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Critics Respond After Joe Biden's Wife Says Vote for Husband Even If You Like Policies of Other Candidates More

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/critics-respond-after-joe-bidens-wife-says-vote-husband-even-if-you-policies-other

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Compare his schedule to Bernie’s. Seems like every time I check my youtube subscriptions, there’s a new one of Bernie in Iowa or NH or some other early primary state or an interview with someone (Cardi B, Black Coffee to name a couple most recent) or he’s speaking on a cable news show or a guest on a late night show…well…you get the picture. He can run circles around any of the other D candidates and lap them to boot, let alone give the orange rump a good whipping (edit: looking at this again I must add ‘pun not intended’ with my nickname for D Trump! lol)


so glad at least his wife tells the truth about how bad his agenda really is. GO BERNIE, THE CANDIDATE WE CAN BE PROUD OF WHO WILL EASILY BEAT THE MANIAC IN THE WHITE HOUSE!


Right, we are TOLD that Biden has the lead –

but other evidence of financial support by citizens suggests it’s Bernie Sanders
who is leading –

This sounds to me like more corporate-propaganda coming from the press and DNC.

PLUS – certainly the GOP knows that Biden is a pervert – not only in interactions with
many, many women – but with groping young children at open events videotaped by
C-span at Swearing in Ceremonies. See: YouTube
No one should fall for this – supporting Biden represents nothing but dangerous outcome.

Remember, this is the guy who pulled off the Witch Hunt on Prof. Anita Hill in order to do
GOP bidding to put their first pervert on the Supreme Court.

And he did it in the darkness of night when no one was watching any longer – but a few of us.


No Thank you Jill, I am Bernie 2020 through and through. The DNC and corporate media are saying we must appeal to some ficticious moderate they seem to believe is the majority of of the Democratic electorate but I ain’t buying it. There are millions of new young voters since the last election and they are not looking for any DINO’s


Jill Biden is sort of right. For all their ‘great plans’ we have to find a candidate that is actually going to win the election. I love Elizabeth Warren. I was a Bernie supporter in the last election. I think Kamela Harris is a real street fighter. I think Beto is cheeky and cute like a young Kennedy. Tulsi Gabbard is certainly provocative and interesting. Cory Booker is a great orator and has some great ideas. Julian Castro is nicely dignified and serious. Buttigieg is exciting. However, I don’t think any of them are going to beat Trump because in the general you need a strong candidate who can appeal across all spectrum of the electorate not just the progressive base. My problem is that I’m afraid Joe is showing some signs of dementia and age that will also make it hard for him to beat Trump. What we need is a younger version of Joe, someone like Steve Bullock who really has the vitality, charm and charisma to run a vigorous campaign. However, he’s down in the single digits as Joe has sucked up all the support for an experienced moderate candidate. Too bad. We’re on our way to nominating the pure candidate without nominating the candidate with the best experience, persona, and vitality to win. We’ll march with our politically correct candidate right over a cliff. I fear for our Democratic Party.

The only reason Joe Biden has any pull at all is because people have heard of him. Biden and Sanders have name recognition and so a great number of Democrats made Biden/Sanders or Sanders/Biden their 1/2 or 2/1 choice. The two candidates have little to do with each other besides name recognition.

Jill Biden seems to be hard-selling a seriously unsupported idea, that her husband has, or maybe will have, better numbers than the other Dems. I’m sorry,Dr. Jill, but this pitch really doesn’t reflect well on you.

Bernie still has his 2016 army of supporters. I know the locals at least and they still feel the same. Warren has the business-friendly press (Bernie sure doesn’t have the press, and they’re all business-friendly) because she’s an avowed capitalist and therefore she’ll cut a deal, she has momentum versus the other 20 candidates and some Democrats have heard positive things about her. After these two, crickets.


The recent Fox News poll showing many of the Dem candidates handily beating Trump sends Jill Biden’s statements down in flames.

It matters who beats Trump - we have too many challenges that immediately need tending to to accept a status quo Dem.


'Eff off, Jill!

Guess you don’t care about a slimy, right-wing dementia patient running the country as long as you can keep getting that sweet, sweet cash for yourself, huh? :

Bidens earned $15 million in 2 years after Obama administration - Politico

By the way, how come no MSM TV shows call the Bidens’ wealth into question? At least $15 million in two years to Bernie just crossing into millionaire territory from his book sales. Hmmm. Curious … not!


I’m sorry, but what the hell does this say of Democratic voters and those responding to these polls that he leads or has anything above a dozen people supporting him? He has a horrific, right wing record and long supported a very long list of destructive policies. Many of the things that the Democrats would have to undo would be the very things HE pushed for. He is corrupt and gave a speech where he tried to assure wealthy donors that nothing would change if elected, he kicked off his damn campaign with lobbyists from telecom companies. And, he is clearly suffering with cognitive decline. Beyond that, Bernie does really well nationally and in key states. To think that he is more electable is absolutely bonkers. I think it is safe to say that Clinton, as horrible as she was, was a far better candidate than Biden is now, and if he is mentally declining, which he clearly is, where the hell will he be in 5 years? If Bernie is polling extremely well nationally and supports far better policies, and if his (lack of) corruption and record on issues impacting key swing states is far better, what the hell is the debate here?

Again, at some point in time, it isn’t just the media, or the corrupt pricks running the Democratic Party, or their horrible big donors. It is on the damn voters to do some basic research and critical thinking skills. To think, with all that we are facing that we could be looking at a Biden vs. Trump election is mind blowing. The Democrats gave us a horrible candidate in 2016, many want to give us a worse candidate now. A good portion of this is on them. Think! Do basic research!

Also, lets think about these polls. Are they a reflection of what we are likely to see? I am skeptical, if anything because I think they don’t take into account those that don’t traditionally vote. If a large portion of those that vote don’t normally vote and they happen to be younger and lower income, Bernie, and to a lesser extent Warren, is in better shape than the polls are showing. If the typical people vote, Biden could win and it would be just as much of an epic disaster as Trump winning in 2016. My god I wish we weren’t stuck with these two rotten parties and their crappy and sheep voters.


In today’s CNN poll, Biden’s bump seems to have come from Harris’ utter collapse down to 5%. Otherwise Bernie + Elizabeth = 29% and Biden = 29%. The problem here is that Bernie and Liz might split the vote and let Biden through. Trump will then subject him to a mauling in the media and debates. As for his poll lead against Trump,


I could comment on your brief summaries of the others, but this comment is so tiring. For one, people seem to miss that there are non-ideological reasons for supporting the left’s policy stances. Is single payer a progressive issue? Yeah, but it is popular with people that are not ideologically on the left. Now, why is that? Because it is simply a better system, more efficient, less deadly, no more bankruptcies or job lock. Most families would have more comprehensive coverage, they would save thousands and the country would save trillions. So, you don’t have to be on the left at all, you might not have any ideology what so ever, you could support single payer because you want to save thousands, don’t want the system to kill you or drive you into bankruptcy, don’t want to have your healthcare tied to your job and like the idea of a more efficient system saving the country trillions. You don’t have to read Das Capital to support eliminating student loan debt. You could look at the science of the environmental crisis (far beyond just carbon emissions) and support radical changes simply because you would prefer that human civilization not collapse. Go look at polls on issues and find me any issue Bernie is fighting for that doesn’t have strong support.

Thinking that people win elections by running on stage and saying that they will change very little is insane in modern America. Not only do most people hate most of the politicians, not only are all the major institutions in our society extremely unpopular, but we have seen decades of stagnating wages for most, the costs of housing, education and healthcare have been outpacing wage growth for decades, we have a massive infrastructure gap and people are sick of this corrupt political system. Appealing to these three dozen moderate Republicans is the way to win elections in 2020 is as off as can be. In this day and age, you will turn off far more people than you will appeal to and the end result will be to suppress the vote.

Again, you have to account for non-ideological reasons to support the policies of the left. The left’s policy positions are more popular with the public (maybe not the rich people on TV or the corrupt people running the two parties) than anything corrupt bores like racist policy lapdog Pete, Harris or Biden will offer, and while the left might support those positions in part for ideological reasons, many also support them simply because they are in their best interest. It is a class thing. To think that most of the people you named can go to swing states and appeal to people is hard to take. There is Bernie, to a lesser extent Warren, and a sea of train wrecks. Biden will be absolutely hammered in the general election, and his horrible record on issues (especially impacting people in swing states) and his obvious cognitive decline will doom him and his party. Most of the rest offer next to nothing on policy and would change nothing. So, even if by some chance they could beat Trump, they would do nothing what so ever about Trumpism or the context that produced him. To change that, you need to change policy, radically, and they won’t.


Years ago a friend of mines Dad was a boxing trainer and he told me, always go with the Champ, there are reasons why he is The Champ. Bernie is The Champ, he dances around that ring and stings like a bee. No thanks Jill, I’ll write him in if I have to, I’ve done it before. Some say it was a vote for djt, I say it was a vote of integrity.


As far as I’m concerned there is no difference between Biden and Trump except for the level of obnoxiousness.


Bernie could indeed beat Trumpo the Traitor IF the DNC and the fucking M$M don’t sabotage him like last time. We also need to get rid of the hopelessly outdated Electoral College and the so-called “super delegates”. This goddamn, overlong, multi-billion dollar dog and jackass show is detrimental to a real democracy.


Oh, why not?

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Do you think Biden would call Mexicans rapists, tell nonwhite members of congress to “go back home” and give the bourgeoisie a trillion dollar tax cut?

Yeah, he is less bad in some ways. That doesn’t mean anything as far as voting for him at this point in the primaries. I find the entirety of him running and doing well to be infuriating and a really bad sign moving forward. Really, the Democratic voters are lost, much more so than the corrupt people running. Those corrupt people know the score, they assume that most of those voting will not do much critical thinking and much research, and sadly, they are probably correct. If Biden were to drop out, Bernie would likely see a big jump, which is why Biden will not drop out even if he should. But, objectively, he would likely gain a decent amount just on name recognition, not because he supports long overdue and popular changes. It is really depressing that we are stuck with these two parties.


I hear you, and have read your other comments on this thread. Dem voters are frustrating, as America is frustrating. I would ask you to consider one thing though. It’s not all because they’re ignorant and conservative, though that’s a definite factor. A lot of people still think that in a head to head, Biden would beat Trump and neither Bernie nor Liz would. I figure you don’t, and neither do I which is one reason I’ll be voting for Bernie in the primary. But it’s real, and real in, e.g. North and South Carolina.

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By Biden’s support for corporate healthcare and the MIC, yes he carries the water for the “bourgeoisie”, as far as Trumps inane comments are concerned that is where the obnoxious part arises.
Too bad you want to settle for less than we require at this point of time. This election is so critical for the survival and well being of us all.

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