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Critics Warn Against Smear Campaign, 'Creepy Victorian Moralizing' Aimed at Progressive Challenger Alex Morse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/09/critics-warn-against-smear-campaign-creepy-victorian-moralizing-aimed-progressive


In the Pacific Northwest Congressional District primary where I live the DNC spent more defending the four term incumbent (from a primary challenger who advocates M4A) than has been spent by ALL candidates in ALL of this district’s elections during the past decade.


Progressives have to stand for the rights of all people. If don’t we will be forced to live in a Republican theocracy.

While the evangelical vanguard pushes for a huge mid-east war (Armageddon) to usher in the return of Jesus.


Just a brief observation to those not in the know. The democrats of Massachusetts are not the Kennedy loving hippies of yore. No, they are mostly third way, pro corporate, modern democrats.
In short, they are Nixon republicans.
Massachusetts is not some liberal commune folks.


Gee, one can only imagine what would have happened if he had raped a former staffer. Probably nothing, if his name had been Joe Biden.


When Pelosi put on an ad for Richard ‘Wall Street’ Neal, I sent Alex Morse a $100. What are you going to do?


In case it isn’t obvious, this is class war, and all the leading Democrats are not in the working class. Beyond, they do not think working people have a right to rule, to have power or to control their party. They have advanced degrees, shinny resumes, they were taught models of how the world works and people like them should rule. It is your job to shut up and follow orders. If you organize and pressure them because of the class conflict, because of their corruption, because you don’t share their ideology, they think of you as a dirty, ignorant mob that must be pacified for your own good. And this is why I have lost some respect for AOC, cause it is clear she is playing footsie with these people and is okay with playing the game on their terms. It isn’t, we need to dismantle the whole rotten thing from the ground up.


Such a shame we have to deal with trivialities.


Morse is probably done in anything more than local politics, this smear will follow him for a long time. Neal has proven he is as slimy as the worst repug, what a sh!t stain.


Richie Neal has been one of the most self-serving congressmen for 3 decades. His career has advanced while he never returns even the average amount of government spending back to his district. It’s really hard to never be as good as average, you have to sell your constituents out real hard.

When the Progressive Democrats of America were marching against war and for American jobs monthly a few years ago, his office refused to discuss issues with the group.

If you like giving America away to the Financial Industry, then Richie is your man, he’s certainly their man.


Yes, the Party is against People. After November it’s time for the People to walk away and start a party to represent us. Anything the People ever owed to the Democrat party was more than paid off decades ago. They’ve been running on achievements more than half a century old, with zero active officeholders ever being a part of something special for ordinary citizens.

MAARDA Make America A Representative Democracy Again.


12 comments so far and no one has yet noted that the tweet image says that the younger partner didn’t feel uncomfortable until finding out that the older guy he had sex with (one assumes, fun at the time?) was the mayor and a professor. Not even his prof, though.
So, until he learned something which was taught to him by raging moralists, he was fine with it. Who knows. Maybe even great with it. Probably boasting to his young buddies about his conquest. (Yup, only guessing here). So this is an external bit of programming. You know, like “original sin” or other formalized, codified mortal sin. And who told him to take this to a newspaper? Who was his Linda Tripp? Or was he so indoctrinated at that point he did it himself?
Moral creeps (Catholic school education) wrecked my life in elementary school when I was told that my mother’s divorce and, worse, subsequent remarriage to a non-Catholic, condemned me and that it was a permanent injury from which there was really no recovery. I won’t bother to go into the decades of life that stole directly from me or the decades of after effect from never getting the childhood development I should have gotten in what we call “play,” but these bums come in a lot of seemingly different flavors. All of them very destructive.
SJW’s, Wokes, fundies, etcetera. I don’t care who the self-righteous lynch mob is or who their target is, deserving or not, a mob is a mob. They have a stake and they’re damn determined to burn someone.


The Democratic Party has identified a powerful weapon to utilize against it’s own supporters: Identity Politics.
The Party encourages all of us to run as proud Gay, Black, Latinx, etc candidates but requires that we agree not to truly support those groups we come from with legislation. As of course such progressive legislation would largely aid people in those communities. Instead The Party insists that you pledge allegiance to the corporate.billionaire led power structure in this country. Then it uses you like a mannequin to show how “much the party looks like America.” It would trick you into thinking that Alex Morse and Barney Frank are the same because they are both gay. Or that Charles Booker and James Clyburn are the same because both are Black. What should matter is that the former are actual progressives, the latter are Right Wing Democrats.
Groups that supports candidates solely on the basis of identity politics are a threat to all progressive values and the overall progressive agenda.


I’m very sorry to read how our society has failed you. Take solace in the knowledge you are creating a better culture for future generations. Being gay in 2020 is still extraordinarily challenging but our progress has been and will continue to be real. The attacks on Mayor Morse are just the latest attack on our community and sadly gay students may be getting used as pawns by the dark forces at work inside the corporate side of the Democratic Party that fear a Progressive Gay Man with a national platform.


I found out what “straight” meant from a bunch of gay guys back in the 1970’s. They told me I was straight. Until then I thought gay meant cheery or fun and queer meant odd. It used to, really. And they educated me on how much pain it was to be called “queer.” That term has now been taken back with ownership but still makes me cringe a bit, remembering the former association.
Funny story (one of my few stories as what happened to me earlier left me clueless about social anything):
Back then it was a thing for groups to go to midnight screenings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” under a group name. We were the 12 gays and a straight, guess who being the straight man (pun intended). One night we came out of the cinema and a group of women from an escort service handed out their cards to all the gay guys, not me. They all offered to give me their cards. We laughed. They were the best.


More wasting away of the human soul for insane purposes. Neal can’t even look into the camera. They’ll get that level if he gets in.


Religious zealots are abundant. The local priest in my village will not allow the children of divorced parents to enter the church.

I hope you have made a full recovery from the “imagined” injury.


I think AOC is just a very skilled politician. Expect the former server to oust the corporatists the moment she gets the chance. Party unity will, hopefully, one day have them kissing HER ring.


While I agree most of Massachusetts is not Paris, or even Portsmouth on the Atlantic, this private dustup doesn’t pass the Neal’s Blarney & Shenanigans Test. The Congressman’s money, dirty little fingers and even more devious little mind, are all over this non story.
Where’s the reason for outrage, here?


Sorry guys but this person is a likely candidate to join AOC’s squad so the Corporate Democrats, their funders, and all party functionaries must spend and engage to defeat this enemy. Nancy ‘PayGo’ Pelosi can NOT stand to lose Neal who is one of the most reliable defenders of the failing status quo.