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Critics Warn 'Deeply Chilling' Betrayal by Trump Paves Path for Turkish Slaughter of Kurdish Allies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/07/critics-warn-deeply-chilling-betrayal-trump-paves-path-turkish-slaughter-kurdish

The Kurds will learn what the Iranians recently learned: the USA doesn’t live up to its promises, treaties, negotiated agreements, and other arrangements.
If you get in bed with the USA, be prepared to suffer.
Sad for the Kurds.
I’m sure ISIS is quite happy with Grifter though.

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Yeah if anyone should slaughter their Kurdish allies it should be the good ol USA

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From the article:

“…Mr. Trump clearly wanted the troops out.”

He’s going to get that Nobel Peace Prize if he has to kill us all. This has diddly-squat to do with the long-suffering Kurds.

How was this not inevitable?

Erdogan holds all the cards. He plays nice with Putin. Trump signaled he wanted out a year back…just like Bernie, except Bernie offered no plan to make it happen. The Syrian Kurds should have cut a deal with Assad and Putin long ago to get reabsorbed into greater Syria – now they’re desperate. C’mon, Vladdie, cut em’ a break-- they helped defeat ISIS!


at 5 pm eastern, radio news quotes Trump as saying 50 US army soldiers are being moved out. Who thinks 50 US soldiers can hold back the turk invasion of northeast Syria ??

One has to wonder whether Turkey has some dirt on Trump like if he had tried to get them to find out dirt on Biden and would release that info unless Trump gave them what they wanted? Maybe even worse stuff Trump hopes doesn’t come out?

When the question of foreign powers being able to unduly influence USA policy because of Trump, this might be a real time example of it. It all happened real quick after a single phone call didn’t it.