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Critics Slam Kushner for Arguing Inexperience Excuses Russian Contacts


Critics Slam Kushner for Arguing Inexperience Excuses Russian Contacts

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics of Kushner are raising doubts about his explanation of his meetings with Russians during the 2016 campaign. In a prepared statement released ahead of his meeting with lawmakers Monday, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor denied colluding with Russia during Trump's presidential campaign and suggested his lack of political experience was to blame for any meetings that were improper.


I guess inexperience in such mundane matters is, what qualifies him as Senior White House Adviser.:laughing:
Go figure!


It is getting pretty bizarre down on Pennsylvania Ave. Jared’s excuses are truly pathetic and are borne of either supreme arrogance or of his contempt for the public. Probably both! Meanwhile what is the deal with Sessions? Does Trump need a particular favor from Sessions that recusal prevented?

When does our country finally admit that this bunch is about as corrupt as they come and worse, that except for knowing how to be greedy, these fools are creating great diplomatic and foreign policy risks for our country!

There is a sense that prolonging the pain increases the damage. When do we acknowledge the all too obvious reality that Trump and minions must go? Isn’t anyone asking how this will go down in history?

Is it possible that our legislators are already afraid to counter Trump? Have they betrayed us and themselves by their prolonged inaction in the face of these continuing fiascos?

Hasn’t Trump done enough? Or is it that they have become too afraid to challenge him?

Are we already betrayed and are only going through the forms for appearances sake?


Tell one lie either vocally or on paper and the need to tell who-knows-how-many more lies afterward is inevitable. In the past, K has been able to operate with impunity as his money and any number of on-call attorneys create a barrier to close scrutiny while covering up his/their tracks. He had no idea how “transparent” someone in the WH would have to be and be subjected to the highest level of investigative scrutiny. True to his sheltered existence prior to joining the trash tribe, he tries to protect himself and his reputation by transferring blame to a subordinate…(no wonder Ivanka had an instant affinity for him…) just like any coddled, protected member of the billionaires’ club and their progeny have done throughout history.


Clearly most of the actors in the Trump administration are inexperienced. A lot can be excused due to inexperience since The Family comes from real estate and reality TV. But as has been noted, the very idea that the president is talking about pardons when no one has been accused of anything suggests that something unsavory is going on behind the curtain. I have imagined all sort of nefarious scenarios that would make good cheap novels. One thing I do wonder: if there is a " Deep State" -those powers are apparently OK with president Trump, or so it seems?


“Inexperience!” Cried the bank robber when he was arrested! “First time that I was ever caught!”




His excuses are borne of privilege and an ignorant assumption of what the public will swallow. I think pressure is being put on Sessions in order to prompt a resignation so a new AG sympathetic to Trump and absent any ties to the Russian investigation can be appointed to fire Muller.

The majority of the public wishes Trump and his minions to go but it is the Republican congress that has the ultimate authority to send them packing. How much faith are we to put in a congress, desperate to pass a health care bill that has only a 17% approval rating, to oust a scoundrel of a president? They are not afraid. They are like the monkey with his hand in the jar holding the brazil nut with the hunter approaching.


Unlike in movies, in real life the ‘deep state’ acts slowly and deliberately.
I would hope, that will serve to bring down that whole administrative card house in one single swoop.
But then again, whose side is the ‘deep state’ on?
Past records indicate, that it is certainly not on the side if peace, which we prefer and Trump tends to stir up controversy internationally. So they may still consider him useful.
We will have to wait to find out.


Hah! “He who wished for kindness could not himself be kind”. Very difficult to give this heartless-toward-the poor real estate boy “genius” some slack, some understanding.


Wasn’t Trump the guy who said he would get things done by getting the best people. What he meant apparently was that he was going to create havoc by getting people with no experience for their positions. Trump himself qualifies on that score. Kushner seems to have about as much credibility as Donald Jr. Which is none. For Trump and his gang it is about lying and cheating to win. Kushner may have been an honest guy but then sold out to work for Trump. Donald Jr, was probably raised on lying and cheating and simply does not no any other way. I am wondering what these Trump people will do if they have to testify under oath. Will they risk perjury or take the Fifth? Or simply refuse to say anything unless they are given immunity?


This man cannot be trusted, he got plenty of experience from his dad , father in law and wife. All ruthless. He could not even give a two speech w/o repeatedly looking at his notes. Not very heartfelt.
Liar! Hopefully Mueller will follow the money and debts.


Don’t forget Kushners dad spent time in prison for lying and cheating.


Testimony behind closed doors and not under oath buy a crook that has a record of not remember (i.e. lying) and conveniently "not remembering"bunch of worthless lies.


If he can’t testifying without an oath then he really has awful things to hide. Who really believes he has gotten financing from the Russians either directly or indirectly.


he looks as if he is about to cry. this man raised under privileged circumstances is upset because he is being called upon to account for his actions. he is near tears because he suddenly finds that his money or position with trump is not going to shield him from the consequences of his action.s

and this supercilious, arrogant prick is supposed to revamp the white house make peace in the east, blah blah blah when he cannot fill out a form?

he expects us to believe he could not remember 100 - one hundred - meetings? one hundred?

their arrogance in completely believing they can hoodwink everybody is pathetic.

get rid of this parasite. his way is being paid for by the citizens of u.s.a.


impossible i would say giovanna-lepore. and unwarranted.


both, arrogance and contempt
and he’s not very bright either, is he


Obama was attacked as being too inexperienced to be president.

Yet Jared–with precisely zero experience in government and dubious experience in business–is suddenly accepted as the right person to take charge of tackling several of the toughest issues the nation faces.

Then of course, he explains that his transgressions are a function of inexperience. You can’t make this stuff up.