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Critics Say Only Full Whistleblower Complaint Will Do as Trump White House Signals 'Redacted Version'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/25/critics-say-only-full-whistleblower-complaint-will-do-trump-white-house-signals

The suspect is possibly guilty of a treasonous act making him a traitor to his country. He deserves no slack. No cut corners. From what we know but do not have all the details as of yet, he tried to sell us out, he tried to sell out his country for a mire 250 million dollars. There must be full and immediate accounting of his actions. We must allow the evidence to speak. Not him. He isn’t proven guilty, not yet.


Pelosi sez:
“… the acting DNI will … have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the Constitution.”

And if he chooses the former?


If this Orange Pustule in the White House is so innocent and the call to the Ukrainian president was so “perfect” as he claimed then why is it necessary to issue a redacted version? What bullshit, as usual. This reminds me of the measly 4 page summary of the Mueller report that was issued by Trumpo’s legal whore, AG William Barr, which supposed completely cleared Trumpo. I am profoundly sick of these rotten to the core gangsters.


This mornings cable TV news and opinion is going thru the released transcript of one Trump / Ukraine phone call and they even interviewed a dem representative from Michigan.
Imagine that !!

A big problem is going to be Rudy.
And we do not know where John Bolton fits into this picture yet. The whistle blower is not a nominal democrat because John would not have permitted this person into the NSC staff. Likely a military - and who assigned this person into the white house. Suggest that somebody was sent in on a mission.

We still have 17 intel agencies and they all have contract employees. {voice tapes}

The law cited is strange. Serious and urgent = Pearl Harbor, 9/11
Why the two weeks for IG to review and another week for DNI to provide to House intel committee??
DC’s idea of ‘urgent’ being three weeks time is indicative of really stupid peoples.

It is just about impossible to keep up to the minute with interviewees twirling on TV like a cyclone.


While several print media sources write of “the transcript”, there is some doubt about what was released (too easily, IMO). What was released was certainly not “perfecr” as trump put it.The released call wording may not have been a true transcript but a call-log, or “rough transcript”, and given the record of this regime re truth, highly suspect.
The truth needs to be clarified, and that means the testimony and the document generated by the “whistle-blower”, un-redacted and in full in every detail!..


Our previous form of constitutional government with its mandated separation of powers between the executive, Congress and (as most people forget) the judiciary is being legislated away on one hand, ruled away by the courts (think gerrymandering and Citizens United being left to stand) and eroded by executive order until Americans (as defined by the will of the people) find themselves participating in an America that they actually wouldn’t recognize nor have very much say in how they are governed anyway.

Even aside from the Coup by the Representative that was the Patriot Act, the stacking of the courts and near monarchical (non representative) rule by executive order… Trump (aided by a seemingly powerless Congress) hands us an ‘Executive Above the Law’ and moreover, what could only be called official law breaking and non compliance to our laws and congressional subpoenas by himself and employees of our government by his order!

Not only executive order (once known as royal decree) but executive stonewalling and non compliance with our laws but as we see, Trump believes that he also has the power to order governmental employees to not comply with our laws either and offering them pardons if they break the law to aid him. Separation of Powers? Representative government? The rule of law? WTF happened?

Welcome to a new America… you just live and work here. Bowing to your betters is still optional but know your place.

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Imagine a second term

I’m getting really sick of trump’s bullshit and his Republican enablers who DO know better.

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Yup. Nobody seems to know what the remedy is for ignoring the court orders when they come down. They have not had to pay a price for lawlessness thus far. Except for those rounded up via the Mueller investigation.
If those in fact were witch hunts, we have a lot of witches to weed out.

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Little George Bush took the Oath of Office on January 20th, 2001.

The Little George Bush administration began replicating voice and internet traffic from carrier hubs to the NSA in March of 2001.

The ‘Patriot Act’ was signed into law 45 days after 9/11.

Most of the ‘Patriot Act’ was prepared prior to 9/11. The purpose of the ‘Patriot Act’ was to legalize the illegal acts of the Little George administration and not to protect our country.

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You present a very compelling misrepresentation of history.

Well put !!!

What exactly has SadOldVet misrepresented?

We would all turn off CNN if everyone would turn off Fox Noise too.

Redacted? What’s this, the Kennedy assassination?

it’s true, sometimes I think Cortez is on his payroll.

I have it on good authority that ever since the news broke about the whistle-blower, Trump has been wearing adult diapers.

And a sloppy job of it to boot.

Did you read the Freeman Opinion piece? It spells things out very clearly. There is a very dark force in America.