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Critics Warn Any US Attack on Syria Ordered by Trump Would Be 'Reckless,' 'Dangerous,' and 'Illegal'


You ready to suit up for war, Yunzer? Here’s your gun. Don’t forget to bring your children along.


Thanks for promoting a peace movement, and thanks for linking the Global Network site, i’ve been supporting and following them for years.


Yes, and ever since, Congress abdicated their Constitutional authority to declare wars, they have been a Congress, with very few exceptions, of war criminals, by condoning the Executive branch’s military dictatorship and of being guilty of treason to our Constitution!


Only in your dreams, Barbara!


Besides even if Congress did get to decide they likely would vote for war as they did with Iraq.


“Martin said”; “Warned Martin”. Why is Martin not identified before quoting him or her? Martin who, or who Martin? Extremely poor journalism.


So trump is in so much trouble he’s ready to “wag the dog.” Suddenly people are supposed to forget what a criminal, scoundrel president they have and rally around him and “the troops.” Of course, he doesn’t give a damn about our troops, the people of this country or of Syria either. They guy is a charlatan - pure and simple.


No doubt about it! And one of the best examples that corroborates your excellent point is: out of 100 senators, 98 voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which murdered 58,000 American soldiers and an estimated million or more Vietnamese. Only 2 senators were not guilty of being war criminals and voted against one of the most egregious lies of the last century.


Yea, don’t expect that scoundrel Mitch McConnell to stand up for congressional power - unless it is a president of the opposite party. What a bunch of creeps and they want to send our young people to fight in their stupid wars - no way!


The above picture should have the caption: THE EPITOME OF RECKLESS,DANGEROUS, AND ILLEGAL!


We’re being led into World War III. Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Mexico will be nuked. Refugees from these and other “sacrifice zones” around the world will be slaughtered. Detention prison extermination camps in the USA. DJT has only contempt for the poor and people of color. The ruthless well-dressed elite have no intention of feeding 10 billion people in 2050 and so are planning genocidal extermination. Denial of catastrophic climate change is deadly warfare. Modern economies dependent upon fossil fuels for energy and long-distance transport will suffer strategic collapse killing hundreds of millions and billions within a decade.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.


There might be good reason to be skeptical about the White Helmets, and I do not agree with your characterization of Vanessa Beeley, she’s a very reputable journalist in the eyes of many.
See this piece by Caitlin Johnstone.


On whose side will China settle U.S. or Russia?


The Congress did vote on the Afghanistan war and just recently they voted on Yemen. On Iraq they did hand the decision over to Bush, supposedly to put pressure on the UN to send in investigators. The endless war is the war on terror. There Congress has refused to vote on giving any authority to the president beyond combating Al-Qaeda. Obama used the vote on Al-Qaeda to attack ISIS even those are different organizations and basically used to after all jihadist organizations in various countries. Trump is doing the same thing. Certainly the Republicans quite awhile ago gave up their duty to do what is best for the country as a whole and have concentrated on winning elections. They only care about winning and don’t seem to stand for anything. The Republicans used to make a big deal out of balanced budgets and now they don’t care as evidenced by the tax law they recently passed. They even support Trump despite his ties to the alt-right. And they are going along with the Koch brother’s crazy libertarian ideas because they are afraid of facing an extreme right Tea Party candidate in a primary.


What about those tortured and murdered in Guantanamo? We need to clean up this house which we supposedly control. Assad probably needs to go but it would be better to use diplomatic and other means to get him out not the utter destruction and chaos we used when Sadaam Hussein was removed. War creates only more suffering and damage.


How is it possible, that, with all the sophisticated surveillance tools employed in the ME, nobody can show the world what plane dropped those alleged chemical weapons? You couldn’t fly a paper airplane over Syria without detection. Very convenient that this happened in the wake of Trump’s statement re pulling out of Syria. That the warhawks and arms manufacturers would panic over any retreat of empire is self-evident. Who would doubt that we’d keep our fingerprints off the deed and use some back-channel - whether ISIS or the national rebels - to employ the gas. What the pentagon craves most is instability. Keep all governments who don’t go along with our program in a permanent state of turmoil until the regime is toppled and we get our people in power. In the meantime, keep the war machine rolling along as MSNBC/GE continues to blame Russia and their supposed goal of world domination while piling up the profits (and dividends!) in the arms industry with yearly, guaranteed, name-your-cost contracts worth billions. The perfect business model.

I get all that. But why doesn’t Russia or Syria release footage of where that plane came from? This uncertainty in the face of all the technology at everyone’s disposal doesn’t add up. Is there any honest and courageous government in this entire world? If so, why don’t they speak the truth? Iceland, Scandinavia, Bueller, anyone…?

BTW, another vote for Jimmy Dore.


What is most disturbing of all is the apathetic acquiescence of the American people - people who have no excuse for not knowing better after all that has transpired in the past 10-20 years, not to mention over the course of their lifetimes. But this has been the story of our lives, certainly the theme of my life and belief system. Not to use too broad a brush, but there are many in my “generation” (and not just the boomers) who truly sicken me with their fake patriotism, complete ignorance of real world events, total hubris toward those who suffer from these wars, and naïve belief that the United States can endlessly wage war wherever and whenever it wants with no consequences for the citizens of this country. We are already suffering the consequences, and I see nothing whatsoever to stop the march toward global war and all that it portends.


So my suggestion of what must be in any peaceful resolution of the Syria war, is confused with a call to war? Good God, I was even calling for the enormous concession that Assad be allowed to live a free man and not be frog-walked to the Hague! Oh, that right, the ICC is just a tool of American Imperialism - that is why the US refuses to recognize it I guess…

Are you clueless or what?


You nailed it. Rome 2 might just fall because a frightened and furious narcissistic Man Child poked a bear with a stick in an effort to distract from his own misdeeds.


And Yemen. We are aiding and abetting mass murder of children in Yemen everyday. Whatever the reasons for being in Syria, it’s nothing to do with human rights.