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Critics Warn Democrats That Mere 'Oversight' of $500 Billion Corporate Bailout 'Much Too Weak' to Stop Trump Abuses

Who’s going to chair this oversight committee? Pelosi or Shumer I would bet. Another case of foxes watching the hen house. Another giveaway to the oligarchs. Call your senators and demand that unions and what they consider “lowly workers” sit in on the negotiations, not just politicians.



Dow has best day since 1933 as Congress nears deal on aid

Quick fix from Fed finally flattens fall fears

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It IS a bad dream. The whole kit and kaboodle.


Perhaps proposing, postulating, permitting poverty and poor peoples should now be postponed.

Landlords raising monthly rents by the two hundreds here to gather in their unfair share. Plus they will line up quickly as a small business for another share from federal, state and locals.

Congress may vote tomorrow on a relief package.
The entire group deserves to be replaced by better peoples.

The working classes should STFU! Wall Street is being taken care of and it will trickle down to you. Give me a freaking break! Our President is going to give you a couple thousand dollars once and about 20% of you are going to get two free paid leave; take ‘personal responsibility’ and STFU. {sarcasm or preview of what the Pukes are going to be saying in 2 months?}

And this guy, too. You cannot make this stuff up. Billionaire to the third power, Jeff Bezos want donations to help his underpaid and overworked employees weather this plannedemic. Are the To Big To Fail Banks or the deep in debt frackers next in line for gofundme status?



Yes, but not what I was pointing to.

Dem “leaders” get their “#Resistance” fig leaf

And we all know where the branch ends up

Pelosi simply chose not to have the House in session, and chose not to play a role in one of the biggest legislative packages of our lifetimes with massive Constitutional ramifications. It’s the most colossal political failure I’ve ever seen.
Matt Stoller :heavy_check_mark: @matthewstoller
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It’s not just on Pelosi. This is a total system failure. No one has fought back on the Dem side. They are all just letting this corporate coup happen.

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A bad dream that we, right now, can’t awaken from…

Yes we do. My wife and I are empty nesters with a Costco card. We have many shelves in the basement filled with TP, paper towels, Kleenex, razors, toothpaste, Q-tips, power aid, and macaroni and cheese. We could hold out most of the summer if we had to. But I know all too many that don’t.

How much needed hospital supplies, ventilators & face masks could that $2 Trillion have bought?
How many testing kits & results? What will stop this deadly pandemic is NOT 18th century solutions to a 21st century medical crisis ~ such as “wash your hands” & mandates to just “stay home”! We need immediate & massive testing for the virus! We are already way behind where we should be on that ~ Thanks to Trump, who refused the WHO offer of test kits early on & spent over a month denying the facts of new coronavirus spreading in other countries, calling it a Dem “hoax” just to screw up his re-election. Yeah, guess China & the other natiobs were in on the “hoax”

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Oversight of $500 billion slush fund for greedy mega-corps who have no business sticking their filthy hands into the till? “Just say, Hell no!” THAT is NOT who this finding was for ~ it was s’posed to be for the workers, the people you’re asking to sacrifice by staying home, the bars, restaurants & small businesses who REALLY WILL go under if don’t get gov’t assistance!
But, of course, the big & greedy corporate entities show up right away & go to the Congress they bought & pay for (as big donors), with their hands out for this money that really COULD’VE done some serious damage control & get a huge chunk for themselves from their GOP buddies! Nice. Real nice. The same GOP that bitches plenty when big bucks are needed to save the “little people” from being destroyed. Oh the whining & bitching when any money for working class Americans! You know, the workers that built this country up & got screwed when corporate America took our well-paying jobs overseas so they could maximize their profit margins…& to hell with all the American workers?!
And now, with “no strings attached”, another huge bailout for wealthiest biz pals, we should feel better that Trump’s people have agreed to do “oversight”?? What a sick joke! Sure, let’s have gov’t of criminals watch the other criminals as they take all that money & laugh their asses off at the whole thing! Meanwhile, sure gov’t will watch ‘em do it. Make sure they get those campaign funds too!
What a bunch of bullshit ~ or pigshit, since all a bunch of greedy pigs.
And Dems talked tough at 1st, but caved, as always do. Shock, shock. Establishment Dems are what used to be called conservatives…until they took a hard right wing turn! In the end, who is representing the American people who are not rich enuff to “ride this shit out”? Anybody?
If Trump wants to end this 1/2 ass fight against full-on pandemic & just sacrifice our lives for economy & his re-election, then maybe it’s time to get vocal & mobilize in huge numbers! At least go out fighting, not hunkered down at home - if we still have homes. That 1 measly check they’re sending us won’t pay more than 1 mo. bills.
And of course, those getting the $500 billion & the $1.5 trillion that went to Wall St., are same ones who got the Trump tax cuts, so guess worker bees s’posed to pay for this bailout for big biz?!
Guess we get screwed at both ends. What else is new, right? Trump gonna’ pay his own resorts too? “Emoluments”…ha!.. What’s that?!

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Trump will get his hands on the money first before anyone else does. Rules mean nothing to him and he couldn’t care less about other companies going under. Guess what? When that comes to light. the DP will not do anything but shrug and whine, and the RP just won’t care.

Did not the Democrats know that Trump would blow right through any oversights? Of course they did. This is just another big charade where all of them, both Republicans and Dems, are going to get rich.
And yet, the people keep voting for these frauds.

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And how much of this money will end up right in the pocket of the lending institutions and executives?

Most of it, because financing and executive pay are large components of “fixed costs”.

Without debt relief, it’s all just a slush fund for the wealthy.

As for Trump and his spawn not being allowed to get any —

I laugh at the naivete. The funds will snake their way through shell companies and other institutions to end up right in Trump’s companies.

The shell companies will take a nice fee along the way.

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Given that Trump has gotten away with giving Congress his middle finger in regards to “oversight” witness testimony, refusing to provide witnesses or any documents —

strict black letter laws are needed.

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