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Critics Fear Trump's Planned Visit to Demilitarized Zone On Korean Peninsula


If so, I hope they miss. I do not ever want to hear the words “President Pence”.


It may be stupid, but do you understand how tough Trump will look staring down Kim eye-to-eye? Imagine the steely-eyed visuals on cable news!


Reason # 1,428 not to watch cable “news”.


What a golden opportunity.
If we’re lucky, we’ll get to find out just how good DRPK’s snipers really are.


“Ask your doctor if bleeriandconfusdizall is right for you.”


Slim Pickens! What a great iconic scene!


The first thing that comes to mind of course is that the North Koreans will try to take him out with either sniper fire or howitzer fire. That will just start a war. What would be much better is that someone from the South Korean Army takes him out in a friendly fire incident. That way a lot of South Koreans will not be killed in a new war with shelling and possible nuclear damage to Seoul, and we will be rid of a cancer.


Do you think that South Korean friendly fire would be perceived as VERY FRIENDLY by a large majority of the world’s population ?

Perhaps it would improve relations between and among the nations near North Korea ?


Trump is a genius, he has turned the entire United States into a Reality TV Show. Everyday the comics and all the news reporters talk about him. Everybody in the world knows who he is. He says anything he has to say to get attention. He has a dream job for promoting the Trump Brand. After his presidency, the Trump Brand will be known by everyone. If the world doesn’t blow up in the next three years and Puerto Rico doesn’t sink into the ocean, and the Middle East remains stable, and Ukraine calms down, he will be the most famous, or infamous president in history. Smart Guy!


I imagine that if that happens the U.S. government will find some way to twist the friendly fire incident to launch a war against. Plus they could have the added bonus of spreading that the South Koreans got our president killed so it is okay if they get bombed in retaliation.


I actually don’t think he has the balls. He’s all talk. And again, I don’t think Mattis will let him take the risk (put his own people at risk); “Mad Dog” he may be, but I think he’s a real military man, and he’s clearly recognizing that this “commander” needs to be commanded.


If that was his plan all along, but I really hate to give the fuking moron that much credit.


I hate to be a spoilsport here, but as much as I would like to see the dotard removed, I hope it won’t be by assassination. Does anyone want to see him set up as a martyr for all the many Fascist, Nazi, KKK, and others of similar ilk in this country? Do you want to see him on flags and banners carried by these sweepings of the human race?
*He needs to have professional recognition of his mental illness, he has to be removed from office and put in an institution, in a rubber room, with plenty of soft toys to play with. I’d like to see the rest of his cabinet and other unseemly appointments with him as roommates. Then, perhaps, we could rebuild the Constitutional Republic we once had and begin again to care for those less fortunate, the sick, the elderly, the dispossessed.
Remember the preamble to the Constitution:
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America…
*I did not embolden “provide for the common defense,” as that has been taken to the point that destroying many weaker nations by overwhelming force is considered defense. It isn’t! Neither is blowing up the world in a fit of pique.


The voice of reason prevails…thank you!


Actually, in the 21st century, defense becomes more significantly the point than it was in the 18th-19th. And it starts with prevention, which is not what our vast standing armies are about.


What a photo-op! The Tiny Fingered Vulgarian throwing paper towels across the DMZ. He better not go to Seoul because those people know how to throw a protest aimed at getting the president thrown out of office.


I just don’t know with this clown. It may be that South Korea doesn’t let him do it even if he doesn’t want to listen to Mattis. Who knows though?


Old T-Rex has said in the past that the admin. is talking to N/K, probably via the Swiss who have an embassy there. It would be really odd if those 2 got together and shook hands across the DMZ. Never say never.


Trump might actually like the guy. He does have an affinity for dictatorial types.


You need to know how poorly the DMZ is suited to your fantasy meeting, and it should be obvious how unlikely it is that these two dictators would expose themselves in it.

What’s demilitarized, and only in the sense that there are no actual weapons in it, is an ugly scar across the land where nothing is allowed to grow more than a few inches tall, so that no one can hide in it. And on both sides of this scar, maintained on a rigid schedule by both sides glowering at each other as they run the mowers, are huge weapons, plus propaganda “billboards” and loudspeakers blasting raucous music and speeches at each other. I was there with a church group (US and Korean Presbyterians), and I wanted to do violence to someone after only a few minutes subjected to the noise and the tension. It’s an awful thing, and awful place, and one of our making.

And just hearing that, back in July, what prompted Tillerson’s “moron” comment was djt wishing for a 10-fold increase in our nuclear arsenal, I am more and more afraid of this unhinged egomaniac being at that awful place with the launch-code football within reach.