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Critics Denounce Trump's "Dangerous" Claim That Locking Away Americans With Mental Illnesses Is the Answer to Gun Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/critics-denounce-trumps-dangerous-claim-locking-away-americans-mental-illnesses

How about a really big sign saying, “Bigotry removal here. We can help remove it with counseling, or we can surgically remove it.”
Sarcasm of course.


The answer is No NRA.


What does this say about someone who wishes pain on everything he can touch? Why aren’t people in the know asking that question?

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Start the locking-up process with DJT and Wayne St. Pierre.

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Locking people with disabilities and conditions away won’t stop racist or other hater mass shooting tragedies/crimes, but they will increase the Prison Industrial Complex and trump crony profits preying on the lives and well-being of others - as is usual, and par for the trump course!

Anyone with a family member or friend that could/would be affected by trumps criminal indifference for the well being of all others, please take note - oppose this monster and all his ugly works with all your strength!
Bernie 2020!

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Let’s think this thing through…I’m in my mid 70’s and I can’t remember any mass shootings that took place in the USA in at least the first 40 years of my existence. Does anyone know the year that the first mass shooting took place? How many mass shootings are committed by females? Zero? Less than 1%? What is the ratio of mental illness between males and females? What is the race of most shooters? Black? Hispanic? Asian? White? …See where this is going?..

Giving this government more power to indiscriminately intimidate and lock citizens up is obviously not in our best interests or freedoms. So the next question is: How do we put the brakes of this government overreach and limiting even more of our freedoms on bogus claims of “protecting” us?


Trump’s mental illness should be the subject here.

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That means he would be the first in line to receive treatment for mental illness.

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cannot wait to see this narcissist locked away from any kind of weapon! NOW!

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Trump and the country continue the slide towards fascism. I wonder how much longer until his desire to lock up immigrants, the disabled, and dissenters changes to a desire for a more final solution.

This from a sociopath with acute narcissistic personality disorder


This might actually work if the first three locked away are Trump, Pence, and Moscow Mitch.

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Do you realize what this could mean???
We could lock up all of the US military around the world and at home for excessive gun violence. Don’t forget the leaders, those giving orders to shoot.

Is hurting someone a form of mental illness? I think one could argue either way actually. I believe that hurting others is despicable, but the mental label is tricky.
As a long time mom i know that with every nursed baby there comes a time at about six months when that first tooth comes out and the little cherub tries out biting the breast as a titulating alternative to sucking. Mom jumps, and may yell and scream. What’s a tot to do but say, hey, wow, how exciting, let me see that again! My point here is not that babes are born mean, but that they have to learn how to be nice. My solution is a short time of it isn’t a good time for you to nurse now, dear. People vary in their appreciation of the importance of being nice. Extreme lack of a need to be nice, can we call that mentally disturbed? Whatever.
But take away the guns from the military. Save lives overseas as well as at home. Stop gun violence around the world.
It is interesting that England is having a spate of knife violence. Would taking away guns bring out the knives?

We have some of the wises professional in the world. They consult with others. The use of the phrase “mentally ill” is being used by individuals who have no concept of the meaning of the phrase.

Certainly, some type of problem exists in the mind of an individual who participates in mass murder!

Do we spend the next 100 years arguing about a condition!

Since many of the mass murderers are killed, we are not going to find the answers we need. So we will have to assume!

Background checks could work, if you could stop the person buying the weapon from giving the gun to someone else!

Perhaps some of the speech could be curtailed in our “free speech” society! Hard to do. They use to have an Incite a riot law I think!

The panic in this nation is cause by the killings and those who exaggerate the circumstances so they can achieve their goals.

By mixing up the “mass shootings” and killings with everyday activities they make the picture much worse.

How many of the shooting were done with the weapon that some want banned, and how does anyone know how to get the guns out of the hands of criminals? What will happen is those who are good citizens will not have guns! Criminals will have whatever money can buy.

By not defining what a “mass killing” is they leave the impression that the sky is falling! When a gang member kills in a major city it is not the same as a person killing for some unknown reason. The two must be separated in any discussion. I understand that “MOST” people want to get rid of guns; however, I believe they should properly justify, not distort, the facts.

By failing to make correct comparison to the past they imply something different is happening.

By failing to separate the killings into categories they blow the picture up lop sided.

We have a problem, however, the first thing to do is define the problem correctly.

How many “actual” mass killing have there been?

How many of them have been criminal activities?

What is the background of each of the mass killers and what is similar or are they all different reasons.

Sort the statistics in the above list by number dead. look at the reasons for each of the incidents. how much similarity is there in the incidence?

Sort the statistics by the other allowed sorts. What are the results? What weapon was used!

Think! Do we really want to attack are constitution rights or are there other solutions, like treating people properly!

Were all of the killing done with the weapon most people today are talking about? What is happening in our society today that is different than the past and what are yesterday’s statistics?

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A couple of decades ago, the handbook on official mental disorders was increased several times over. Lest it missed something, or an embarassing situation by the Powers that Be is causing your situation, there is an extra one, NOA, not otherwise ascribed, which can be equally damning.
Now, if you protest, or want an alternate opinion, you are welcome to do so! But you cannot negate any mental diagnosis. You are damned. It is not like the last doc who says gee, you’re not pregnant at all. The mental disorder diagnosis sticks, and subsequent doctors may add to your maladies, but not negate any previous diagnosis.

It depends what you qualify as mass shooting. If you go with the 4 or more definition that Everytown for Gun Control uses to push their antigun agenda it will go one way. If you go with the more common sense definition (i.e something like Newtown, El Paso or Dayton) then it will go another way.

Statistics can be used to prove a lot of things, you just have to pick the proper data subset.

Somebody once said there’s “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

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While his solution is useless and ineffective, he does have a point. Most of the people responsible for mass murders are supporters of Phat Boy or at least of his rhetoric. If that isn’t clear cut proof of dangerous mental illness, then the term has no meaning. Putting all of his devout supporters in a situation where they do not have the means to hurt anyone but themselves would reduce firearm caused murders significantly.

True! Do not forget our crazy man that occupies the Oval Office is not only dysfunctional, insane and mentally ill but has access to nuclear weapons, which makes him the most dangerous man in the world!

Want to lock up the mentally deficient? You first Mr. Trump.