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Critics Warn Any US Attack on Syria Ordered by Trump Would Be 'Reckless,' 'Dangerous,' and 'Illegal'


Critics Warn Any US Attack on Syria Ordered by Trump Would Be 'Reckless,' 'Dangerous,' and 'Illegal'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With war 'fanatic' John Bolton in the White House for the first time as his new national security advisor on Monday night, President Donald Trump gathered his military advisors together as lawmakers and anti-war policy experts raised warnings that any move by the president to attack Syria in the wake of a suspected chemical at


Illegal? Really? The entire concept of illegal conflict and wars has been, like so many other constitutional concepts, trashed a long time ago buried under endless false flag incidents. Add to that the worthless boot stepping mass media that is already supporting without question any military action and there can be only one result. They love war and presume to be able to keep it under control despite uncountable lives lost and the fact that these conflicts do spiral into insane mass violence that threatens all.


Yes. With all due respect to Abraham Lincoln, it’s now possible to fool enough of the people enough of the time. And with Robert Mueller’s investigation drawing its net tighter around President Tiny Hands, almost any pretext will do to get it off the front page. May Gaia help the Syrians, as it’s ovious that John Bolton and his ilk don’t give a flying fig for them.


Before President Trump even considers taking the United States down a path of unilateral military action, the American people need answers. What does this administration hope to accomplish? What’s the end game?" - Rep. Jim McGovern (Democrat, Mass)

The instant Trump wages war against Syria, Republicans will fall in line, the media will resume its jingoistic cheerleading, and its likely that a good number of Obama/Clinton loyalist Democrats will chime in with “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States” as Fareed Zakaria and others did about 1 year ago after Trump’s last attack on Syria.


I don’t think the security state cares one whit how many are fooled or not. When was the last time the will or opinion of the citizenry was considered, when there are bombs to be dropped, nations to be invaded, and non-complying leaders overthrown?

What I’ve seen is this: a narrative is invented, it is then inserted in the popular discourse - whether it’s the truth or a fabrication - and forever and anon it is referred to as if it were fact. I think I’ve just paraphrased a lot of what Orwell tried to tell us.


Reckless, Dangerous, and Illegal describes everything this administration has done this past year.


Reckless, Dangerous and Illegal. That sums up the USA foreign policy perfectly. Seems like an attack on Syria is quite likely based on that. And to tell the truth, has the USA ever not been attacking Syria. I suspect there has been ongoing covert ops happening all along. With every passing day I hate the country of my birth more and more. The USA is for all intents and purposes a military dictatorship with puppets for politicians.


CIA false flag attacks and utter madness.


Exactly. We Americans love to rally 'round our “Commander” when we start a “war.” (Not true war - just bombing campaigns that kill lots of civilians). And Barbara Lee’s claim that “only Congress can declare war” is patently false. Congress has not declared a war in 80 years, yet the US has been invading and bombing dozens of nations almost non-stop since then. They long ago abdicated that Constitutional responsibility to the Executive branch, and thus the reason we have said non-stop military engagements ever since.


If no one shows up to these demonstrations that shows weakness. Most people will sit on their ass and complain and do nothing. When the teenagers protested against gun violence millions showed up and got alot of coverage. These are the big guns that can destroy the planet and will probably will receive very little coverage.
How many wars are we already in before President Trump took office? How many more do we need to bring peace and democracy to the world???

End the Wars at Home and Abroad!
The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15


http://space4peace.org/ Check this site out-- they do great work


If the security state didn’t care a whit how many are fooled, it wouldn’t bother to invent such narratives. Consent must still be manufactured, for the time being. It’s when fraud no longer suffices that force is resorted to.


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I want Peace! Peace with Russia. Peace with Syria. Peace with Lebanon. Peace with Palestine. Peace with Yemen.
Where are the pathetic institutions of “higher” leaning? Where are the students who are outraged and the idea of war? Where are the “professors” outraged at the wars of aggression? Oh that’s right, they are busy accusing people who want Peace, of being fascists.


The media plays its part pushing the war propaganda wthout actual proof - this (4/10) mornings WNYC Brian Lehrer show, came right out and said "this chemical attack by the Assad regime…there was no “alleged” or any other nuance, just assad did it! At this point in time there is no proof to justify a US war machine attack on anyone - I do not defend either assad or putin!.

Lehrer also had a very well -spoken caller claiming to be a chemical weapons/attack expert, especially informed on the Syrian war, who pointed out the number of chemical attacks in Syria have been about 700 over time as I recall and all sides - Assad and the rebels included - have access to the chlorine gas supposedly used in this perfectly timed attack - the caller was terminated fast by Lehrer, not asked for any further information or clarifications, just silenced! Typical cheap BS from NYC, NPR and especially Lehrer!

That caller’s comments should be heard and when the 10 AM segment audio - Trump’s Response to Syria - with guest Heather Hurlburt is available it can be heard here:


The concept of Peace is never given the time of day anymore with the parties of the Duopoly.

There are always a good supply of Democrats to vote for military strikes even before anyone knows “for sure” who and which country is responsible for the current atrocity.

It’s all a Fucking game with the Duopoly.

The Oligarchs crack a whip and say, “Fall in line or lose your meal ticket.”

And 95% of the voting electorate of Zombies, fall in line.


I’m with you. Give Peace a Chance.


And also peace between the ruling Assad family and the many thousands of our fellow dissenting leftists tortured and murdered in his prisons over so many years. This can be accomplished by Assad and his pretty wife leaving and never coming back. Putin can give him a nice place to live on the Black Sea.


Any use of poison gas or other toxic chemicals is condemned by “civilized nations,” even though thousands more are being killed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Palestine by weapons whose sale our president celebrated at a recent White House meeting with the Saudi Prince. The fact that the US response will rely on explosives rather than poison is, we will be led to believe, what makes one side civilized and the other barbaric.


Jimmy Dore nails it.


Thanks, goatman.