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Critics Say Deregulatory Rush Shows Even If Defeated the Trump White House Willing to 'Scorch the Earth Before They Go'

There is a large set of things we are talking about and with some - I agree that Biden won’t change them because he doesn’t want to. On a few his hands may be tied by courts because of the effectiveness of Republican court packing. But no doubt on anything he can change with an executive order and wants to, he will do in a heartbeat. I’m quite nervous on who his economic team will be. I appreciate @KC2669 noting that who his closest economic adviser is seems to indicate he won’t go as far as Obama did picking his team, but I’ll believe it when I see it. On other fronts like EPA, Secretary of Energy, Interior, etc. we are going to get much better people (Obama had a few- Stephen Chu and Hilda Solis were good - no complaints).

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If you really want to see how the Confederates employed their values, look at pictures and accounts of their treatment of Union prisoners of war at the Andersonville Prison Camp or how they murdered black Union soldiers who surrendered. Their actions go largely ignored today. The Confederates were subhuman scum and so are their like-minded adherents today.

Correct but not all the power structure was up for POTUS. election and Trump was a close friend (client) of Epstein, just saying

A team if Rotechield banksters I imagine judging from his (democrats) worship of Natanyahu

This is a side note, but below is a link on the stimulus negotiations that you might be interested in. Per the reporter, the corporate liability protections are a big sticking point. Mnuchin said on CNBC the other day that it was a top administration priority. What the administration is pushing would undermine state-level protections. Notice too, Ro Khanna has backed down on his just-get-a-deal act, even praising Pelosi the other day. I suspect his colleagues, particularly those in the progressive caucus, didn’t appreciate his phony (my assumption) two-step act for his donors.




See my last night comment (No 51) above. It can be done, but it will take We the People, some 300,000,000 of us, to accomplish it, not a handful of “D” & “R” eunuchs, who’s only goal is to keep corporate profits at maximum so their Masters will smile, and keep the money rolling in for them. It’s going to take us, not them, to turn this nation around. Right now, we seem to have a crazed madman and his greedy appointees trying to get our nuclear weaponry loaded into into planes, missiles, and submarines to blackmail the world into surrendering to US, the Fourth Reich, their wealth, power and freedom, to live as slaves of the Oligarchy rather than perhaps die with dignity and purpose, as many of us did in the 1940’s, the last time we had to rid ourselves of Nazis and fascists.
As Jefferson said in the closing years of the 18th Century, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” That tree is looking very wilted nowadays, it needs to be fed. If it dies, it will be chopped up for firewood by the minions of the Oligarchy, and the Constitution will be tossed on the flames.
** Remember, it is up to We the People, not they the Oligarchy to make this happen.

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I agree. If Trump owed me $421,000,000.00 the last thing I would want is to see Trump locked up! Trump will have no choice but to pardon himself,


Unfortunately, it seems that the only thing Biden seriously dislikes about the Trump administration,
…is Trump.

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“It is not enough to succeed; others must fail.”*

*Or, in Trumplandia, die.

Not sure I would go so far as to call them “good,” but at least they said the right words publically, …most of the time. Their actions and reactions however, seemed to have quite frequently demonstrated their corporate “friendliness.”

If you mean that I just scratched the surface, Zed, you are correct.   It would take days to hit just the highlights, and CD probably doesn’t have enough room on its servers for me to list all of the evils of GATS, the WTO and the Trans-Pacific “Partnershit” here.

The impact on jobs is going to be huge.

This explains some of what its about. Massive shift to temporary work by foreign service providers. This is what they want, because people from other countries work for a LOT less. Also we will have to harmoize all our laws downward, to their level. Or they will be framed as trade barriers.

Read this.


A dispute is mentioned. We’re likely to lose that case, and its likely been decided long ago.

If we do, (lose) what will people do?

Most people aren’t the best in the world in what they do, they are just average. So why not hire somebody from a foreign firm for almost nothing then. Businesses will be failing, due to the economy being hollowed out, not coronavirus.

Most Americans need a job to survive. We never gave the Clintons permission to do this, or Biden or Trump or Obama or Bush. People hwve no idea whats been done. You clearly don’t.

People have been brainwashed to not understand or reject it.

Social Security is based on people paying in. If people arent paying in, it goes kaput. Whats happening is corporations are trying to take over, and succeeding.

A global society of slaves and slaveowners.

Sounds as though you are whistling Dixie. But Dixie is the right tune to whistle, since the economic philosophy that drives global race to the bottom, and the hollowing-out of societies that you describe, is the same economic philosophy that drove the Confederacy.

The Confederacy won the Civil War, after a hundred and fifty years of effort to capture the government in Washington, DC.

So let’s all whistle Dixie.


They are framing it as a trade our jobs for their markets, But the fact is the deal top trade our jobs away was inked decades ago and our two parties have hidden it from us all that time.

I have a lot about this on my site.


In India a professional might make enough money to buy a motor scotter to get to work or a few more bags of rice.

The poor who have lost blue collor jobs in large numbers due to neoliberal reforms (like whats about to happen here for the rest of the jobs.

are selling their organs in large quantities there, just to pay their bills. Because they suddenly have no prospects. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for them.

We’re next. It will be like NAFTA for the rest of the jobs. The good jobs.;


I understand enough to be disgusted.  I’ll leave explaining the details up to you — if you want to bother.  IMHO, we’re doomed to return to the Dark Ages and we brought it on ourselves.

Please lay that tired and disgusting joke to rest…

Politicians are hellbent on destroying America - both sides. And so it will be done.

How about to the top of an active volcano. Ashes to ashes, muck to muck.

Sure looks like we’re headed that way. “In God We Trust,” it’s never enough for those with too much.

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