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Critics Slam Trump's 'Substance-Free' Plan to Address Opioid Crisis


Critics Slam Trump's 'Substance-Free' Plan to Address Opioid Crisis

Julia Conley, staff writer

While President Donald Trump's briefing on the current opioid epidemic in the U.S. on Tuesday was dominated by his aggressive threat to respond to North Korea's nuclear development program with "fire and fury," the president's comments on the opioid crisis were also met with concern by drug policy experts—as Trump indicated that he would not follow the recommendations of his own opioid crisis task force.


“Expand the police state” indeed !

I still have my BUSH/NORIEGA 1988 - MAKE THE CONNECTION T-Shirt.


+1 for the pun, intended or not :grinning:


The orange butt nut cannot even be original: “Substance Free.” Gimme a break.

If he were not so damn dangerous, he would be laughable. And he is no human of any substance!


Oh great, another “blame the pain patient” piece.


I suppose next we’ll be hearing conservatives tell us that the eradication of drug use would be more efficiently, and cost-effectively acheived if all the drug law enforcement agencies were privatized…
Oh sure it will…


Been there done that Donny. Remember Nancy Riggin?


Nancy Reagan’s inane “Just Say No” pronouncement was responsible for almost 50 years of a policy that has cost the United States billions of dollars and countless lives. And it has not worked - not one bit. We are, more than ever, suffering the results of addiction on a grand scale: lives destroyed and then lost; families disintegrated; drug “wars” that claim innocent bystanders; property crimes that have rendered the lives of ordinary Americans almost unlivable; and prisons full to overflowing with victims of this “victimless” crime. And the latest devastating result? Our Fake President’s assinine “Great Wall of the Donald”.