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Critics Smell 'Economic Sabotage' as McConnell Unveils Covid Plan With $0 for Unemployment Boost, Direct Payments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/critics-smell-economic-sabotage-mcconnell-unveils-covid-plan-0-unemployment-boost


This is just so cartoonishly maniacal, I don’t even have words for it.


The next time we see Mitch McConnell he will be sporting an eyepatch while stroking a white cat that’s wearing a collar of large diamonds.


So Joe, still think you can compromise with Mitch?


I am forced to wonder at the fact that the very people who ardently yet support Trump and McConnell are the very same folks most hurt by them.


How to combat that “economic sabotage”? If the President, House Speaker and Schumer in a united, loud and constant voice call for: UBI, M4A, a green new deal, student loan forgiveness, college for all, ending the illegal wars as well as cutting military spending by 50% at a minimum.

Do that and the Democrats would own the government for decades. Do not and you enable McConnell to own you. Their silence says it all, they want McConnell to do be the bad cop while they are the good cop but neither cop gives a crap about you.


you expected something different from these un-American anti-democratic corporate stooges?? how naive–the sad part is that the Democrats couldn’t even make the case that the horror the Republicans have visited on us well enough understood to trounce the Republicans and 71 plus millions voted for this agenda —and already the quislings in the Democratic party are showing their faces(see Manchin) surrendering before the fight even begins


Whenever the GOP is involved you can be certain the corporations and 1% will benefit the most… the only thing more disheartening, is that the Corporate Democrats will usually go along with it.


This is almost exactly what Pelosi did just before the election by refusing to compromise on a stimulus bill with the GOP just to help Trump lose. It’s tit-for-tat power games, with millions caught in the middle.


The unemployed and desperate are not McConnell’s constituency.
They are just voters. Bear in mind, the dems joined McConnell to
bail out mega corporations of all stripe, hedge funds and international
bankers to the tune of $7,000,000,000,000. Miss Nancy and her pal
Mitch dropped a few crumbs to the masses. Pelosi said we will take
care of them (masses) when we get round 2it … if ever. Always
serving their masters first.

Expecting the establishment system to
change the system is a fools errand.


For those engaging GA voters leading up to the runoff elections, this is the best argument for sending Warnock and Ossoff to the Senate. It isn’t just the GA election, it is the well-being of every man, woman and child in the country. In this time of unprecedented suffering and misery from the pandemic the fate of working people everywhere hinges on the people of GA voting to get rid of McConnell and his death cult. Kentuckians failed. Will Georgians rise to the task?


I have to wonder how many of the people who are hurting voted for our version of the fascist (GOP) party in November? Those who did deserve NOTHING!


As with Trump’s tirades in Georgia, this is likely to backfire on repugs losing them some support.


It wasn’t that simple. McConnell never wanted to compromise. The 1.9 trillion dollar package represented a proposed compromise between Mnuchin and Pelosi. McConnell thought his gang of thugs would never vote for it, so it never went further than talk. He’s been pretty consistent, insisting on a 500 billion dollar package with a poison pill of corporate immunity from Covid. It isn’t fair to attribute the same intransigence to Pelosi as to McConnell.


The failure to take the Senate belongs to Democrat ineptitude. I live in Michigan where the Republican Senate candidate threatened to take a seat from the Democrats (he failed). Never once did I see a political ad that discussed what would happen if Republicans kept control of the Senate. Every one of them talked about whether a good guy or a bad guy would take over if voters made the right or wrong choice. The overall dynamic of political power in Washington was never presented to the voting public. Sadly, Democrats are not very good at playing the game of politics.


But if it came from Mnuchin, then Trump wanted it, and if Trump wanted it, then easily enough GOP senators would have voted for it. It never got to a vote because the Dems wouldn’t even come to the table on it. For Pelosi and Schumer it was the HEROES Act or nothing.


It’s hilarious to see that some become so fixated on the fake war between Democrats and Republicans that they don’t see the real class warfare perpetrated on the masses by both parties.


so we just sit and wait ready to accept whatever Mitch does and wants? Are mice or men? The guy is a monster - don’t we overthrow him by any means possible? Why do we support his rights to destroy us more than our rights to survive. Allowing this evil man to continue in our flawed system is absolutely ridiculous.
Psychopaths like Mitch \ rule the world.
Stop protesting the symptoms of their rule.
Publicize the psychopathic nature of their disease.


“have to” and “should” sound swell, but of course, they don’t give a flying fuck, so they won’t do a thing as it’s not in their interest. As you say, politics is broken.


How does this person continue to be elected is my real question? He will be there causing trouble for the next 6 years unfortunately until the voters wake up and get rid of him. I guess he is really beholden to the corporations that fund his campaign.