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Critics Fear Trump's Planned Visit to Demilitarized Zone On Korean Peninsula


Critics Fear Trump's Planned Visit to Demilitarized Zone On Korean Peninsula

Julia Conley, staff writer

Trump's mysterious planned action in DMZ called "an extremely dangerous idea"


Yeah. This is scary. I was alarmed enough to hear, around the photo op with Kissinger, that he was headed to Asia. I hope HK was staying to join the lunch with Mattis and Tillerson. And I would bet that lunch was not near as much about (what VanityFair reporter Gabe Sherman has just termed) “morongate” as requested by Mattis to dope-slap djt over his provocations of Armageddon. I see Pence’s hand indeed in the idea of djt going to the DMZ. I hope the Korean government, the troops we have there (and Mattis), and the Secret Service will just say it’s too dangerous and provocative, and he can’t do it.


You never know. Might be a lot of NK snipers positioned north of the DMZ. Maybe really, really good snipers.


What the Mango Mussolini do there, aside from “staring resolutely” whilst peeing over the fence? What a tool. Himself, not his “tool”.


With the Mueller investigations turning up the heat and polls showing a steady uptick in the number of Americans favoring impeachment, it is hardly surprising that Trump wants to stage a major distraction. Why our media doesn’t point out the sheer insanity of a President playing Chicken with anyone is beyond belief! This is not presidential behavior!

Dumb stuff Donny! Really dumb!

We need more intellectual presidents than Trump. This is actually stupid! It is hard to believe that someone this unsuitable - this dumb - is our president.

How about we just impeach this guy because he is actually this dumb? Or maybe just getting a bit senile.


What could possibly be in Trump’s mentally, dysfunctional mind? Unless Trump wants to issue some kind of ultimatum to Kim Jong-un’s regime like: Kim this is your last chance to eliminate your nukes before I destroy your country!


And to think that Trump’s idiocy couldn’t get worse we have this new low with him to go to the DMZ in Korea. This is the most heavily armed place on the planet with constant tension and at lot of US service personnel in the immediate vicinity It’s as if Trump’s daring Kim Jon-un to attack, I dare you. Of all the idiotic lame-brained ideas this has to take the cake. Where’s the people that are supposedly there to guard against Trump doing something so utterly stupid as to start another needless war or the end of the world maybe. There’s nothing anymore left to surprise me, I think, but I’ll be watching anyway and sleep with my TV on because I want a warning, however short it may be, that the end of the world is coming.


Fuck it. Let him go there. Maybe the world will get lucky.


Folks, this may be a great way to rid ourselves of this Ogre.

Now, all we need to do is convince him to take his entire administration with him.

It really would be a shame if something bad happened while they were there: :smirk:


Of course they have their best snipers there. “Demilitarized” is the worst ironic label in history. I’ve been there; it made me weep. But we and the South Koreans also have really, really good snipers there, and fighter and bomber jets poised to go, probably would already be in the air.

Most of all, we don’t want to lay that mess on the South Koreans. They all have family in the North whom they can name. And it was the US that brought this mess on them and drew the line across their country.


A warning from American TV?

“We’ll be right back to the end of the world after these messages!”


But, if they tell him “you can’t do it” the petty despot will dig in his heels, have a full-flown tantrum, and ask for all their resignations…while calling AF-One and screaming at them to get the plane ready for a flight to SK. Either that, or he will totally unravel in front of all.


And AF-One makes one nice big target…


Oh, if it could bring on a total unraveling, that would be great! But Mattis has held him back thus far.


And Kim Jong Un assassinated his brother in broad daylight with a lethal poison that two young Japanese women acting as fawning fans rubbed on his face in the airport. The women were unharmed because they ran to the bathroom to wash their hands and arms. He also ordered the assassination of his uncle. Snipers are backups.


Slip the man out of AF1 using a Dr. Evil chute and onto a (dud, of course) Slim Pickens Dr. Strangelove ride. Problem solved.


Yeah. That would be a real shame. Really.


There is only so many times you can roll the dice until you get snake eyes.


Well on the increasingly likely outcome that Trump sparks a war between the Koreas hopefully one of NK’s artillery shells will hit him while he is there.


This may be the most stupid idea that I have ever heard of!