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Critics Say Howard Schultz "Seriously Considering" 2020 Run Shows He's Not Qualified for Position


Critics Say Howard Schultz "Seriously Considering" 2020 Run Shows He's Not Qualified for Position

Jon Queally, staff writer

The announcement by Howard Schultz on Sunday that he is "seriously considering" a 2020 run for president was proof enough for some critics that the billionaire, former CEO of Starbucks, and self-described "independent centrist" is definitely not qualified for the position.



Plenty of money for invading countries that are no threat to United States and killing millions of their people. Money money for that. No problem.



I think that Charles Schultz would have made a much better president. He had a handle on the real nature of America:



Both major parties have major problems, particularly the republican, but I don’t see Schultz offering much of anything that would be helpful in these times.



Another billionaire running for president. Imagine that.



Just what we need another Billionaire running for President.

“Every American deserves the right to have ACCESS to quality health care. But what the Democrats are proposing is something that is as false as the wall”.
Said Schultz.

I have Access to purchase a Large Mansion and a Rolls Royce but that does not mean I can afford these luxuries.

This is the BS we have been hearing from Republicans for years. They use the word Access, which is meaningless if one cannot afford the premiums on a Healthcare Insurance Policy.

Everyone has Access to everything in America. What a deceptive way of denying Healthcare to those who cannot afford the exorbitant rates the Greedy Insurance Companies charge.

Secondly it is literally impossible to have Honest, Decent Healthcare in a For-Profit Healthcare System.

George Bernard Shaw winner of the Noble Prize for Literature wrote Humorously but Poignantly that making Doctors and the Medical Profession Profit Motivated was Dangerous & Untrustworthy it strains Human Ethics & Morality.

He states in his book, The Doctors Dilemma:

“It is simply unscientific to allege or believe that Doctors do not under existing circumstances perform unnecessary operations and manufacture and prolong lucrative illnesses.

Nobody supposes that Doctors are less virtuous than Judges; but a Judge whose salary and reputation depended on whether the verdict was for Plaintiff or Defendant, Prosecutor or Prisoner, would be as little trusted as a General in the Pay of the Enemy.

Treat the Private Doctor exactly as you would treat a Private Executioner.

Treat persons who profess to be able to Cure Disease as you treat Fortune Tellers.

Nothing is more dangerous than a Poor Doctor". George Bernard Shaw

Obviously Mr. Schultz does not give a damn about WE THE PEOPLE if he does not care about Medicare For All.

The time has come for Progressive Dems to fight back against these Greedy capitalists who claim that it is financially impossible to have Socialized Healthcare in America.

This man, if he runs as an Independent, can prevent the Dems from taking over the White House in 2020.

If Mr. Coffee Beans decides to run we should launch a nationwide Boycott against Starbucks.

We do not need a Fiscally Conservative businessman who will only ignore the true needs of the American people and concentrate on strengthening Corporate America.

His statement about the foolishness of Medicare For All disqualifies this man as a Progressive and as a Humane individual who really cares about his fellow Americans.



This narcissist will all but guarantee Trump’s continued reign of terror. Like any narcissist, he sees himself as the true path. John Anderson, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader are all examples of narcissists who saw themselves as sources of light, especially Ralph Nader, who believed not even Buddha was more radiant and wise than him.
Today’s Republicans don’t have this problem - by being uniformly ignorant, bigoted and racist, Republicans guarantee the blue collar trash will always be on their side, unwavering.



What is it with all these rich douchebags that think they are ENTITLED to run for President just because they have money? This guy was a POS when he was “ceo” of that awful rip off Starbucks. Hey I got an idea, he can be the Vice President on the 2020 Clinton/Schultz Democratic ticket.



I drink coffee, and why should I pay a super inflated price for a cup of Starbucks when I can get a LOT better cup of coffee at McD’s or Dunkin Donuts for half the price?



Another white male billionaire, no less. Who knew there were so many of 'em?



He sure has the Dems in a Tizzy Fit. Maybe they should run a candidate that can get them the independent votes they desire. But hey, Hillary is thinking of running again, and the DNC is bought and sold, so I guess its “I’m with HER” again. That’s why they are so afraid of third party runs. they have nothing to offer.



At this point, might as well cut out the middlemen and have the billionaires just appoint themselves. It would be more honest.

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The GOP is using the contrived wall crisis to test the “national emergency” waters so they can contrive an emergency in 2020 to justify suspending the elections to keep Trump and the GOP in power.

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Sgt. Schultz sez:
“That is free health care for all, which the country cannot afford.”

Total number of countries in the Starbucks global empire that do NOT offer single-payer healthcare:




I suspect Schultz will bail out, once he sees the polls and his numbers. For such a dyed-in-the wool balance the budget freak, if he does continue to run after a poor showing in the polls, it will prove he’s only on an a very expensive ego trip. Nor does Schultz have any sort of party network to act on his behalf and get out the vote.

With Schultz in the race, though, the Democrats knee-jerk response will likely be be to out-center the centrist Scultz. Of course, that may the very reason for him threatening an independent run. Schultz may be more interested in keeping progressives out of the running than in defeating Trump and, with Schultz’s money, the DNC will likely be listening. This whole thing may be Schultz’s way of warning the Democrats not to get too progressive. As always, politics in this country is little more than a board game for billionaires.



If the corporate culture of his little coffee empire is any indicator, he should stay the hell out of politics. It is arrogant and self serving beyond all consideration. I was impressed with Jill Stein.until I saw her smiling little face sitting with Mike Flynn and Vladimir Putin eating lunch. These people have no shame. Spoilers are just that, of little value beyond being political prostitutes, and the harm they are inflicting is enormous. I have to apologize to working prostitutes here they earn their pay. These political saboteurs are just that, “worthless human junk”.



He may sound like a deluded fool, but no one thought trump would win either.
America’s election system is so thoroughly corrupted that the “winner” is whomever can bribe the right people, flip the most machines and steal/purge the most votes.
All of which is decided by the amount of bribe money you can bring to bear, which is the one arena where this sociopath may well be able to dominate.
The democrats obvious fear of what should have been a joke candidate shows that they are well aware of this.



that’s usually what Bloomberg is for. He’s the oligarchic warning shot that some pols are getting uppity.



Some people claim Schultz has more wealth than Trump, true or not, one has to wonder if Trump is colluding with Schultz to run as an independent to insure Trump’s election in 2020, after all…what could be better for Trump!

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Capitalists know we will not run out of money for them to conquer or waste.
They know because we acquiesce instead of hitting the streets.
The recent trillion and a half give away to the richest of us is proof.