cannot do, have, or aspire to,. Remember Clinton - No We Can’t?

How the hell is going to inspire anyone “Dont expect anything, Status Quo, NOTHING will fundamentally change” ?

We’ve seen this movie. Next we will have to again suffer hearing
“Blue no matter who” (because that keeps Wall Street in the drivers seat).
We will be pompously lectured on “Purity tests” again. The Democratic right wing 'leadership’ is definitely not done with purity tests. Bernie did not and still doesn’t pass the 3rd Way Corporate 'leadership’s Purity test. One reason is he’s not taking corporate bribes and won’t ‘bend the knee’ to the Corporate agenda. He’s working for the 99% not the 1% and for that the 'leadership will again lie cheat and steal to attempt to prevent him from winning the primary. Bernie is not perfect but, he is and has always been a better Democrat than those in bed with Corporations. And he’s still working for the 99%

Bernie 2020


Go to the twitter thread linked in this article if you want a laugh, Biden is getting raked over the coals.


‘The terrible, cold, cruel part is Wall Street.Rivers of gold flow there from all over the earth, and death comes with it. There, as nowhere else, you feel a total absence of the spirit: herds of men who cannot count past three, herds more who cannot get past six, scorn for pure science and demoniacal respect for the present. And the terrible thing is that the crowd that fills the street believes that the world will always be the same and that it is their duty to keep that huge machine running, day and night, forever.’

Federico Garcia Lorca, poet and playwright, tortured and executed in 1936 by Spanish fascists.


Can’t help it. First reaction I got from that pic at the top of the article was one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets, Walter.

And a quick search reveals I’m not the first to notice the resemblance.

The only thing more degraded than Biden’s mental state is his moral state.


You know, at least Hil the shill was smart enough to pretend to move a little to the left once the heat was on during her fateful campaign. Ol’ Joe and his cadre of Obama sycophants and Clinton leftovers seem to be doubling down on the same center/right bullshit that got Hillary a reservation on the loserville express.
Where is the DNC and the DCCC? Why aren’t they calling on Joe to just give it up? Why aren’t they telling him that all he can do now by staying in this race is to drag other democratic senate and congressional candidates to Hell with him?
Well, it says a lot about who controls the party these days doesn’t it? They would rather lose with Joe than win with Bernie. Just like 2016.