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Critics Say Monsanto's Spying and Intimidation Operation Exposes Company's 'Toxic Corporate Culture' and Threatens Journalists' Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/08/critics-say-monsantos-spying-and-intimidation-operation-show-why-biotech-giant-needs

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From the article:

“I’ve always known that Monsanto didn’t like my work,” Gillam told the Guardian. “But I never imagined a multi-billion dollar company would actually spend so much time and energy and personnel on me. It’s astonishing.”

Monsanto might be able to change its name, but, apparently, not its nature. It’s the same bunch that once sued organic dairy farmers for truthfully labeling their product “rBGH-free”—all the while fighting having to label its own GMO products truthfully.


Time was; as all media consolidated into six outlets, as our dailies closed (or sources were bought up by oligarchs), you could still leak insights via disproportionately influential lefty blogs, to be picked up by aggregators, starving for scoops. Actual whistleblowing was still possible, and some pretty influential folks got much of their actual journalism from a few dozen, excellent & very astute blog/ aggregators (later vilified by PropRnot type scams). Now, following David Brock and Mark Penn, I’m imagining inconvenient information will be culled by the blogs and one by one, whistleblowers will be silenced, SILENTLY? Israeli spook firms don’t play fairly. I do remember when I’d still read Guardian for actual information!


Nor do the bigger corporations’ in-house security divisions (remember “Silkwood?”)


Well, I’m now waiting to NOT hear how “organic” oats, wheat, sorghum, peanuts, chickpeas, potatoes and DOPE are not simply dessicated with massive herbicide applications; but my Peak Organic is in PFOA lined cans and hops, sinsemilla, opioids, et al, have been replaced by GE’d brewer’s yeast (that OUR taxes paid for) yet some Chinese dude owns all rights?

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Okay, you piqued my interest. Gimme linkage!

On which? THC, CBD, terpenes & opoids from GE’d yeast? Several competitors, US, Canada, Israel, Great Britain. Good luck, finding a way to invest? https://www.google.com/amp/s/seekingalpha.com/amp/article/4280026-cronos-look-competition-biosynthesis https://www.google.com/amp/s/cannabisnow.com/company-looking-to-brew-cannabinoids-secures-50-million-investment/amp/ herbicide dessicated seeds, grains, legumes, potatoes and dope… EWG? NYT? I’d been waiting for folks to say, “Wow, how could I keep my kids from eating all wheat products, while POISONING them with cereal, dairy, meat… EVERYTHING, simply doused with lethal frigging herbicides!” Never going to HAPPEN? A nation of obdurate, brainwashed Sluggos, deluded with esteem issues.