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Critics Skewer Obama's 'Meaningless' Stab at Drone Transparency


Critics Skewer Obama's 'Meaningless' Stab at Drone Transparency

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Since 2009, U.S. drone strikes have killed between 64 and 116 civilians in areas outside of active hostilities, the Obama administration claimed in a report released on Friday afternoon, just hours before the start of the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

That number of civilian casualties is much lower than the assessments of independent groups, including the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which puts the number at between 380 and 801.


We need a new "terror" index.
Rather than the scare mongering color coded levels that the government provides, how about a ratio:

The number of innocent persons killed by US terrorism abroad
---------- divided by -----------
the number of USA persons killed by outside terrorists

I imagine that the ratio would be quite high and would put in perspective the attacks at home (and the reasons for these attacks).

The Israeli vs Palestinian ratio would be off the charts.

The ratio would also be measure of our morality. The higher the ratio, the more corrupt and immoral we are.


Drones, Santa's American sleigh delivering democracy one package at a time.


"Well, come on Wall Street, don't move slow,
Why man, this is war au-go-go.
There's plenty good money to be made
By supplying the Army with the tools of the trade,
Just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb,
They drop it on the Neocon.

And you know that peace can only be won
When we've droned 'em all to kingdom come."


The face on that young man walking in front of the mural is haunting. He's clearly no longer a child. I can't even imagine what that poor lad has seen.


Drones, their not just for Muslims anymore. Got hate?


The "Great Black Hype" releases a BS "report" (more like cover-up) on war crimes and targeting - mass-killings of civilian innocents the Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend to attempt to hide what little and mostly unbelievable rubbish he is trying to push.

The enormity of his arrogance, betrayals, incompetence, service to the 1%, corporate swindlers and war-machine has red-lined my Bull-Shit O-meter!

Not a single word that comes out of Obama's corrupt mouth can be believed or trusted.......vote Hillary for more of the same!

Occupy Philly! The two worst, most despised, Presidential candidates in recent memory, is the best America can come up with?? Draft Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein!


Obama is a clone of GW Bush. Everything he touches turns to drones. Obama & Bush make Pinocchio sound truthful.


I believe Conntry Joe and the Fish, " I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag"


Sadly so true, war criminal, compassionless killary, or fascist bigot trump, no choice!
Bernie must run as an independent.


No more mass murderers as leaders! The current war criminal, bush/cheney, killary would continue with imperialist amerikas reign of terror! Fascist bigot trump would be a disaster!
Bernie must run as an independent!!!


No, but thank you I will chase it down. Music the universal language.


The only transparency you need to know about is that every time any state or federal agency has attempted to regulate drones the drone industry lobbyists stop the talk before it starts.


Bernie seems unwilling to do that. Got to transfer your hopes to Stein. Not to win, but to be counted as one who wants "none of the above."


NIMBY! In my backyard, the good old USA, we try, yes try, to arrest first, then give a trial, and then possibly incarcerate, but the death penalty is disappearing (unless pre-empted by a frightened law officer). So how do we manage to go into someone else's, maybe everyone else's, backyard and talk about our "legal use of lethal force" from a robot plane way up in the sky?
Why don't suspected terrorists get trials? Why can't we view the evidence?
When will foreign countries be treated
to the same rights by Americans abroad that we give to people in our own country?
Why are we killing whole armies of people when we don't like one leader?
So what if we don't like the leader. That's their country's problem, not ours.
War is not giving a people human rights.


As a former constitutional law professor, there is no question Obama realizes he's a murderer who cannot be held accountable by congress or the supreme court. But then, this is normal behavior for American presidents because it's been allowed for so long by the system about to place another future murderer of innocents in the white house. Is it any wonder the U.S. won't join the World Criminal Court? And so it goes and goes.


Obama is part of the same team as Bush. I suspect this team has a long legacy stretching clear back to the Kennedy assassination.


or maybe try something completely different!


The smarmy verbal gymnastics from Obama and his official liars on civilian drone killings - what about those maimed and wounded, are they included? - are more like a poor student making excuses like "the dog ate my homework" - total diversion and deceit!

The bottom-line is US war policy overseen by the CinC Obama has targeted and killed and wounded uncounted innocent civilians in many nations and cultures in addition to people labeled "militants", "terrorists", "illegal combatants" and some other Orwellian BS terms, intentionally obscured and manipulated to hide the truth!
The results are to many an ongoing unaccountable war crime.......that will be continued if Obama's chosen successor war-criminal, Hillary Clinton, is "elected"!

"The assessment presents the White House’s account of the death toll from a method of warfare that defines Obama’s legacy in many parts of the world. The White House released its long-awaited drones report the afternoon before the Fourth of July holiday weekend, having pledged transparency on the drones issue for years.

"Yet the count is also incomplete, leaving out the civilian toll from drone strikes in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Nor did the administration go into detail about where the strikes occur, citing what an official told reporters on Friday were ‚Äúdiplomatic sensitivities‚ÄĚ
"The upper limit of the civilian death toll from drones stands at more than 800 people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, during the time period Obama’s drones tally covered."
"the secrecy has for years permitted Obama to conceal the damage in human lives inflicted by what he calls ‚Äútargeted killing‚ÄĚ, insulating him politically from the consequences of lethal decisions that the president has decided can occur anywhere on earth for an indefinite duration."



This insanity is the result of cowardly options of lesser evil. Both Party's are evil and there is no such thing as lesser evil. Refuse to vote for either Party and follow conscience by attracting like minded people to join in doing so.