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Critics Say These 63 Billionaires Who Bankrolled Trump All the Way to Insurrection Have 'No Right to Feel Shocked'

The eyes are on the Democrats to see what kind of accountability they award the provocateurs of this insurrection & assassination attempt. So far it’s all talk & no action & the penalties being discussed do not fit the crimes.


They donate to both sides that have a share of power. Donations are a bribe for access, and far for more important to them, a bribe to deny access to those who do not have the money for a bribe.

Thank you Sir.

Ok, Adelson was “good” at devolving our country and inflicting suffering and injustice on people. He was a class A asshole.


He also managed to provide a private jet to fly Jonathan Pollard “home”. They don’t even bother to hide it anymore - they just don’t care - such is their total lack of shame, the Zionists.

It’s funny how the definition of “traitor” can be subjective. I’d wager that hardly anyone else here would have cared about Adelson were it not for his association with Trump.

But now, back to something really important … like the the “coup attempt" impeachment vote.

Oh, look - a squirrel!


Good point. In reading about the Jonathan Pollard story, it is abundantly clear that the Israeli government has infested the US government and society with Israeli operatives who hold sway over all matters of interest to Israel. Such luminaries as Alan Dershowitz, Barney Frank, Anthony Weiner, and countless other American and Israeli Jews, lobbied presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump continuously to release this confessed spy against America and for Israel, admitted to, and apologized for, by Israel until he was released from his life sentence and allowed to emigrate to Israel where he was promptly made an Israeli citizen. Wonder why Israel was so desperate and determined to obtain his release? And we are constantly told that the real threat to the US is Russia and China.