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Critics: Trump EPA's Formal Assertion Glyphosate Poses No Risk to Human Health Indication of 'Troubling Allegiance' With Bayer/Monsanto

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/30/critics-trump-epas-formal-assertion-glyphosate-poses-no-risk-human-health-indication


Wisdom might direct us to begin growing more of our own food, preferably far away from the farmer’s Roundup sprayer.


This story has a very dark side, at least though that choose to use this stuff are becoming doubtful and use personal protection.

Edited: It is not just Glyphosate, it is the combination of chemicals in Round up.


If, three years ago, we questioned the wisdom of DOUSING wheat, oats, barley, chickpeas, sorghum, peanuts, potatoes & cannabis to dessicate for harvest. Or genetically modifying monoculture cereal, grain, legumes; based upon their spooky resistance to Round-up we’d be labled as science denying Luddites, sowing divisivness eco-terrorism for Putin. I used to get paid to show up early, to suit-up in OSHA sanctioned PPE, simply to de-scale reclaimed gas linepipe with glyphosate, for UT inspection. Now, you folks feed it to your kids, in HEALTHY food (while avoiding gluten & ignoring fracking brine used to irrigate organic crops), dairy full of bovine somatotropins, antibiotics… REALLY scary hops, kale, pistacios, berries… but, now it’s finally bad, because Trump’s the terrorist in chief?


During the 1970s when dioxins were the herbicides of choice (and roundup was the new kid on the herbicide block) credible research confirmed that suburban gardens/lawns/driveways were subjected to more herbicide per acre than the more regulated users like farmers, foresters, etc. Research herbicide usage today and the only difference will be that roundup has replaced dioxins and GMO crops are being subjected to more herbicide per acre than non GMO crop land, forests and suburban property.

Obama appointed many GMO/herbicide cartel operatives to key positions in his administration and it was apparent that Clinton would have kept them all in place had she become POTUS in 2017, so Trump’s actions (as in-your-face and as horrible as they are) are not a great leap beyond Obama’s by any metric.


Lets see damage to Medicaid, and now “Glyphosate poses no risk to human health”. It seems that tRump is having another banner day in the destruction of this country.


You can see thousands of gallons of this stuff on shelves in Lowe’s, Walmart, etc., used by people on their precious lawns. It’s not just farmers. And it runs off and goes right into your drinking water, just like dozens of other chemicals bought right off the shelf by clueless people who trust the government.


How many of the top people at the EPA should be required to drink a coffee cup full of Roundup every day?"


More lies by this administration –
Glyphosate is contaminating our plants – more than 45% last I checked in regard
to Honey – haven’t seen a more recent report.

These are Nazi organizations, Nazi violations – and we have a Nazi cult in DC.

Thanks for “draining the swamp,” Trump … you’ve now made it an ocean of contamination.

What do your supporters do that they are in no way negatively affected by these overturnings
of the true goals of our Federal Agencies –

Pelosi gave no challenge to that – sadly.

The president is responsible for ensuring that the government agencies carrying out their
goals with the spirit and intent with which the Congress passed the legislation creating the


Complicit? Answers to the same lobbyists? Owned by the same corporations?

Might as well ask why we have a sham impeachment. Same answer.


I’ve been fighting Monsanto et al for well over 20 years. It’s not just the poisons in industrial ag. It’s the bastardization and contamination of our seed heritage by GMO crap. And Trump didn’t start or even accelerate the takeover of the EPA. Remember Rachel Carson and “Silent Spring”? Remember “Get big or Get Out” to the average family farmers?

The Prez that really accelerated and sealed the bastardization of the EPA was Obama. Bush was bad but Obama completely sold out our food and farm future for good. Just like he did with the USA fracking craze. On top of which, the USDA Organic label has been industrialized and become meaningless.

Know and support your local farmers!!!


At least we can see Trump’s lips moving and he tells us what horrible thing he is going to do to wreck our food, climate, and the planet. Obama talked pretty, but the results were the same - a catastrophe for the people and all living things.


That is the KEY PART!!! And the ownership it implies. Our source of food is being patented and OWNED by Monsanto. One company can decide who lives and who dies based on profit margin.

Don’t think this won’t be used by governments who want to punish each other. Monsanto just cares about profit, not life.


Turn your perfect lawn into an organic garden. Some work to do with neighborhood associations who want a roundup quality green neighborhood.


Well, with this article, that which we suspected has become official—the EPA is a
whore for the planet’s worst polluters.


That is, sadly, a monumental understatement!

We need more people like Greta who can grab media attention on specific agendas. I can conceive of a coordinated movement played out in every neighborhood to stop spraying pesticides around homes.Golf courses…


I actually inspected at a coal-fired power station, you can see from Rachel’s front porch in Cheswick, PA. She used to read, taking streetcars to the university neighborhood where I’d lived. Israeli agents stole plutonium from the Shippingport reactor. We caught & ate catfish from Chartier’s Creek, full of radium, PCC, PCB, acid mine drainage. Night skies looked like Mordor, but with sulfuric acid & manganese skies lit by BOP shop & electric furnaces. It’d snow chromium. Rachel died too young to see the falcons return. But folks there drink radium-flavored, watered-down fracking return. Exxon’s joining Shell & a bunch of foreign firms, building ethane crackers (started by the Democrats, but pushed, enabled and enforced by both parties). Guess who’s being redlined into Cancer Valley?




Ew. Just ew.
I was in Pittsburgh when W was doing his bit in DC. Our water report was showing high heavy metals. Not too high, though, cause he raised the legal healthy limit. Thanking someone in Pittsburgh for bringing in the votes for him.


I’m sure when their brains degenerate they become stronger Trump supporters

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