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Critics Warn Designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as Terrorist Organization Is Trump Itching for War


Critics Warn Designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as Terrorist Organization Is Trump Itching for War

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Foreign policy observers said the Trump administration is sowing the seeds of war on Monday after it designated Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard a "foreign terrorist organization."

The new desingation for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told media, "an important step to counter the Iranian regime's terrorism." The IRGC, which is a branch of the country's armed forces, merely "masquerades as a legitimate military organization," he added.

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Who is the one really “masquerading”



That is exactly it! Let me ask: what could be better for Trump, in 2020, than be at war with Iran?



Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo are the Three Greatest Threats to Mankind, at this time.

These three pose a Global Threat to all humans.



You forgot “NUTTY YAYHOO” of Israel.



Look. Here, most of us know that President Caligula WILL do everything he can to start up a war - OR TWO before the election. In addition to creating a crisis on the southern boarder, as part of his re-election strategy. It’s coming and most republicans are going to help him do it. The only question left is what to do about it.



The United States has been the world’s biggest terrorist for a long time. The Trump admin has kicked it up to new levels of terror.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton… they’re all terrorists.



And they will continue to be until we destroy and rebuild the system that put them in that position. Words and action are as far apart as the N. & S. Poles.
Words haven’t worked. Where is the action?

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Brzezinski Lives!
(See The Grand Chessboard, (1997).)



You left out Pence. The four horsemen of the coming apocalypse!

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Absolutely he wants war. That will be the one thing that will raise his poll numbers. War always bring Americans together, at least initially.

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He may not know just where Iran is located, and he may not know just how large Iran is. The stage is set for a hundred years guerrilla war, which will bankrupt us.

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And the response from the Democrats…???

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We have had about five bullshit wars since Vietnam. The soldiers that don’t know they were bullshit wars need to be enlightened. Are we headed for a new anti war stand like we had during Vietnam? How else do we stop this war mongering from continuing?
When do citizens become radicalized and work against our terrorist nation?

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What was your number amigo?



Number? I’ll answer, the Vietnam War.



I’m sorry you were subjected to that G.