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Critics: Trump's Crafting of Response to Russia Meeting Is 'Obstruction of Justice'


Critics: Trump's Crafting of Response to Russia Meeting Is 'Obstruction of Justice'

Julia Conley, staff writer

White House advisers are reportedly concerned about new revelations in a Washington Post report that says President Donald Trump dictated the statement that was originally released by his son, Donald Trump, Jr., after news broke about Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign.


It’s as if he is trying to see just how far he can go. As if he is testing his ‘I could shoot someone in Times Square and get away with it’ hypothesis. But that would require an intelligence that he is lacking. He’s just dumb.


Most progressives want peace with Russia. Neoliberal Democrats are still in charge and destroying the party while the money rolls in.


Preferably a ‘for profit’ jail.


If I could like this twice I would


How Citizens Can Push Impeachment


How do you actually prove a conversation between himself and his son?


It would have been outside the realm of Trump’s psychological make-up to learn from abundant US history that the cover-up is often what does ya in, and not the original mis-deed.

These are dark times indeed for all of humanity, but I don’t believe we’re yet so far gone as to follow this… fraud, where he is leading. Now is the time for conservatives to put action to their ceaseless claims of “patriotism.”

I don’t care - in the grand scheme of things - if it is trivial, unexceptional, or common-place, He lied, he’s always lied, he’s a pathological liar, a braggart, and a pig. If he can be hanged by this, then tie the rope to the sour apple tree. I continue to grasp onto the hope that this comedy of heirs will also snag god’s right hand man, Pence. We could have a double lynchin’.


The anti-George Washington:
“Yes, Father, I can always tell a lie…”


The story in the Washington Post has the ring of truth. We know that Trump has been delusional about his abilities at least as far back as high school when he claimed to be the best high school baseball player in NYC. Yet he seemed to have no ambition to be a professional baseball player which would be strange given that he grew up when players like Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, and Duke Snyder all played at the same time in New York when the Dodgers and Giants had not yet moved to the west coast. He is known to believe that he can handle anything. So one could imagine someone this delusional taking over everything concerning this Russian investigation and believing that he was not in jeopardy of criminal charges.


Does this mean that DJT cannot pardon his son or himself for lying or obstruction? Can he pardon his son or himself (either one) if he has instructed his son to lie and obstruct? IOW, can a criminal president pardon a criminal when he has helped the criminal?


I am getting jaded about all this.
The swamp in and around the White House is so extensive and deep, that a few extra buckets full of sewage make little or no difference.

What we need now is consequences!


“If this story is true he should have the dignity to resign.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Donald seems to suffer from a ‘dignity deficit.’


Nonsense. Tweetle-Dumb isn’t capable of generating such a convoluted statement.  As with most of his tweets, the exact text was passed along from his Russian “handlers” via his secret direct communications channel with Vladimir Putin.


Kids, don’t ever lie to an FBI agent unless you’re filthy rich and white.


Elizabeth Holtzman, of Watergate Investigation notoriety, calls Trump’s action a public relations scheme. A " limited, modified hangout " is then defined as: " an attempt to divert public attention away from a more heinous act by leaking information about less heinous act ".
Trump’s own White House has been the hangout, leaking the press stories about the day-to-day silly palace shenanigans. The whole ( Mooch v.Preibus garbage ) purpose of all this has been to throw the watchdogs and news hounds off the law-breaking scent. " Always be following the money laundering ". Their big playbook hasn’t changed, tactics have.
Trump’s a criminal with a ton of guano piling up around him. His personal scent is everywhere. Don’t be fooled by his desperate shoveling. He can’t throw the guano fast, or far enough away, to escape the smell. And, the hot, steaming pile that’s enveloping him and his crony kleptocrats. They’re dirty and dangerous. But, unfortunately, they still serve a purpose. Which is an extremists’ dream come true, of course. Just sayin’.


Well, you’re right about most progressives wanting peace with Russia, but your statement is only tenuously connected to this story’s obstruction of justice felony issue.

You’re also right that centrist Democrats are destroying their own party, but again, your statement is only tenuously connected to this story’s obstruction of justice felony issue.

If you would like more true facts that aren’t really connected to this story’s obstruction of justice felony issue, I can honestly tell you that I buy size 36 pants and that Mothers Day started as a day when mothers could do something for peace. There ya go!


So…Someone who was not even in the meeting.(The Creature) as far as we know…or…WAS HE??? Thinks it is appropriate for him to advise someone who we know was in the room to make false and misleading and incomplete statements about the meeting…Jeeez. Get this goofball under oath please so we can send him and his father off together and save some tax payer money.


So for all the participants to tell the same “Story” there must have been some discussion about the “Adoption” BS that they came up with. I think everyone of them who have been identified as a participant in that meeting have said …“Oh it was all about the children!!!”


Doesn’t the emperor tape his conversations? Isn’t that what he has said in the past? There are myriad ways to capture the audio and visual of conversations when someone feels the need to do so…in order to preserve our democracy and our nation and protect it from the tyranny of a demented despot. Besides, the emperor himself will fly in the face of adversity and claim he did it just to prove he is all powerful and out of the reach of any and all laws or prosecution. He thinks it, thus it is so.