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Critics Scoff at Zuckerberg's Promise to Comply With New Privacy Rules 'In Spirit'


Critics Scoff at Zuckerberg's Promise to Comply With New Privacy Rules 'In Spirit'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made headlines last month after suggesting that perhaps his company should be more tightly regulated following the massive Cambridge Analytica breach, but the multi-billionaire said in an


As with Google, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, ad nauseum, so with Facebook - too big to fail, too big to jail.
But everyone likes a $uccess story, and so it goes.


For much more thorough analysis of the evil that is Facebook, check out:



Nobody should expect Facebook to voluntarily follow the regulations in Europe here in the US. I think legislators will want to see how the new rules in Europe are working before taking action here if they ever take action. Most people may not care how much data Facebook collects on them as they may not care about concepts such as privacy and freedom. All they may care about when it comes to Facebook is the ability to connect online with others. A surveillance society may not be an issue for a lot of people. Singapore now is almost like 1984. Data are collected all the time on everyone by the government. The Chinese government collects data on all 750 million internet users in that country. If the fascists succeed in gaining complete control of the US government it should be expected that the data collected by Facebook and other Big Tech companies will be shared with the government.


A few years ago, I read about a survey which took various holdings of the Bill of Rights and posed them as blind yes or no questions (without revealing the source of the questions). The majority of respondents were opposed to most of those parts of the Bill of Rights. Our general indifference to privacy and freedom is not lost on The Owners.


Are you under the impression that the US Security Apparatus isn’t collecting a ton of data on you now?


Back when I was a teenager I toyed with the idea of asking passers-by on Main Street in Steubenville to explain the difference between capitalism and democracy. That was before they built the mall and Main Street became a ghost town. Now the mall is a ghost town (and the jewelry store there was burglarized last night.)

But it’s OK, you know. All I have to do is search for an item on the internet and within the hour my pages will fill up with can’t-be-missed offers, my e-mail will overflow, and my phone will start ringing off the hook. Who needs Singapore?


Headline at the SF Chronicle site: “Mark Zuckerberg agrees to speak with Congress, Sen. Feinstein says.”
How gracious and accommodating of him. Subtle way to normalize the madness.


We know from Snowden that the US security agencies were collecting metadata from phone calls. Right now I don’t know what they are collecting. I don’t think they are collecting the type of data Facebook is collecting which is largely only of interest to advertisers who want targeted advertising. The local police have the ability to intercept cell phone calls which is another concern. Facebook and other companies also purchase offline data and there are companies that merge both online and offline data and sell that data. It all adds up to a very scary situation. We need to elect politicians that are on the side of democracy (hint - they usually do not have an R in front of their name) and push for laws that give us control over our own data.


"It’s dangerous when people are willing to give up their privacy." – Noam Chomsky

Where do you get this? This information is already being collected and provided to US surveillance, rather intelligence, agencies by the way. This country was founded on both freedom and to a lesser degree, privacy. I believe you are wrong. Most people do care about both, especially “freedom,” which seems to be an easier concept for most to understand. That’s due to the failure of our educational system.

As for citizens not concerned about their privacy. Well, they’re the first to holler when their or theirs privacy is breached. In other words, those that say they have “nothing to hide and go ahead and collect data on them” are the first to throw fits when their teenager’s (or wife’s) personal information or indiscretions hit the town gossips – it’s really everyone else’s privacy they don’t care about.

Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”
― Edward Snowden

“Voluntarily” who expects that? This is why regulations are necessary.

Apple’s, Tim Cook, was the first CEO to refuse to participate w/the US government by allowing it a backdoor into user’s cellphone information. As for Zuckerberg, he couldn’t give a flying flip about anyone’s privacy – he’d rather be “earning” another $10 billion/year off user’s info. Zuckerberg is worth $62 billion, that’s a hell of a lot of advertising dollars, which in the end – we pay for. In higher prices when we purchase these and other items.

Privacy Is A Fundamental Human Right.” – Apple CEO Tim Cook


People don’t seem to care enough about their privacy to resist all kind of freebies and conveniences being supplied by the Big Tech. It all a trade off, they give something for free or make something more convenient and in return they get to collect data. This is bargain that is leading to a surveillance society. Add in cameras all over the place, facial recognition software, the tracking of cell phones and cars connected to the internet and privacy is severely compromised. Where are the laws to protect privacy?


Under the current court, congress and president no one will. Regulate your free market. It. Is their religion, like telling born agains to stop angling for the End Times. Not happening. These Oligarchs are the new Saints.


“This country was founded on both freedom and to a lesser degree, privacy.”

This country was founded on both slavery and genocide.


I’ve always hated signing into FaceBook but what’s worse is that now I apparently can’t sign out of it. I log out and it says I’m logged out but when I go to their site again I am still logged in.