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Critics Say Trump Push to Sell Fighter Jets and Armed Drones to Emirates Confirms US-Israel-UAE Deal 'Was Never About Peace'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/critics-say-trump-push-sell-fighter-jets-and-armed-drones-emirates-confirms-us

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Kushner and Trump have no doubt sniffed out huge money making deals in the Middle East to be commenced once Trump leaves the WH or already commenced with kickbacks for arms sales stashed offshore.


Trump and the three Zionist-keteers in the photo need this caption:

Grifters look on in amazement as Trump unveils an actual look at his tiny fingers.

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If only Trump could be stealthy, per his definition of the term.

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The only peace Trump wants to see as a result of an arms sale is, a “piece of the pie.”

His piece.

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Re: Selling UAE F-35’s just days after supposedly signing Peace Ag. w/Isreal…
Trump: “They have the money.” [$$$]

Anyone recall when we were pulling our tropps out of Syria after Trump & Erdogan’s phone call ~ when Trump betrayed Kurds, who had been fighting our war against ISIS FOR US, from inside Syria? Trump let Turkey invade Syria, killing many Kurds, etc. At that time, Trump announced that he was “bringing our troops home” from Syria, putting an end to the ‘endless wars’…Yadda-yadda. But, our troops DIDN’T come home! Trump SOLD THEM to Saudi Arabia instead! When asked why he did that, he simply stated, “They pay in cash.” I was livid, appalled, at the selling of our troops & his flippant, crass answer when asked why! ~ But guess it was only me cuz’ heard no more about it after that.
Among many questions I had, was: When did we start selling our soldiers to other countries? How much did SA pay for them? Where & for what purpose were they sent? Would families ever see them again? And who, exactly, got the money for such a sale as that?? U.S. Treasury? Military? Soldier’s Families? Or did Trump keep it?
I paid close attention to all news, unsure if it was a sick joke. Never saw/heard anything more about it! NONE of my questions ever answered. I still want answers – whole thing bugs the shit out of me!
Now that I know more about how Trump considers all things his, I bet since he made the deal, he likely pocketed the money. Alot was happening at that time in news, so maybe story got “lost”? But how can that be? What happened to them? Did they come back? How’d families feel about it? Guess I/we will never know.
TRUMP IS A GRIFTER! A liar & thief. He made deal, wouldn’t think anything of that being “his” money, but would we allow him to profit from…oh wait. We would, huh!? We sell arms to anyone who has the money for it. Where does all that money go anyway? Does anyone keep track of who buys what & who gets profits of such sales?
If/when we sell the jets & drones to UAE ~ a Kushner/Trump deal, like others, done in our name, do they make money of it personally? Or just doing favors for their pals? Or what? I can’t imagine Trump or Kushner doing ANYTHING without making money on it. Can you?
Anyone know any of the answers to these questions I ask? I really would like to know.

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I found this recent post over at caucus99% to be informative:


We just can’t seem to rid ourselves of the MIC whores.

Get suspicious of trolls when I read this kind of comment. Why would someone mention Obama here without including G. W. Bush?

I thought this bit was about trump anyway.

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So every theme and reference here has to include the ripping to shreds any credibility of democrats. So where do we go from there? Or is that all this site is going to offer. Endless dem damning?

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Don’t get me wrong, I still support all freedom of opinion. It seems dem bashing is, or has become a platform for this dem bashing site. Which is just fine in the context of I can choose to be elsewhere or read this kind of commentary instead of more important issues. Peace

Thank you…

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