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Critics Lament as 126 House Democrats Join Forces With GOP to Hand Trump 'Terrifying' Mass Domestic Spying Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/critics-lament-126-house-democrats-join-forces-gop-hand-trump-terrifying-mass

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More and more things are connected to the internet. This from your Television sets to childrens toys.

Revelations such as this are not coming from the Mainstream Media. It is in their best interests to reveal only what the Government wishes them to reveal . See Jeff Bezos as example, the owner of the Washington Post (little more than a CIA run rag) signing a 10 billion dollar contract recently via Amazon with that Government.

This is why they go after Assange. The truthtellers are the enemy and both the Democrats and the Republicans do not want the people to know the truth.


The DNC loves Biden, Biden Loves Repugs, Bidens wants to work with Repugs (think Grand Bargain), hence DNC Dems bend over. See how that works after 2020.Some Resistance? We are screwed.


The betrayals of the “centrist” R’Con-lite DINO establishment cannot be counted-on - ever! When they hold a majority R’Cons hold together, while so-called Democrats with a majority collapse like a wet noodles to abandon principle, their constituents, party, fellows, and integrity to join the most repressive forces in America and defeat the progressive/independent base - a pathetic display.of the clinton/obama wing of neo-liberal corporate and war-whores betraying the Constitution, Bill of Rights, sustainable FREE future, and the people!

Those politicians claim they are in “a district they might lose” but I believe that argument is BS! Better stand up for principles than roll-over for evil and corruption!

I just called my house traitor who voted against the “progressive wing”, the future, justice, and civil rights to support the trump regime and its odious policies and agenda! Pathetic!

Those scumbag DINO neo-liberal centrists need a 2x4 upside their corrupt heads!


No, as always, we just need to fight. I don’t think the odds of a person in the 1960’s that went to Alabama to have Bull Connors dogs thrown on them were any better, same goes with the labor movement in the 19th and 20th century. Lots of people died, went to jail, had their lives ruined. We have many things we take for granted because of them. We shouldn’t expect the fight to be easy or for those in power to just cede power without a fight. They’re fighting, trying to rig the system, and it is a sign of how weak they are that they have to. It can’t hold forever, so just apply maximum pressure and stop accepting their crumbs.


Uhhh, would someone explain to me why progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted for this draconian bullshit? In doing so she puts herself in company with corrupt DINO trash like Steny Hoyer! This is just more proof of our country’s slide into corporate fascism.
BTW, I am grateful that there was a link to see who voted for this. I’m relieved that my Congressman, Derek Kilmer, voted against it.

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One of my comedy/satire heroes.

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As I’ve said so many times, the “Democrats” are the same as the Republicans. They’re just more covert about their Republicanism. The US needs a new party and new candidates (not recycled ones).


Don’t forget to look at it this way also: Any democrat who votes against allowing the surveillance will likely be voted out of office if there is a major terrorist attack in the US. Republicans always get a free pass when it comes to “keeping America safe.” The average voter sees democrats as less likely to keep us safe and republicans would endlessly let the voters know which democrats voted to “not keep us safe.”

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Greer sez:
“The Democrats who voted against this common sense amendment just … vot(ed) to rubberstamp the Trump administration’s Orwellian domestic spying capabilities.”

Just stop. The guy is a self-absorbed megalomaniac, but this crap was given bipartisan cover and signed off as “legal” by Obama, essentially ratifying the “illegal” version perpetrated by Cheneybush in the preceding years.


They shut out Obama for eight years, skip two, and now another three years to date that hope and change has been obliterated. Since 2000 we have been screwed, some say it started before that. We are in the throws of a potential dictatorship. Don’t depend on the constitution to save us either. It has been all but shredded.


You have it all upside down. She voted for the Amendment that would have reigned in the surveillance powers.


She didn’t vote with Hoyer. This bill was crafted to limit the spying powers of government. Ocasio-Cortez voted ‘yes’; a ‘no’ vote sustains the current provision (702) in FISA.

When info was leaked back in the Bush administration that the government had either threatened or bribed AT&T into gaining access to their users accounts without warrants, I remember thinking to myself, “They finally nailed the bastards.” No matter your worldview, certainly violating one of the tenets of the constitution regarding privacy was something that would turn the tide of mindless Muslim mania that overrode law and common sense. Of course I was wrong. Part of the reason was because the Bush gang was sharp enough to include dems in on the illegal spying scheme, thus securing their culpability. With most of the R’s supporting the move, nobody was held accountable, and now it’s acceptable to ‘search and seize’ without a warrant. That’s what this bill was trying to curtail.

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You are correct. I should have waited until I was more awake this morning before I posted here. Now, I am more convinced than ever that my “representative”, Derek Kilmer, is what is referred to as a “New Democrat” and I will call his office today to protest.


There will never be a critical mass of liberal Democrats with enough guts to hold the party accountable. As such, the d-party acts as a barrier to liberal policy. I vote third party – the d-party is worse than useless.


The Inauthentic Opposition Party at it’s most inauthentic. So much for the so-called ‘Resistance’.


In the old days we simply called it “kill the messenger”.

Steny HOYER WAS ONCE DESCRIBED AS “Israel’s Best Friend in Congress.” His allegiance does not lie with the American people.

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This would seem to be collusion amongst those democrats who voted against the amendment.

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