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Critics Not Buying Trump's "She's Not My Type" Dismissal of Latest Sexual Assault Accuser

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/critics-not-buying-trumps-shes-not-my-type-dismissal-latest-sexual-assault-accuser

Donald Cosby Trump
Who says the President isn’t above the law.


Not only is Zandy Hartig’s point well-made that his denial sounds like a confession to the next accuser who IS his type, but I think most of us know by now that rape is not a way to get with someone you are attracted to. Pathetically, just because he’s so wealthy, he could get quite a number of attractive women to have sex with him without force, even if they are all porn stars.

Rape is more the ultimate sign of disrespect and bullying to prove that the man can do whatever he wants with you. Think of all those prison rapes. The rapists all insist they aren’t homosexual, so I guess that means they’re innocent!

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Not that I’m some “big city” lawyer, but I’m pretty sure the first thing you should say when someone accuses of rape is “no I didn’t do it” not “she’s not my type”
But then again, since trump, like most wealthy men in US history, has never had to answer for his crimes, he doesn’t have a worry in the world.


RAPE isn’t “about my type” –

It’s about control or lack of control over one’s feelings/emotions and one’s own
aggression – and from what we heard from the Donald’s own mouth, he has NO
control over himself. And we pretty much see this every day. What comes out
of his mouth begins in his mind and originates in the high levels of disrespect he
has for our world, our government and most especially in regard to women he is
trying to oppress worldwide.

How many times did Bill Cosby deny and use the same kinds of nonsense to
suggest that (in his case) 50 women were lying about his sexual attacks on them?


Americans are worn out with President Rapey’s jokes. He needs to go into the dustbin of history.


Please read E. Jean’s own account, a literary accomplishment reaching stellar heights of social significance because of its uncompromising, decidedly vulnerable personal honesty. For a survivor of abuse, it is difficult, strenuous, unforgettable reading throughout:

Hideous Men, an excerpt from E. Jean Carroll’s “What do we need men for?”

It’s entirely consistent that the leader of the ecocidal, white-supremacist Anglo-USAmerican empire is a serial rapist. In my opinion, the poison seed which twist minds into the habit of hatred is most often misogyny – both personally and historically – because you can’t maintain domination without despising your vassals.


You’re spot on there. We are a nation that has always admired and encouraged aggression. You hear from your earliest classrooms to fields of sports, to boardrooms. You’ve got to want it more than the others. You’ve got to hustle, you’ve got to push, push, push. And of course, for the successful man, this methodology eventually will be reflected in your personal dealings and relationships as well. In a world where you are judged by how many trophies you collect, people, women, eventually become trophies.
We are a nation that loves bullies. Our sickening rape culture just seems to go hand in hand with it.
It explains the condition of our nation, and why Donald Trump is president. We have never been led by our best and brightest. We have always been led by our most ruthless and aggressive.


With heartbreakingly accurate hard-clarity of vision, Carroll imparts that one reason she hasn’t “come forward” previously is lest her account be helpful to her attacker.

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" She’s not my type" that I would usually rape!


The problem here is taking any of this seriously. It wasn’t enough that Trump said he didn’t know this person, the press pursued it until they got something “newsworthy”. Forget breaking down the details of the claim. That a successful 51 year old Jewish Manhattan woman shopping in the swankiest department store on 5th Avenue spots a younger man as she’s leaving, who happens to be recognizable as a celebrity where upon she reverses field and within minutes is trying on lingerie for him in a closed fitting room and claims she laughed through “the attack”. And never filed a report with police. Now, I grew up in Manhattan and I’ve “been around” … that shit doesn’t pass sniff test. So now we expect an “appropriate” response from Trump. She goes on Anderson Cooper, suggests that women have rape fantasies, while hawking a book. But we’re more concerned about how Trump responds to this? We’ve learned nothing from Jussie Smollet, who had a television show and singing career to promote, after staging an attack. Where does this end? It doesn’t. It’s a circus and common dreams is a part of it.


The timing of her book release, and the talk show circuit about her accusations against trump are a bridge too far to be soundly believable. You make a good point Michael_Arturo, how do you go from voluntarily going into a changing both with a relative stranger to try on lingerie, and then be shocked at being groped?


She’s not my type. [?]

Ah but Donny Dumb@ss, we know all too well that anything that breathes and has a vajayjay is your type!

So true – and that’s one of the major problems I have with the cable series …
“Our Cartoon President” –

too difficult to laugh at the destruction he’s caused and causing all over the world.

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I’ve got to think the act is wearing thin with his voters too. They may have thought he was funny and entertaining the way many a-holes appear at first.

2020 - DUMP TRUMP <<
He’s “not my type!” …don’t forget to flush.

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Trump’s “She’s Not My Type” Comments Perpetrate the Myth that Rape is About Sex.

It isn’t but, instead, is about asserting power and control over the victim to humiliate and degrade them. The republican president of the United States is a Monster.

trump: I grab em by the pussy
women: he grabbed me by my pussy!
republiKlans: Liar! Lock Her Up!

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It appears he’d have to be caught on tape boasting about his “conquests” for the corpress to give this the attention it deserves.

Hold on …

We live in the "United Rapes of America."

The degree to which rape is tolerated is horrific.

Our Military, our colleges, our cities where years worth of rape kits have never been tested.

I bet if men were being castrated with the same frequency that rapes are being committed, some action would be taken to stop the castrations.

By Jove, I think I am on to something here.

Right – how could it possibly be that if there are any real numbers
involved in his support that they aren’t being hurt by his actions …
as most of us are?