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Critics Slam Roy Moore's "Disgusting" Fundraiser Based on Sexual Abuse Allegations


Critics Slam Roy Moore's "Disgusting" Fundraiser Based on Sexual Abuse Allegations

Julia Conley, staff writer

In wake of accusations he molested 14-year-old girl, GOP candidate asked supporters to stand with him against "an all-out war on our conservative values"


“Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus”.
I thought God was the father of Jesus?
Holy Spirit I’m confused!
I want a pretzel now for some reason.


So sexual misconduct, including unwanted advances, sexual assault, as in Trump’s via Billy Bush; rape, unwanted sexual comments are ‘conservative values’. You’ve got to be f**kin’ kidding me. No wonder this country’s so sick. These assholes should be strung up or left to rot in some dark, dank, dark site away from decent humanity. The Bible thumping fools are the world’s biggest hypocrites. And another tasty gem is that there are some GOP’s in Congress that are gay on the down low but invariably vote against anything granting the real LGBTQ community equal rights. Again more hypocrisy from a party steeped through and through with it. I’m hoping that the recent revelations out of Hollywood shake many more trees and more come forth with each of their own horror stories of the powerful men that have their despicable ways with powerless women and men. It’s time for this behavior to end. But as a footnote: We have a sitting President that admitted sexual assault, via Billy Bush; yeah they elected him anyway. Yeah, conservative values.


Me too. Again, more hypocrisy.


Where are all the Trump supporters coming to the defense of this Moore " The Mental Midget " character. I stand by every insult and invective I’ve used in the last 30 months, in describing what is being unleashed and " normalized " by these Bannonites and Trumpian wachos and lunatics.
And unsurprisingly, The Mental Midget will likely be elected a Senator in a short time. But he is just a sicker " variation on a theme " eating this country up, from the soil and roots.
" At least Judge Moore is not a Democrat " . An elected official in the state of Alabama. Yikes!!!
Thank the gods for small favors.


God, guns and gonads


What a great idea for a License Plate motto!


“Crack a cunt for Christ” … ?


One short-term answer is to force the South to secede, and then grant political asylum to the hordes of refugees who will undoubtedly stream north. Not that the rest of this country is much better, but gol-lee! I lived in Tennessee for three years, and, to put it kindly, those people are…different.


You may be confused because you’ve been dating too many teenagers lately. It seems to have confused Judge Moore.